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  1. Great tip. Except now you've got me fully freaked out. I'll be sussing this out with our account first chance I get tonight.
  2. So you copied and pasted a quote from a financial meeting by a CEO talking to his/her fellow shareholders ... and then you complain that it was "all about raising prices." Why don't you just quote a meterologist and complain that it was "just all about weather." OF COURSE it's about raising prices. It's what a company does in a capitalistic society. I'm a tree hugging, anti 1% partisan and even I know the difference between stockholder vocabulary and actual attitudes toward a company's customer base. Your quote proves nothing except that the person who said it is doing what they're being paid to do.
  3. Does anyone else get that water with lead and water without lead are "indistinguishable"? So people who tell you that "because they taste the same they are the same" are people who are uninformed and should not be trusted to inform you.
  4. Normally I leave these comments alone. Until the poster starts insulting people because they have a preference. First of all, you're just wrong. Unsupportable, undemonstrated, wrong. Anyone who says that the water manna of the gods is coming out of a ship's tap is either ignorant of the facts or just lying to you. Ship's water is distilled. But it's not melted glacier water for goddsake. If you want to do a chemical side by side test of tap water and every brand of bottled water we'll all be happy to hear about your results, otherwise shut it. I don't understand why some people can't just lay out their position (whether it's wrong or not) without bringing insults to the other posters in to it. People who buy bottled water are not suckers. They are not getting screwed by bottlers. They are consumers who make a choice who don't frankly give a crap whether other insulting users like it or agree with it or not.
  5. You wouldn't die from drinking three quarts of urine either. So living or dying isn't the measure.
  6. It's been my experience that foot stampers are always the people that make the best impressions and usually get exactly what they have coming.
  7. Just got off Royal Princess last fall for the British Isles cruise. It was superb. Not as refined as, say, Grand Princess. But only because it's a few meters shorter and more aligned with a less formal feel than Grand's classic old-money jois d' vivre. You'll find you have two favorite cruise lines when you get home. It's a nice feeling.
  8. Honest to god, I have never EVER had an issue getting a seat anywhere on a cruise ship whether it's by a pool or anywhere else. If there isn't a seat available .... ASK. The crew falls all over themselves to make sure you have what you want. Astonishing what makes people "hate" other human beings. Certainly a chair shouldn't be one of them.
  9. Amazing how many times I hear this claim, when it is simply not supported in any kind of reliable way. It's not that the tap water on cruise ships is bad per se, but rather the hyperbole suggesting that it's the best water on the planet is what should be scrutinized, as this Royal Caribbean Employee concurs: https://www.quora.com/How-safe-is-the-drinking-water-on-cruise-ships (James Abbgy, Shipboard IT at Royal Caribbean 2016-present) "... The treated and filtered stuff is generally safe, depending on where you get it. I wouldn’t drink the tap water. It’s held to less of a standard that (sic) water that is specifically meant for consumption. I wouldn’t say it’s “unsafe”, but I don’t drink it..."
  10. Of course they will. He just likes to say “butler”.
  11. I was in Barcelona with parades of screaming protesters carring drums and torches walking right past me along Las Ramblas. I did my shopping and admired a community that had the courage to stand up for their democracy instead of sit in their chair and complain about what they saw on Facebook and who was thrown off American idol.
  12. I was thinking about throwing my Easy Bake Oven® in to my suitcase for those cool nights. I thought a miniature 3 layer torte might be fun.
  13. Yeah, fat shaming. That's hilarious.
  14. You can always tell by the comments which people are still drinking the toxic water out of their tap at home and hoping that we'll all jump in and affirm their decision not to filter it. Here's the deal: Unless you are sending samples of your water to be tested somewhere like the local university extension or lab, you're guessing. There could be urine coming out of the tap and you'd never know because you're just making things up. If people want to buy purified water stop trying to shame them in to doing what you do. It's creepy. Also, if they're buying water in small containers they can refrigerate it. If you're drinking straight out of your plumbing system you can't. So shut it.
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