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  1. We will be on the 6 day from our home port San Diego too. We love these repos too and do not see any lessening of the experience. After all, it is a continuation of a cruise in progress so why would it suddenly be lower quality?
  2. We are going on that cruise too. In my experience they never shortchange passengers because some get off in 4 days. If you think about it that makes no sense.
  3. I enjoy the original art very much. The religious services is important to us, particularly on the longer cruises. The staff is amazing and the one thing no we can all agree on. Something that I hope you never have to rate is the medical services which is excellent. I love the feeling I get when I first board and even like the photo stop!
  4. I'm a reader. I love libraries, bookstores, and my 2 kindle Fires. That doesn't mean I always know what is out there that I would enjoy. On every cruise I check what books are on board with me and find something I hadn't heard of. Bookshelves and comfy chairs are an amenity I am very sorry to lose.
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