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  1. January 2022 it's been paid in carnival gift cards .so I can't get cash back.after that I don't know.my wife is in no hurry to get back on a ship.im wanting to go back to short land vacations like we used to do every year until kids got late teens and too old to be seen with us.
  2. You can sail on celebrity's older smaller ships for same price as carnival and it's still a big step up in my book.
  3. This is only 8 minutes in.i got time to go make some popcorn.
  4. Cheaper I doubt.i checked the price of my cruise for January 2022 it has gone up almost $500.im talking an inside cabin at that.
  5. It's what they do.wait to the last minute to make decisions.just one of many things that has me sailing other lines.
  6. The Porter's don't work for msc .how late did you get there?. The Porter's make a killing on tips so I don't know what could have happened.
  7. I cancelled my August 28 on seaside with no issues got right through but I called later in the day.i believe I got mine next day.i also cancelled a carnival Cruise also got refund right away.
  8. I cancelled my August cruise which hurricane season was going to be stressful enough.i have a 10 day on another line in January 2022. I'm not worried about cruising for a while until everything gets straightened up.i have a motorhome and a 25 ft pontoon boat.ive been wanting to take up gold panning / metal detecting for a while.everything I need is in my home state.our other favorite the Smokey mountains are only 5 hours away.gas is cheap so are campground fees.no problems life is good.
  9. I had an August 28th Western Caribbean.i cancelled.i was going to wait it out but my wife seemed worried I think mostly because we were taking the youngest grandson.i called and cancelled.we can spend that money another time.im not a believer in a day on a cruise is better than a day at whatever.i don't work so you know how that goes.ive had crappy cruises.i did not enjoy.we got a journeys cruise for January 2021. I'll probably go ahead and pay it off just to avoid any future up charges.i got a 33 foot class a motorhome and gas is cheap.thats where I'm leaning at and I can take my dog too for a lot less money.
  10. Around here many an old timer supplements their social security with Angus beef.its money in the bank either way.i don't have enough dirt for cows I raise sheep.luckily I like lamb just as good as beef or pork.
  11. I've had type 2 diabetes 35 years.i assure you it effects you greatly.i just went ahead and cancelled my cruise too much money to waste.my wife became diabetic a few years back .they constantly have us in doctor's visits but we are in the military system and not private insurance which makes a big difference as far as getting adequate medical care.
  12. That's a good question.i see lots of things increasing in price when it's all said and done.i was about ready to quit cruising anyway a lot of other things I wanted to try out.
  13. A lot of places are.i just went ahead and cancelled.ill get back on the seaside if it ever returns to Miami after it makes it's spin in the Mediterranean.
  14. I just cancelled my trip with msc .we have health issues.it only took 10 minutes but I was still a few months out from final payment.im glad I didn't pay up front like I used to.im holding off payment on my carnival Cruise until last minute also.
  15. I knew a lady that was 74 that bragged about how great a shape she was in .she also dropped dead suddenly.noone knows when their time is up unless they make that choice.its your choice if you feel like you need to be on that carnival Cruise than go for it.im booked on msc this year.i got almost 2 years before I set foot on carnival again.but I'm 57 but I got weak kidneys due to that poison they prescribe to you for diabetes called metformin.im not getting on the ship I don't need to spend $4000 that bad.cozumel will be waiting for me.
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