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  1. I know this is a Hot Topic right now, and it's all a bit confusing. Question? My DH and myself have 600$ OBC, from cancelled cruise. I assume they will place 300 in each of our S&S accounts. Can I go to the casino and put $300 on my card, and then Carnival will charge the account. In other words, erase my obc avaliable to zero? I hope I explained this right.
  2. My husband has used a walker on cruises for several years now. You can get it on a tender easily, especially since it folds. His has a seat, so it's even slightly larger than just a plain walker. However, if you have just a standard cabin, not a handicapped one, be aware the cabin door is a tight fit. You might have to fold it, to get it through the door. Have a great cruise.
  3. I just looked at my VIFP rewards, for the 1st time, in awhile. To my utter delight, I had an offer for an OV cabin for only $25 pp. What!! Of course there are the port fees, and taxes. Total for 5 days in an OV $327.72. That's for both of us. That's a steal to me. This is my 6th cruise booked overall now. This one is on Elation, out of Port Canaveral, for Oct 11 to 16th. Countdown says 22 days. I already have a B2B booked on Elation, out of PC for Nov 18 to 29. But, was having such a hard time waiting til Nov. Now I don't have to wait as long. Also booked on Mardi Gras for Jan 22, On Pride, for 50th sailabration, on Mar 5th. And, dare I say it, 1 booked for April, for our 60th Anniversary. I am going to be busy. It's good to be retired. lol.
  4. Am I understanding you can get the PCRNAAT test earlier than the 3 day requirement? If so, it will still be recognized by Carnival? Or did she mean, schedule the test in advance, but make it within the 3 day window? Is the one test more expensive than the other?
  5. Well doesn't that just suck, they no longer give you 25% off of a cruise. I was looking forward to that.
  6. Sorry, I didn't get to ask my question before it posted. Oops. I was just checking the CVS sites for Coved testing. It says some cruises are requiring up to 3 coved tests. Is Carnival requiring more than 1 test? Also, they list a rapid Antigen test, or something called a PCRNAAT test. Which one is Carnival requiring? I'm not cruising until Nov, just trying to get all my ducks in a row, so I know what to do. Wouldn;t it be lovely if by Nov, all this Coved is a thing of the past. Not likely, I'm sure.
  7. I know they are requiring a negative coved test within 3 days of your cruise. My question is can you take the test 1 or 2 days ahead? Does it make a difference? Is it more advantages to take the test 1, 2, or 3 days ahead? Of course I'm talking about the rapid antigen test.
  8. I know they are requiring a negative coved test within 3 days of your cruise. My question is can you take the test 1 or 2 days ahead? Does it make a difference? Is it more advantages to take the test 1, 2, or 3 days ahead? Of course I'm talking about the rapid antigen test.
  9. Can you still add information to your signature? If so, can someone tell me specifically, how to do this? I searched but couldn't find anywhere that would let me do this. Thanks
  10. I would call to be absolutely sure they're linked. If you don't wish to hassle with the phone, once on the ship, go to guest service and make sure they are linked.
  11. Is Royal requiring everyone to have proof of a negative coved test (within 3 days), to cruise with them? If you go to your local drug store, to have the test, can they give you the results in the 3 days? Or can you choose to be tested at the ship?
  12. OK, I just got an email from Royal, that my cruise on Rhapsody for April 16th has been cancelled. Wouldn't you know it. So far I have just paid the $500 dep, for DH and myself. If I am reading the email correctly, I only have until Aug 11, to call and switch to a different cruise? They will let me keep the same rates, and promotions, if I book the same ship, destination, and so forth. But what if I have to choose a different ship? I need to keep the cruise to include April 22, 2022, in the sailing. Our 60th Anniversary is that date, and I want to be on a cruise. Why did my ship have to be one of the ones affected by all this?
  13. My DH and I drove 2 hrs up to Port Canaveral, just to watch the Mardi Gras sail in. WOW, was that exciting. There were droves of people there, and it was fun. A woman was passing out big, colorful, and beautiful signs, saying :"Welcome Home Mardi Gras". She gave us one, and now I have a great souvenir. She is certainly huge, and so beautiful. I can't wait to sail on her. Booked Jan 22 to 29th, 2022. I am looking forward to everything. We took our very 1st cruise on the original Mardi Gras, back in 1989. I was hooked on cruising forever.
  14. We're driving 2 to 21/2 hrs to see her sail in, so I'm right there with you. I was just hoping she would come in a little bit later. lol
  15. I am fully vaccinated, as is my husband. We still wear our mask's when out among strangers. I do not understand Carnival saying, they will not require fully vaccinated persons, on their cruises. I know they're thinking they will lose people if they do. But, I bet they can still get max passengers by enforcing the rules. Are they going to be allowed to completely fill the ships, or only certain number of passengers?
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