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  1. Has the check been cashed? My wife just renewed her passport....they cashed her check within the 1st week, and the passport was in our mailbox last week, seven weeks later. It's a shame the picture wasn't acceptable, the guidelines for photos are clearly noted.
  2. CCL has effectively eliminated the expense of running a shop. It is now the responsibility of the contractor to travel to trade shows for merchandise, and to pay graphic designers to design shirts and souvenirs. Can you imagine how much money Princess has laid out in the past for a mere t-shirt order? Now, they are in it for a percentage of sales, without any of the hassle of stocking or staffing the shops.
  3. Who has future cruise deposits these days!? During our last cruise in February 2020, we decided not to buy any, as we had 3 more cruises booked later in the year, and two more for 2021.
  4. Since my wife shows up in the app as my travel companion, I'm assuming that the arrival time is for her as well, but I'll check her app to make sure. If you don't hear anything else from me, she's good to go.
  5. Deposits are double what they were for the Labor Day Sale.
  6. We board the Majestic on November 6th. Arrival groups were finally available late yesterday.
  7. There is no Take 5 on the Majestic....it's on the Sky.
  8. I've had it appear within minutes in the past. Last week it took 2 days. You can ask for confirmation all you want, but I don't think they bother.
  9. Which ones are you talking about, we have 7 bookings.
  10. Yes they are open.....and if the machines on your deck are already being used, or out of order, just go to another deck.
  11. Your priority boarding was due to your platinum status. Mini-suites do not get priority boarding, that's only for full suites.
  12. In 1987/88, I helped introduce Absolut Citron in the USA. The first test market was South Florida, back when nobody was interested in flavored vodka, so it's mind boggling to me when I see how many flavors they have now.
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