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  1. This was after a major storm that hit several islands. They wouldn't re-fare us because it was after final, but because the drop was so drastic, (we could have booked 3 insides for what we paid for 1) they upgraded us to a mini suite.
  2. Just waiting to see how long it takes for someone to chime in and say they received an offer without even stepping into the casino.
  3. No email here, but I noticed that the offer is showing as available on my profile, when I click on "view more details" in the On Board Credit section.
  4. Doesn't matter.....feel free to include any pertinent factors, including itinerary, cabin type, etc.
  5. Now that we have "Princess Plus", those of you who price things down to the per day cost, what's the number that you need to see before giving your TA the green light to book?
  6. Is this not something you could easily do yourself?
  7. Since they're not sailing, many departments have been essentially shut down.
  8. Thanks to everyone for sharing your thoughts and experiences. We've decided on the Ruby, out of SF for two reasons. We love Mazatlan/Stone Island, and our California Coastal that we planned on taking this year with an overnight in SF was cancelled.
  9. Hmmmm.....let me see...should I spend money on a contract for developers to remove nonexistent sailings from an app that's currently serving no purpose, or should invest in man hours to process refunds?? Decisions, decisions.
  10. While nobody's sailing!? What a waste of time and money.
  11. CineGraphic's Simple Secret For Happiness: If something makes you sad, don't do it.
  12. I'm sure many TAs didn't update their billing systems when the various cruise lines changed they final payment date policies. I simply called my TA and he took care of it. Our agent's final payment date is usually 7 days before the actual one, which gives them 7 days to get a hold of you.
  13. We had the same issue coming back to LA on our 7 day cruise. Our visit to the bridge that day was quite the roller coaster ride!
  14. We enjoyed a 7 day Mexican sailing out of San Pedro a few years ago, and are now considering a 10 day on the Ruby out of San Fran. Yes, there are 10 day sailings from San Pedro that go to different ports, but it's the Star Princess, which is leaving the fleet shortly, and the reviews have not been great. Any and all insight is appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  15. We do the same with "What a Wonderful World". It's been overplayed in every part of the ship for decades.
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