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  1. Just curious as to why you think wanting a bathroom floor to be thoroughly cleaned every once in a while isn't "normal"?
  2. Please don't jump to any conclusions. You obviously didn't read my review of the cruise which is also in this thread. We had a wonderful time, and as I said earlier, I will request extra towels to place on the floor.
  3. CruiseTT is now back online, but still no 2020 dates
  4. You use the medallion to activate the token vending machine. The washers and dryers use tokens, not medallions. PS - The longer I wait for this drink, the more expensive it'll get, lol!
  5. Nothing will beat the prices we had on the Crown following the hurricanes of 2017. Insides for less than $200 for 8 days. Mini suites for $400-500.
  6. I've only done it in the reverse order, from Fort Lauderdale to Quebec. Our steward left a customs for in our cabin and we filled it out. He picked it up later that night or the next day. Nobody had to take any luggage anywhere. Nor did we have to present our passports to Canadian officials.
  7. You will have already cleared everything at your 1st US port. The same thing happened when we sailed from Ft. Lauderdale to Quebec, we were cleared at our first Canadian port of call, and were able to walk right off of the ship in Quebec. They wouldn't let anyone off the ship in any of the US ports if you weren't already cleared.
  8. One more... https://www.cruisetimetables.com/
  9. I looked a month or two ago, and they didn't even have any 2020 dates listed yet. I fear it may be gone for good. This is just an ok substitute.... https://www.cruisemapper.com/ports
  10. The token vending machine requires a medallion to dispense them.
  11. That works for you because you get free laundry.....for those of us who are not elite yet, we still need the medallion to buy laundry tokens.
  12. We dine in the Crown Grill often. When presenting the check, a few times the waiter or waitress will have already drawn a line through the gratuity blank, and say "all I need is your signature". We always leave a bit of extra cash. On our last cruise we tipped the head waiter of the Crown on our last night, because I would drop off a bottle of wine beforehand, and he always had it decanted, waiting for us to enjoy.
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