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  1. We just booked using the airfare offer and we are flying into Miami the day before,,, it cost us 99$ PP each way. So a total of $200 which made me pretty happy and no worries abt missing departure
  2. Just a heads up- you can call NCL to prebook Choir of Man by telephone. Not sure how close to cruise time it needs to be but I just did it for our Upcoming trip to Bermuda. I called my Ncl “person” ( ALWAYS forget their title!🤦🏻‍♀️🤣) and no problems at all! I’m LOVING your review- thanks so much! I can’t wait!!
  3. in that case I would DEF be moving it all immediately! how rude!
  4. the added costs are the pay restaurants,( the main DR are fantastic , but we mostly skip the pay ones except for special occasion), photos, the bars and soda ( if you don't buy the package), stuff like that are all extra and typically a couple of the shows require $. ( we love the free shows in the theatre too) We make our show and shore excursions reservations online asap ( I believe its 90 days prior to sailing) because some fill up SO fast. We like to eat at 5p so we can make the 7p shows, so we reserve the dining times as Weill. Have fun and welcome to NCL!! 😉
  5. Finally made platinum level and see that we have 2 free dinners,,,,Im wondering if there is any charge associated? thank you!!
  6. I’m curious about any reviews for the tobacco Bay walking tour that Ncl offers in Bermuda, if anyone has any opinions on it. I haven’t seen any . looked on the Ncl website and there werent any reviews there either. TIA
  7. I’m wondering if there is a chapel on the Escape? TIa
  8. We just booked for 2019 on Escape to Bermuda! Great info on here- thanks!!
  9. Can anyone tell me the cost for the Thermal spa on the Escape, and how to sign up? Also, Is there a limited number of sign- ups? TIA! :cool:
  10. Can you tell me which beaches DONT have rental umbrella's and chairs?? I definetly need at least umbrella shade,,,, TIA! :D
  11. YES!! Except mine goes into one of those cube baskets!! And I'm not currently booked, but still ordering !! (Currently choosing our next :')) :')
  12. YES!!! Except mine is one of those big cube baskets ! :')
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