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  1. Exactly. The bar in the port area serves hundreds of drinks a day. I can't imagine they would drug one couple's drinks. Never mind that nothing happened to them other than running up a big bar tab, breaking a watch and making it back to port late.
  2. Roatan is one of our favorite ports. There's so much you can do there - from ziplining to cool zoos to beaches to snorkeling. We really like booking tours through Victor Boden. On our last trip to Roatan, we were literally able to do it all through him and the price couldn't be beat. When we cruise, we usually have one port where we just sort of "take it easy." And on that itinerary, it's usually Belize. We'll take the tender ride into the port, walk around the shops a bit, get a drink or a bit of something to eat and then get back on the boat. We learned several cruises ago that we enjoy our vacations more if we don't try to cram something in to every single port day.
  3. I've never done a beach at Grand Cayman. We always have either done an excursion there, or just walked around town and shopped. In Cozumel, I always recommend Nachi Cocom - if you like the idea of an all-inclusive. I would consider it super safe for a solo woman. Especially since there is nothing really close to it and the staff there is just great. Snorkeling there can be fun, but not awesome. The ocean floor is mostly sandy, but there are a few rock formations where fish hang out. And there is a small pier where I've always seen plenty of fish and even stingrays in the past. In Montego Bay, I'd recommend taking the Carnival-operating bus out to Doctor's Cave Beach instead of a taxi. You can get on it inside the cruise terminal and they will just charge your S&S card. That beach is a little more public and busy, but I'd still consider it pretty safe. Depends on how comfortable you are though. You will be approached by people trying to see you stuff - unlike in Cozumel. I know that makes some people uncomfortable, especially if they're solo. But if you're okay with that, Doctors Cave is a good option for a beach day.
  4. Thanks! That's good to know, since this will be my oldest first time in Club O2. Did your daughter mention if the whole "make sure you go on the first night" rule still applied to Club O2 like it does in in the other clubs?
  5. I'm following too. Really interested to hear what your daughter thought. We'll be on the Ecstasy in September with our daughters (ages 15 and 13). This will be their sixth cruise on Carnival, but their first on a Fantasy class ship. They're both a little leary of sailing on one. They're used to Dream and Conquest class ships for Carnival. My wife and I just cruised on the Fantasy last month and loved it. We've tried to assure them, they will too. But you know how teenager girls can be about trying something new sometimes!
  6. Mid-January? I'd expect the kids at Maya Chan to be nil. It's not a place that gets a lot of kids anyway, and during a time when kids are in school - I'd say there's a good chance there might not be any at all. Even if there are some kids, by a weird coincidence, everything is so spread out, you may barely see them.
  7. I think the biscuits are sorta like the Lido coffee. Are they good? No. Not really. Are they edible? Yeah. But just barely. But, that's good enough. Poor biscuits are better than no biscuits. Just like bad coffee is better than no coffee.
  8. I'll be looking for your review! We (unknowingly) booked the last cruise on the Ecstasy before it goes into dry dock. We just saw that it was a 7-day cruise out of Jacksonville and booked it because we wanted a long cruise on one of the small ships. But I didn't ask myself, "Why is this ship that usually only does 4- and 5-day cruises going on a 7-day one?"
  9. I'd been to Nachi a lot and always liked it. Then, back in October, it was full when we went to make reservations and went to Sanchos instead. And the drinks were a huge disappointment. I totally agree on the weird taste. It was almost like they were using mixers with some kind of odd artificial sweetener. I can't speak for Paradise Beach, but the drinks are MUCH better at Nachi Cocom. Especially beer. At Nachi, you can actually pick from around seven or eight different beers. And they serve them in bottles, not by pouring it into plastic cups from 40s.
  10. For what it's worth, on the Fantasy last month, Sea Day Brunch and regular port day breakfasts were served in the midship MDR. But, that was the first time I've seen it like that. On the other ships I've been on, it was always aft.
  11. It's easier once you're on board. You will log in and sign up for the chat feature with your folio number.
  12. Those are probably the two most popular. I can't say anything about Tropicante one way or another. I went to Maya Chan on my first trip to Costa Maya. The only way I'd go anywhere else is if they were booked up and I couldn't get in.
  13. Yep. Pretty much. And I'll second Maya Chan if you decide to make it a beach day. It's the best AI beach I've ever been too.
  14. Whenever we've had assigned seating with our two kids, we've always been given a table for four.
  15. I didn't watch much TV on my cruise last month, but that *looks* right to me. I wouldn't swear to it though. I do know that there was a couple channels that had nothing on them and that was probably the ones that are listed as TBD there.
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