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  1. There are really so many appetizers I love. Sometimes I think about just ordering a bunch of them and no entree. There's something about their spring rolls though. And the best part is that they put them on the buffet. So usually, I'll have an order during early dinner and then grab a couple more as a late-night snack. I think my favorite entree is probably the lamb shank. It's so good, especially with the mint jelly. Dessert is the easiest: buttered popcorn pot de creme.
  2. Same. I drink maybe one soda a day, on average when I'm at home. But I never drink any when I'm on a cruise, because I'm find just drinking water or lemonade while on board. I really can't decide if this post is meant to be satirical or not.
  3. If the trampoline area is only a marginal interest for one of your girls, I'd suggest checking out Nachi Cocom. I have two daughters too, and we've been to both places with them. They aren't big on the water toys and they love Nachi Cocom so much more. The food, drinks and laid-back atmosphere is so much nicer than Sancho's. My girls love being able to get all the strawberry smoothies they can drink at Nachi Cocom. The one time we went to Sancho's, they said they were gross there and wouldn't drink them. And, to be fair, all the drinks were made with a really weird brand of mixers that gave everything an odd artificial flavor.
  4. I've been on the Dream 4 times, the last three all in the same cabin - all the way aft on Deck 9. I loved being able to walk out my cabin door and be a few steps away from the stairway that put me out right in the buffet area. It made it so easy and convenient to just run up and grab a cup of water or a quick snack.
  5. People's preference when it comes to food and drink is subjective. I get that. But, IMO, the food at Nachi Cocom is really good. Not amazing or anything. But, really good. As far as the drinks being weak? I've NEVER heard or experienced that in 8 trips there. Once my brother was with me on a trip there. He asked for a glass of tequila on ice. He though they would give him a little cup with 3-4 ounces poured over ice. Nope! They took out a tumbler, filled it with ice and then filled it to the top with tequila. The mixed drinks are really good too, and if you ask them to make it strong - they will. And you don't have to order off a menu. You just tell them what you want, and if they have the stuff to make it for you, they will. Mr. Sancho's, on the other hand... I was really disappointed with their drinks. The mixed drinks were weak and they used a weird brand of mixers for all of them that tasted... odd. Everything had a weird artificial sweetener taste to it. And the beer selection was lame. You could pick from two kinds of beer - Sol and something else. I think XX maybe. I can't remember. And they just poured the beer into little plastic cups from 40-ounce bottles. At Nachi Cocom, they have about 7-8 different beers to choose from (all Mexican, btw) and they just bring them to you in a normal 12-ounce bottle. The food at Sancho's was fine. Not as good as Nachi Cocom, but not bad either. I thought the service was the about the same at both places. Nachi Cocom is a lot less crowded and you get your own spot under a palapa on the beach, which was much nicer than the way they cram everyone together on the beach at Sancho's. The beaches are identical. I really like the pool at Nachi. It's not quite as nice as the one at Sancho's, but it is a lot less crowded. Clearly, Sancho's isn't for me. But, some people really like it for the lively atmosphere. And some people really rave about the food and drinks there. But, I don't think I've ever seen anyone that has been to both Sancho's and Nachi say that the food, drinks and crowds were better at Sancho's.
  6. Any particular reason you're only looking at those two and not Nachi Cocom? Because, it's either just as good or better in every area that you asked about, unless you're looking for a spring break type of atmosphere. If you want a laid back atmosphere, it's Nachi Cocom. If you want more of a party vibe, it's Sancho's.
  7. They do. I never saw anyone using them, but they are there.
  8. I read the same thing about needing water shoes at Princess Cays, but when I was there earlier this month, I didn't see the need for them. I got in the water plenty and found the floor to be mostly soft sand with a few large, smooth rocks. But nothing that made me think, "Man, I wish I had brought water shoes."
  9. I like the service better now in the MDR than I did previously. The wait staff seems to be less... "fussy" and more just efficient. Which I like. They still do brunch, but it isn't the comedy brunch anymore. It's just a normal brunch with a really nice menu and great food.
  10. There's a lot of options on the Brunch menus that are not on the Dr. Suess menu. Especially if you're planning to eat at noon and want to order a hamburger or fried chicken or pasta.
  11. Yes. This is true. I've been on 12 cruises and never had a passport, the most recent being just earlier this month.
  12. Sure. Here's the one for the most recent Ecstasy cruise. It's incomplete, but you can read up through the Princess Cays day And here's the short one I did from our Fantasy cruise back in June.
  13. A western Caribbean itinerary that doesn't stop in Cozumel? I honestly don't think I've ever seen one like that before. That's pretty interesting.
  14. Agreed. My last trip there, the seaweed was really bad. I never stepped foot in the ocean, but still had the best day of my cruise. I did hang out in the pool for a good bit, which was nice. But even if they hadn't had it - it still would have been worth it. Maya Chan is simply the best beach club in the Caribbean. Hands down.
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