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  1. The hotel is fully liable in this situation. They failed to properly secure their hotel as well as properly secure their safe to the wall. They are responsible for all losses, including future travel until family makes it home. I always recommend giving hotel safe a good tug before securing items. If safe comes out, carry to front desk and demand to be put up in comparable hotel, 4-star in this case.
  2. CocaCay Surived! “VERY pleased to report that #Coco didn’t #Gogo away!! New pics are 1) Waterslides and 2) where the Balloon is located (it’s deflated and under weights in the center 3) Radar comparison of the eye and CocoCay location. Waaay to close. I’m just sick over Grand Bahama though! pic.twitter.com/F6nKpXZTuk — James Van Fleet (@JamesVanFleet) September 2, 2019”
  3. I totally agree that it’s against the rules and people should not be doing it. Pot in particular has a very offensive odor. However , I don’t understand everyone’s concern about balcony smoke? Does it not dissipate enough outdoors? Is it just the fact someone is breaking the rules, and we need to feel superior by policing? I know it’s truely not about safety, otherwise they would never step foot on a cruise ship (yes, I know there have been incidents of people not properly disposing cigarettes). So someone please explain to me why the kindergarten tattletail attitude? -nonsmoker
  4. It sometimes makes sense if you are traveling from a different country. I’m some cases it’s a better deal to withdraw from the casino, which gets charged on your onboard account/credit card. Not sure what current rates are though, it used to be around 3%.
  5. I know some four and five star hotels such as Marriott and Intercontentinal have advertised it. However, I have not seen it fully implemented yet either. 🤔
  6. It’s shampoo/body wash combo for sure. That is a common mix in a lot of places now (even Marriott). I have a sensitive scalp and can attest that it does not condition.
  7. Thanks Bob and Truluv. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Vivology, but it’s been almost 10 years. 🤔
  8. Cruise ship captains get bonuses by burning less fuel. The faster a ship goes, the more fuel it burns. They burn less fuel by keeping the ship on schedule, leaving early, and cruising as slow as possible. As previously mentioned, if everyone is accounted for, it’s better to leave early and cruise slower.
  9. Sounds like typical bumper cars to me. It’s a free for all, people going in all directions and has been that way for a century. It probably had nothing to do with skipping the line, just people having fun. The bruise does not look fun though, can certainly feel for her. Maybe avoid bumper cars in the future?
  10. Another vote to remove all the stickies, way too many for a forum page.
  11. I know this thread is old, but am curious to this question as well. Any recent updates?
  12. We should ask moderator to put a pin in this convo so people see it st the top every day. 😃
  13. As long as you don’t fully cancel the reservation, anything on cruise planner stays. You can always change or upgrade room on an existing reservation. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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