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  1. I’d be happy with that, glad it worked out to your liking. Hope you get a great room!
  2. I’m all for good customer service. Please let us know how it all turns out.
  3. You should ask your TA to push back. Your cruise is paid for. It’s their mistake, great for you! Now someone has to press them to go past lower level of customer service and honor it. Best of luck!
  4. Google EEE. It’s a mosquito borne illness that causes death 🙄
  5. Yes you are correct, thanks for the correction Bob!
  6. Seeing the speed tests posted, that is not enough to maintain a VPN connection or use VOIP (phone). It would just allow you to send/receive email and browse web (slowly). Maybe consider a ship with Voom? Also, double check and make sure VPN is not blocked on upgraded ship if VPN is a requirement. Love the idea, good luck!
  7. That’s amazing!!! I saw about 50 dolphins jumping up next to Mariner in Gulf of Aden once. No photos or video though, but truly memorable experience.
  8. Oh in that case, anyone know when the first frost will be in Boston? EEE is probably biggest threat to cruisers this year.
  9. How is this Royal Caribbean related?
  10. Royal Caribbean just announced they are building a new private island in the South Pacific. It will be named "Perfect Day at Lelepa“. Thoughts?
  11. Oh ok, it took me a minute. So she is standing on the rail above glass part and holding the ceiling. The dividers stick up past the glass, almost to the ceiling.
  12. It’s more thank likely a simple algorithm used to calculate overall total revenue, nothing to do with status. For example if someone in a balcony bids 500 on a grand suite and someone in a JS bids 600 on a GS, who wins the bid? It really depends. Let’s say no one else bid on the JS, but someone bid 300 to go from OV to balcony. The balcony person would get the GS at the lower bid because it’s more overall money for Royal (800 for balcony and GS upgrade rather than just 600). Its of course a lot more complex with so many staterooms at play and people only being offered certain rooms, but’s that’s basic concept of how upgrade programs generate maximum revenue. Mo magic, voodoo, or loyalty at play.
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