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  1. For my 2021 cruise it’s $68 per day. They can ask what they want but doesn’t mean people will pay. I bet demand will drive these prices down, at least in the form of sales. You can’t simply raise prices to recover losses, just not how the world works.
  2. Sorry no advice to give but could please come back and post a quick summary on this thread after your cruise? Would love to know more about it! 😀
  3. Therese only two end games. 1. Vast majority of population gets it. 2. A vaccine or cure gets released. The longer economy stays halted, the more people (globally) will die of effects of poverty than Corona. Since you’re the expert in unprecedented shutdowns, what do you expect a leader to be doing differently? Don’t forget to think about long term consequences of decision, there is no easy or obvious answer here. I think it’s time we start working together for a solution rather than blaming others.
  4. That seems a bit extreme. If everything stays shut down that long, the impacts of another financial Great Depression will be much worse than cruise ships not sailing.
  5. Only risk is losing your full deposit if Royal goes under.
  6. Not sure where you are from but the US stopped issuing passports for the moment. Once they start again, they will more than likely be backed up. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/2020/04/01/coronavirus-state-dept-halts-passport-services-most-travelers/5102705002/
  7. Grandeur of the Seas - Any recommendations on best pizza place in Illinois?
  8. I second that. It’s always best to start with correct forum first, keeps things tidy.
  9. They even sell them on Amazon, that’s amazing! Thank you for sharing, think that made my day!
  10. Normally about 3 days before sailing date but they could sell out before then.
  11. You have an $18 t-shirt? Please post a pic!
  12. I think it’s great info but totally wrong forum for it since it’s not Royal Carribean company related (pre cruise planning). I would recommend checking out the airfare forums. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/77-cruise-air/
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