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  1. Did anyone hear any more updates on Harmony, crew returning, or start-up? I know she’s in dry dock right now.
  2. I think you made my point, thank you! States will change rankings from week to week, some will be red, some will be blue, some will have strict lockdowns and masks, while others don’t. We need to stop pointing fingers and realize we have all been victim to the same virus.
  3. Comparing trend lines between CA, US, and World, I see no significant difference other than rest of world is behind on vaccinations. 😢
  4. Sorry it was to tough of a question for you to find a comparable example. I only modified my ask based on ridiculousness responses that were given. So according to you, step 1 of resolving Covid is to build an island, got it!
  5. Me? I asked you the same question three times and you still can’t answer. What have I deflected?
  6. My house never caught covid, should I call the UN and tell them how to end the crisis? Your examples were useless but thanks for trying. You seem to struggle getting a point, frequently getting lost in the obscure details such as defining a virtual island. Maybe try looking at the forest instead of just focusing on a tree.
  7. Who’s whining? So you can’t provide a real example? 🤷‍♂️👍
  8. You’re right, you went and picked out the outliers so I qualified my data to get to the point I was trying to make: We are all in this together, stop blaming people, stop shaming people. Give me an apples to apples comparison of who did it better and I will concede. At this time, have not seen evidence to the contrary.
  9. Some states did have a travel ban, including the one I live in. However that’s not the point, the majority of the world is not an island nation. The question was who didn’t get the spikes other than island nations? Would love a Western example to better compare their Covid restrictions. Looking for apple to apples. Everyone keeps pointing fingers but we are all in the same boat!
  10. Sounds like you have never been to a bar or lounge full of business people 🤣. Hostels certainly have their place and so does NCL.
  11. So they have to fly there like an island and borders can be more easily controlled? Do you have any Western examples who avoided the spikes that aren’t island nations?
  12. Last year ago just called, they wanted their discussion topic back. 🤣😂🤣 Lots of crazy things were said on both sides of the aisle.
  13. To open your eyes to a broader perspective. Blindly following a party and their respective media is very limiting in that regard (cough cough, speaking to more people here).
  14. It’s like comparing service between a Marriott and a youth hostel, Princess every time!
  15. What does this suggest? I see red states and blue states, states that have strict mask policies and others that don’t. Interestingly all states are in warmer climates and are travel magnets.
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