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  1. Covid 19 is a lower respiratory illness...a trained doctor should be able to tell the difference and.
  2. sure hope they are planning on putting those people in forced quarantine when they return....this ship had too much going on to just tell them to get on airplanes and self quarantine. I don't know when this ship left but what a nightmare for all involved.
  3. yes...I think it is. Costa has two things not in its favor...it is a cruise line and Italian. I am not sure how you survive that but maybe they can. It should be full refund plus FCC of a given amount.
  4. I do understand that people made a choice to get on under these circumstances...a very bad choice allowed by Cruise line so as to try to mitigate their losses. Given I don't understand why passengers decided to continue not only with the potential of quarantine and virus on the ship (a high risk) but certain closure of ports ....then I can't really go much further to think about anything else. Another Costa ship Luminosa is sitting in Marseille with infected passengers. Just what France needs right now. I hope people can get their full refund because a FCC on this line might be a very big roll of the dice!!
  5. sorry but my sympathy goes to the victims in all countries that are dying or very sick with lack of ICU beds....these people did not board sometime in early Feb. the situation was well known at embarkation...Cruise line money grab and willing passengers.
  6. First why would anyone even get on given the circumstances in the world let alone this ship was going to Italy? In guess no one knew there is a Pandemic and people are dying everywhere. I say that because above I actually read people asking why was it cancelled???? I say why would you get on in the first place???
  7. lucky they have ceased operation for two months....honestly there are many people well under 70 that are probably not "fit" to travel but they do...and now over 70 have to go thru all of this? Almost everyone over 70 has a chronic condition of some sort...key is...is it managed? Not sure if that is good enough for the cruises. Land based vacations sound pretty good right about now.
  8. i guess if you get on you have to expect this outcome.
  9. well they should be contacting you. Beginning to think anyone that has been on any cruise in the last 14 days should self quarantine and really pay attention to their health. They are going to have to stop cruises for some time..no other way.
  10. Celebrity should have shut down like Princess. Why are people getting on cruise ships?
  11. AND no reason to think all cruise lines will not follow. they can't continue to risk these situations and the ships would be going out with few passengers. Glad they came to this conclusion.
  12. i misunderstood yes must be flying to SAN but that really makes little sense . You have to treat passengers fairly and tell them what is going on....at this point I don't know who is in charge but Leah was so distressed not sure how much more she can take. The masks are useless...the extremely cheap ones ...why could they not test them before putting them on that bus?
  13. the chicken lady reported in and instead of flying to Nevada they put them on a bus and they don't have a clue what is happening. She said the people on the bus and getting very angry. Her husband Wayne had a "medical event" today and they took him away to a hospital and she does not have a clue where he is. Sorry but they are being treated very poorly and I feel so bad for all those people on that bus...some coughing and no doubt some have the virus. Why would they fly them to SAN? Their state government knows nothing about this.
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