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  1. It's a bit like people who say they don't like cruising, but have never been on a cruise. regarding Ballet don't knock it till you have tried it.
  2. So do they expect everyone to have Twitter and social media, due to personal preferences and because of my employment restrictions I can't but also don't wish to use it. It does seem a bit presumptuous of Celebrity to expect this.
  3. Too true was only trying to help others from being ripped off, too many trolls on these sites who just seem to want to ruffle feathers and get a response (well this is your first 2 responses) These sites should be about helping each other, and giving useful information; we are all a bit too old now to be told off by the teacher. PS, when have cruise lines ever been publicising the price of the shuttle, you only find out the night before when it is in the daily programme.
  4. Ok the coffee is free on a classic package and not the alcohol coffee, but if you get the coffee and get the alcohol from the bar and surprise, surprise you have an alcohol coffee!! Call me a skinflint if you like but it works fine for me and you can have a very strong coffee instead. The message is use the package to your benefit.
  5. This is our first cruise with Celebrity, do they honour loyalty from any other cruise line?
  6. I was having an issue with the web check in, I filled in all the information and downloaded the security photos. Each time I checked the photos had been wiped off, having tried 5 times I asked customer service what the problem was; this was the reply "Whatever important information we need is already in the booking, Photo option you can skip it on the website you can carry your photo and provide them at the time of embarkation" Why do I need to carry a photo when there is a perfectly good likeness sticking out of the top of my coat.
  7. Thanks for the help, just tried that but nothing changed. Good news is tickets came this morning, but it would be nice if I could check if they had changed any of my requests such as bed arrangement because this had been changed and wiped out a few times prior to the site going dead. I contacted the CEO yesterday to let him know that this was a problem that seems to be widespread, but much the same as the web site it seems he can't be bothered. Will keep you posted, but it would be nice if all affected could contact him (antonio.paradiso @msccruises.co.uk) and tell him how much unnecessary annoyance it causes when all you want is a smooth process prior to your cruise.
  8. Tried that but it is greyed out?
  9. Hi just asked to be passed to the CEO (sorry not permitted to put his name on this site) May I suggest you all try the same and get them whipped into action. I have expressed my concern regarding the log in details because they will not issue the tickets until it is completed, just one more concern for you all to think about.
  10. Bit of an update, I have been doing a lot of emailing and the booking came back on but I noticed that it had wiped out most of the online check in details, I put it all back in but when I checked if it was OK it was not possible to get into the booking again; so can only presume it has been wiped out again. This is the fourth time I have had to re submit my details, looks like I will be emailing the CEO to get people and systems working properly.
  11. Yes did that well before this started.
  12. I have escalated to management level and got an apologetic but fudgy reply; I am considering moving the issue up to CEO level as I only have days before the cruise and not even had the tickets yet. Suggest you also email Mscdirect@msc.co.uk I am not sure of the US version of this. I think the more who complain the quicker it will get sorted.
  13. Hi is anyone else having problems logging into your account for current booking on "My Bookings". I have been fobbed off by customer services saying there is no problem and that they can see everything at their end. I escalated the problem and was told that there is a problem on the website because they are changing it due to privacy update, and that no one can see their bookings. I think they are still making excuses and trying to fob me off again.
  14. I am also an ex smoker so as some have said we seem less tolerant. But the thing I have found with MSC is that they allow smoking on one side of the casino, so this is about as good as saying you can only pee in one side of the pool. The other thing I noticed at night was that the casino became a smoking venue and not for playing the tables. Unfortunately the smoke drifts to the bar above and was really affecting the singer who is positioned above the stairs. one more gripe is the bar in the cigar/smoking room, that has to be run by young girls, I would hate to think what it is doing to their health; and they are not allowed to refuse working in there.
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