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  1. It is best to call in to Celebrity to cancel and re-book shore excursions if the price drops. The phone agent will be able to tell you if there are enough slots open on the excursion to book at the lower rate. They can then grab those spots for you and then cancel and refund your original ones. I would not risk cancelling and then trying to re-book on your own via the website. I just did this a few months ago when one of our excursions went on sale and the agent was very helpful.
  2. They were supposed to replace Qsine with LPC on the Summit this fall. It's listed as a dining option on the Summit on the website.
  3. So, after some hemming and hawing, I finally decided to book LPC on our upcoming Summit cruise. I checked yesterday and it appeared to be completely booked for our sailing and I thought I would contact shoreside (we are in a Celebrity Suite), to see if they could fit us in somewhere. I then checked again this morning and LPC isn't even listed as an option on our cruise anymore. Ironically, Qsine is still listed, but, of course, no times are available. Is there something going on with LPC on the Summit?!
  4. This is so annoying and, yet, so like Celebrity that no one on staff seems to know what's going on with this package. I was planning on upgrading our premium package thinking we would get $100 in casino credit which would make the $126 to upgrade to get our mini-bar stocked totally worth it (we don't drink alcohol so the wine isn't a factor). I played the "shoreside-said-one-thing-onboard-staff-says-another" game with X on our last sailing and really don't want to to do it again this year. I guess I need to decide if $76 is worth it to stock the mini-fridge if we only get $50 casino credit. argh. I'll probably just do it for convenience sake. We sail in a few weeks on the Summit, so I'll report back if I end up booking the upgrade.
  5. I'm not terribly surprised that this happened. We've only been on one X cruise and there was so much miscommunication between shoreside and on board staff - we would be told one thing shoreside and then encounter something completely different on the ship. Even now I'm debating whether or not to book specialty dining as, according to shoreside, it will cost $10 for my son, but others are encountering their children being charged full price once onboard. It just seems X is ripe with miscommunication across departments. We are sailing again this December, but I'm trying to keep things really simple to avoid being told one thing only to find out it was said to us in error. I'm sure it would cost more, but DCL offers Norway/Iceland itineraries. We sailed DCL to Norway and Iceland in 2015 and it was spectacular.
  6. It depends on the kid. Celebrity is a far better cruise line for my son than Carnival. Carnival would be sensory overload for my child and a terrible vacation.
  7. Thanks for the feedback! I was thinking of purchasing it for my son, but I, too, think it's probably not worth it. We also have the premium package and can upgrade to Drinks and More at a minimal cost to stock our mini-fridge and have it refreshed daily (we are in a Celebrity Suite). That would be plenty of soda and bottled water for him right there. I'll just pay out-of-pocket if he wants a hot chocolate or frozen drink.
  8. The Kids Package showed up on our Christmas week Summit sailing as well. I wish there was a description online! I was just going to pay out-of-pocket for my son who will only drink about one soda plus either a hot chocolate or non-alcoholic smoothie per day, but if this is in line with the premium non-alcoholic package, it may be a good deal! I'll keep checking back for a description.
  9. Wow. This is a flyer from July 2019: http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Celebrity/General_Info/Flyers/15047719_CEL_Children_Specialty_Dining_Flyer.pdf I may call and try to book and see if I can get them to lock in the price before we board. Edited: I just saw if I pre-book, I pay full price and then have the price adjusted onboard. Ugh. I may print this out and take it with us.
  10. That's great news! When I went through the booking process, it wouldn't even let me purchase it for my 12-year old (it stated you had to be 21), but I would most definitely book it for both me and my husband to get the mini-fridge perk. Thank you so much for the info! One other question - does anyone know what the cancellation policy is for packages like this? Is it two days prior to sailing? I only ask because, if I book this package and we win our Move Up bid on the Penthouse suite, I won't need this package!
  11. Can anyone help clarify the "Drinks and More" Package for me? We currently have the premium beverage package included in our Celebrity Suite booking. It looks like, for an extra $126 total, we would get our mini-fridge stocked and refreshed once a day, $50 in free casino play plus two bottles of wine. I'm just curious, is the $50 in casino free play per adult that purchases this add-on? (there are two adults in our stateroom). If so, this just might be worth it and we don't even drink alcohol! I was going to ask our butler to empty our mini-fridge and then use our premium package to go around the ship and grab some bottled waters, sodas, etc. to stock the mini-fridge myself, but, honestly, we would use $100 in casino credit and I would be ok spending $26 to have our butler stock the mini-fridge and refresh it for us. We did not purchase a beverage package for my son, so this would help, as well, as he could just grab a soda from the mini-fridge instead of purchasing one elsewhere on the ship. Any clarification would be greatly appreciated!
  12. The minimum was $850 per person.
  13. Awesome! Thanks so much, everyone! I think I will give the Move Up bid a try!
  14. I'm sorry, I'm sure this has been asked a million times, but I can't find the answer! We are currently in a Celebrity Suite on the Summit and I got the e-mail regarding the Move Up program. I'm considering bidding for the Penthouse Suite, but upgrading would only make sense if we get the amenities that come with that particular suite (free laundry, unlimited specialty dining). Will we get those amenities? (I know we keep our perks and OBC from the original booking) I am reading a current thread where someone won a bid to move to Aqua and they are now dining at Blu, which makes me think we would get the benefits of the Penthouse Suite, however, when reading Celebrity's terms and conditions for Move Up, it says this, "Any promotions associated with the original booking will remain in effect. The Upgrade will not be eligible to receive any promotions or benefits that are applicable to the stateroom had it been originally booked at that stateroom category," which leads me to believe we will not get the free laundry and unlimited specialty dining. Any clarity or help you can provide is greatly appreciated! While the extra space would be nice, it's not necessary and I don't want to spend additional thousands if we wouldn't get the Penthouse suite amenities. Thanks!
  15. Qsine was still showing up for our Dec. 21 Summit sailing, however, when I actually went into my cruise manager to book, only LPC is available, so I think they are planning on switching it over at least prior to that sailing.
  16. Although I am the poster hoping to get the $10 price for my 12-year old, I totally agree with you. I suppose the incentive is really to simply get people into the restaurant spending money with no real thought as to how younger children may affect the experience of others in the restaurant. And, hey, 5 and under are FREE! I would never take my son to any of these restaurants if he couldn't or wouldn't behave. I wouldn't want him disturbing others and, quite honestly, I don't want him disturbing me when I'm trying to have a quiet, nice meal as well! He is actually appalled by bad behavior. Last year, we ate in Qsine and there were two toddlers running around completely unsupervised, barefoot and one of them only had a diaper and no pants on . . . would hate to be the person sitting in THAT chair after that child had sat in it. None of the accompanying adults or X staff did anything about it (they did their best to pretend it wasn't happening) and I'm sure there was zero charge to have them in Qsine. If they had charged full price for the kids, those toddlers may have, instead, had a lovely evening in Fun Factory!
  17. I know - it's SO confusing and terribly written! I actually tried to break it down grammatically. It seems to say kids will dine at a rate of $10 from (meaning ordering from) the standard dinner menu. But I can COMPLETELY see how anyone would also interpret it as they will dine at a discounted rate of $10 from (meaning $10 off) the standard dinner menu pricing. That's why, although I'm heartened that others were only charged $10, I'm not holding my breath. We got so much contradicting info on our last X cruise and I think this could mean just about anything anyone wanted it to mean at any given moment!
  18. LOL! Yes! Last year we had a big discrepancy between what a phone rep had told us and what onboard staff was claiming to be true. It turned out the phone rep was right and all turned out just fine 🙂
  19. That's me! I was told by a Celebrity phone rep this morning it's $10. Keeping my fingers crossed that's the case. I already know my son will order the filet, LOL!
  20. Yes, it's so confusing and calling Celebrity didn't really help much. The rep I just spoke with really had no idea. She then checked with a colleague who told her it is $10 (not a $10 discount, but the actual child cost for 6-12 year olds is $10. 5 and under are free). I asked what to do if I pre-book as the system doesn't have child pricing. She said I would pay full price and then Celebrity would give me OBC in the amount I paid minus the $10 charge. I guess I could try to pre-book and see if the OBC pops up in my account. I would be fine with that as we would either use it toward my son's beverages (he does not have a beverage package) or use it in the casino. If the OBC doesn't appear, I suppose I could cancel and then try to book onboard . . . We had issues last year with phone reps telling us things that contradicted onboard staff info and vice versa. I really don't understand Celebrity marketing to young families the way they do and then making it so difficult to book things like this. They have children's pricing for shore excursions. Can it be that difficult for their website to recognize children's ages when booking specialty dining?
  21. You're right - now that I read it again, it is confusing! It could definitely mean it's only $10 off. Thank you for pointing that out!
  22. Yowza. I just found this: http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Celebrity/General_Info/Flyers/15047719_CEL_Children_Specialty_Dining_Flyer.pdf It looks like my 12 year old son can eat in the specialty restaurants and order off the regular menu for $10!! I think that's my discount right there. My son eats like a horse. This is awesome!
  23. Thanks so much everyone! Ok, I will pre-book Le Petit Chef. We did this same cruise last year and were in a RS, so specialty dining was "free" (LOL!) and we pre-booked the reservations. While I noticed staff members pushing specialty dining, I really wasn't paying attention to what their offers were. We are in a Celebrity Suite this year so I'm paying more attention to the costs. Based on all the feedback, I think I will pre-book LPC and wing Tuscan as I really don't care if we eat there or not, though it would be a nice change of pace from Luminae, I suppose. I noticed the holiday meal pricing too! $119 to eat at Tuscan on Christmas Eve and Christmas?! No way. We'll try to eat there another night, hopefully, with a discount! Thank you all so much!
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