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  1. Can someone (perhaps @Ourusualbeach who has been quite knowledgeable and helpful on this) please clarify this. I knew what they were doing with a previous program but this one is unclear to me I paid for this cruise partially with a Future Cruise Credit and partially with cash. Under the optional cancel program a couple weeks ago, if you chose to cancel they would reinstate that original FCC to it original date and issue a FCC for 100% of the cash paid. How does it work with this mandatory cancel. The language is not really clear. This is the closest it comes to addressing it - but are they using the term "Cruise with Confidence certificate" for any previous Future Cruise Credit? And if so, does that mean the expiration date is effectively extended for the old FCC to 12/31/21 ? And, if you used a Cruise with Confidence certificate on this sailing, you’ll receive a new Future Cruise Certificate for 125% of your total cruise fare value paid, including the value of your original certificate. Thanks
  2. Hmmm I was hoping they would shut down for 60 days like Princess
  3. Thanks for the update. Really happy to hear that Royal reconsidered this and did the right thing here with prior FCC.
  4. With the new travel advisory from the CDC and the State Department, not going to have to wait long for more big drops.
  5. Thanks. I was afraid of that. Well I planned on waiting anyway til close to the cruise date in May to decide. Hopefully Royal may reconsider this aspect. It doesn't make sense to just lose the past FCC applied . I can certainly see not extending the date of the original FCC (October in my case) but to forfeit it entirely doesn't make much logical sense.
  6. Glad to see Royal did this. But this part kind of sucks 13) What if I decide to cancel for the Future Cruise Credit and I already had an FCC on my reservation? You're in a unique situation, since you used a credit. Your original Future Cruise Certificate will be considered redeemed and used. You'll receive a new Future Cruise Certificate based on the cruise fare in penalty in your current booking. You're forfeiting your old credit, so you may want to wait to decide.We are optimistic that things will be more stable. I have a cruise booked for May. Used $900 in FCC towards the $2500 payment. So if I understand this correctly, if I cancel I am out the $900 in previous FCC and only get issued $1600. Am I wrong? doesn't make sense to me especially since the original FCC would not have expired til the end of October. I hope I am misinterpreting this. If not I hope Royal reconsiders. Right now I am not cancelling but if things get worse I may and it seems quite unfair to lose that $900 . At a minimum the previous $900 FCC should be reinstated with it's original expiration date (October in this case)
  7. WRONG. Look at the dates on these contacts with the WHO and CDC. Way before they allowed anyone to start to remove passengers. And likely before these communications were formally released "We are in constant contact with the Japanese government, the International Maritime Organization, and the owner of the ship to protect the health of all passengers." https://www.who.int/dg/speeches/detail/who-director-general-s-opening-remarks-at-the-media-briefing-on-ebola-and-covid-19-outbreaks "The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has provided recommendations relating to the quarantine of passengers and crew onboard the Diamond Princess..." https://japan2.usembassy.gov/pdfs/alert-cdc-letter-for-diamond-princess.pdf
  8. How do you even know when Japan started contacting other governments or agencies for assistance / guidance? Do you know the logistics involved in what you are suggesting dealing with 4000 people? As to test kits, you do realize there is a shortage of them. You don't just use them on people willy nilly. Nor would it have made sense to test everyone early on given the incubation period of the virus.
  9. Ummm yeah - sorry this may come across as harsh but Japan had to concern themselves more with the needs of the 126 million people than 4000 people on a ship. And just where would Japan or any country for that matter have 4,000 ready to go isolation spaces at the drop of a hat. Ever consider the fast moving and unknown nature of this, The logistic involved in doing what you suggested. All those things take time. Which is why sadly, keeping the passengers on board in isolation was the best option available at that time. Since then the situation evolved, other governments agreed to fly home their citizens and out them in isolation in their home country, etc. But again, all of that takes time and planning
  10. Incorrect. But I know what you meant. Quarantine accomplished its goal so far of not spreading the virus to shore. What failed the passengers is the isolation measures implemented on board the ship
  11. Japan is crazy and negligent if they don't require additional quarantine on land given all the recent cases diagnosed. They run a huge risk of it spreading on land if they just let people loose
  12. Really??? Day 1 ??? Do you not understand that the authorities are dealing with a new virus and still trying to more fully understand it and how best to counteract it? Do you not understand based on the data known at the time about the virus, the Japanese made the best decision at the time and the quarantine has been effective in what it was designed to do ? Do you not understand the logistics involved in moving people off the ship to their own home countries in a safe manner without putting other people involved at risk? Do you not understand you need to arrange busses, plane, drivers, pilots, doctors and other medical personnel, suitable housing, etc, etc ? All of this takes a lot of time and planning
  13. You are missing the point. They are going to be quarantined in the US or elsewhere for at least another 14 days whenever they come They will not be allowed back in the US for "some time" if they are not on the charter flights "Should you choose not to return on this charter flight, you will be unable to return to the UnitedStates for a period of time. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will make a finaldetermination on this matter."
  14. Don't count on it. Unless the quarantine on the ship is extended until there are at least a full 14 days of no new cases presenting, Japan would be negligent to let them loose in their country without some additional quarantine period off the ship. And if Japan lets them off without that additional quarantine period to go to a flight home, there probably is a strong likelihood of a quarantine period in their home country when they land
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