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  1. Of course not. Come back to us when your opinion has any weight. Until then, your posts on the subject of the norovirus are just acts of vanity. Burt
  2. I've already assumed it because your condescending tone doesn't share the seriousness of the situation, but have you experienced a cruise with norovirus? Burt
  3. Are you a creep for asking the person next to you with a cold to cover their mouth as they sneeze or cough? How creepy is suggesting the person standing in front of you in line who shows signs of the flu to go back to their room? As I said, after dealing with the harsh realities of norovirus on a ship of 3000 passengers; habits for sanitation and sterility continually preached by the crew become vivid and 2nd nature. When the chap humming to his urinal next to you turns around and walks directly to grab the door handle while still zipping up exits strait into dining room, theater, buffet line, casino, or captains welcoming party, without making any attempt to prevent spreading the virus, he is judged no less than a criminal. Creepy? It's my vacation too. Is it really so much to ask anyone who enters the public restroom to wash their hands after shedding their bodily waste? Burt
  4. I remember a discussion on this forum from a passenger complaining at the number of passengers who don't wash their hands after using the bathroom. I agree with that OP and I was very surprised at the number of posters who told him to mind his own business because it wasn't a big deal. Anyone who doesn't think washing hands on a cruise is a big deal hasn't experienced a ship with norovirus. Everything has to be cleaned and the staff handles all foods and drinks. That means you have to request a crew member come over to salt and pepper your fried eggs, which got cold while waiting 15 minutes in line for a cup of coffee. Take 30 seconds and wash your hands. Burt
  5. I disagree, food service doesn't have to be McDonalds level quality for Walmart cruisers. We've sailed most of the difference Walmart budget lines lately, but somehow ended up with food service a step about rest on Celebrity. Now some Walmart cruisers find Celebrity out of their price range (Target?), but we have manage several good deals with the line. I admit maybe they save cost on their entertainment side, but it' all about finding balance. Burt
  6. I believe in the notion of the "Squeaky Wheel". Just how far will any company reduce the quality of their product if nobody expresses their opinion. The cruise lines even ask for a review after each cruise. There is a balance between prices, profit and quality. Only the customer can set that balance. SQUEAK AWAY! Burt
  7. We found the buffet food in recent cruises on RC, Carnival and Princess not so good. However, the buffet on Celebrity a few weeks ago was surprisingly very good. Good enough we ate dinner there one night when were very tired and we have never done that before in our 20 something years of cruising. Our only loyalty to cruise lines is the best deal for the time we want to sail. But the difference in food quality might make us think twice with Celebrity. Cruise line food taste and quality in general the last few years seems to continually go up and down. I suspect they are constantly experimenting to find the balance of lower cost without a full mutiny. Americans are fast foodies who care more about fast service than taste quality. I suspect the cruise lines haven't reached bottom yet. Burt
  8. Most replies didn't answer question, so maybe she had to post twice to get an answer. My thanks to the two posters who actually did answer the question. I learned something from them. Burt
  9. What’s? Every Celebrity and RC ships I have sailed have separate saunas/steam rooms. Don’t they all? Wet bathing suit are considered bad form. Dry bathing suits, towels or even robes are preferred. Burt
  10. That is ridiculous. Passengers who believe that need their own table. Burt
  11. Must be very young as this is a strange response for a cruising forum. Not sharing a table is a relatively new option for cruisers. Burt
  12. Consider a relaxed train trip west. You can rent a car for part of the trip is you like. Burt
  13. I've rented from the cruise line several times. They usually have a place on their Web Site where you can send them your sizing information. And more often than not, he tux is waiting for me in the room. Different Cruise lines may have different policies and procedures. But my experience has always been good. Burt
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