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  1. Very dumb especially since it was my side! Only knocked tp off once, lol!
  2. Just off but no pics. Bed is by the bathroom. Shower is small. New decor is nice, light and bright, 2 closets, 4 shelves in 1 closet. 4 drawers and mini fridge next to closet with 2 tinted glass storage areas above, one contains safe. Tv on wall across from bed. Night stands with drawer and 2 shelves. Bed side nearest bath has the phone and light hanging from ceiling that you have to get out of bed to turn off. 1.5 chair with two yoga Matt’s next to it(rolled up). Across from chair is desk with chair, 4 smaller drawers and 3 small shelves. 2 chairs and small table on balcony. Elevators right outside but rarely heard noise. Ocean view one floor Down. Blu, quick ride to deck 5. Two negatives are water doesn’t drain off balcony well so you often step into water. Lots of vibration especially when in port.
  3. Thanks again fellow cruisers. We have a suite for the 5 day so have booked an inside for the 2 day. We’ve never done a b2b so wanted to try. It’s an M class so the coveted 1140 is available but I don’t think on this cruise, I want to be on top of the Sunset Bar.
  4. Thank you for the responses.
  5. Just booked a 2-night cruise to go along with a 5 night one. I know 2 nighters are not common but has anyone done one? Was there an elite breakfast and happy Hour?
  6. Waggle, we enjoyed 7197 however booked a sunset veranda on the Edge. 7197 almost felt like a room with a really large window. We never closed the glass doors except to take pics. So the room did feel a bit larger. The shade makes the room very dark so set an alarm if you need to get up early! We felt the air conditioner didn’t work well enough but we like it cool. It is nice when the balcony is open to just walk to the end of the room and look out. The bird wasn’t a big deal, I helped it out with a towel. As you know, being on a cruise is always great and trying something new was cool. Enjoy.
  7. I stayed in the retro-fitted infinite veranda on the Constellation. We ended up with a bird in our room one day.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/100002868988404/posts/1242964082475879/ Ok try copy and then paste into your search engine feature and then maybe you can see these two videos. or better yet click on link
  9. I tried to upload a photo but couldn’t. If you look at original posters photos there are doors that close and make it more like a separate balcony. If they put shades or curtains on those doors you would still have that separation. Also remember the Constellation room was retrofitted into an existing space whereas the Edge is from scratch so there are bound to be improvements.
  10. Yes, while still on board we were given a survey to fill out by our room steward.
  11. We had this room last October in the Med. While it did extend the room, I too did not like that one person could not be out on balcony while other rested. it was so dark with curtain closed that we usually slept with window open as a/c wasn’t strong enough for us. Had a small bird visit one day. I have booked The Edge but went with Subset Veranda not an infinity.
  12. We sailed In April on the Equinox in Aqua. We loved our Blu experience, only used a Persian Gardens once and did not like the covered balcony. Sailing in August in a C1 aft. Though we will miss Blu, we will enjoy a sunny balcony and bought 4 nights of Specialty dining with our OBC. I know not much help.
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