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  1. We just got off the Infinity last week and it was stated that 70% the the cruisers booked another cruise while on board. True or not, The Future Cruise desk was always very busy.
  2. I always read her posts with interest. I will miss her knowledge. I am sorry for the family's loss.
  3. Thank you both for the information.
  4. We are arriving early to board the Infinity out of San Diego. We would like to go directly to Luminae. Does anyone know what time they open. I should add that we are in a suite. (and I look forward to their hamburger sandwich for lunch) TIA
  5. If you have the internet package and Amazon Prime, I believe the Thursday night games can be streamed on your device.
  6. If I buy a 3 dinner specialty package pre-cruise can I choose the same restaurant 3 times and can I choose my dining times? We are going on a 15 day cruise on the Infinity and we only want to go to Tuscan. Le Petite Chef (sp) does not interest us.
  7. If they were poor students the missed week would very likely make a difference. Parents with your outlook on education still disappoint me. "I guess they did alright". I guess that they could have done better.
  8. It was more of a disappointment with the parents. After all the hard work that I had done with students that needed more help or who had fallen behind the parents would have no regard for the work that needed to be done and would take them out of school promising that they would "catch up" when in fact a week off was the last thing that the child could afford. Parents were the eventual reason that I retired at 65yo not my love of teaching. Sorry/not sorry for getting off topic.
  9. As a former teacher parents were constantly taking their children out of school for family vacations and cruises. When asked, they explained that airfare and cruise prices were too expensive on school vacation weeks. Invariably the ones who missed school were the ones that needed it the most.
  10. Ya. Congratulations. Now can we please take all the LLP stuff off the top of this forum and get back to cruising. As Luvcrusn has said "enough already".
  11. My wife and I sail only in Sky Suites (less expensive than others). We sail 3 or 4 times per year. We are not wealthy but we are retired and and this is what we have chosen for our "golden years". We pay the extra money for the total Suite experience. If that experience were to be diminished by overcrowding at Luminae, The Retreat or Michael's Club there would be no point to booking a suite anymore. I would still sail with Celebrity but I would save some money and simply stay in a veranda cabin.
  12. Agree. As a longtime Celebrity cruiser I wanted to try MSC but I am about to give up and go back.
  13. Thanks. I was afraid that if I did that I might actually be making a permanent booking.
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