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  1. Wow. Thanks everyone for all of the help and information.
  2. OP here. Thanks for the help. I looked at a Google map of the port and I still can"t tell how long of a walk it is from the garage to the ship. I think that I will be fine dropping off the luggage and walking back to the ship. My big concern now is getting OFF the ship. Do we have to carry all of our luggage back to the garage and if so is that doable for most people?- Or can one of us pick up the car and come back for the luggage? Thanks
  3. Sorry folks -It is indeed Port Everglades. (I am elite+ Never to live long enough to be Zenith lol) Where do RS and above drop their luggage?
  4. We are sailing on the Edge out of Terminal 25. We are also in a suite. If you could help with some questions please. We are driving. Do we park in the middle parking garage? Do we drop off our luggage with all the other luggage or is there a different place for suites? I am assuming that we drop our luggage and then go park-Due to being older I hope that the walk is not too far We are planning on arriving about 11am to 11:30 and hope that there will be plenty of parking. I have searched other posts but get conflicting information. Thanks for any help
  5. Actually I have "heard" that Homeland Security, Customs or whomever else may be concerned need time to vet all passengers and the days of last minute cruising may be declining if not over. I am not sure of this but that is what I have been told.
  6. Can you give it a rest already. RCL did the best that they could. Get on with your life.
  7. Please don't- If I want to hear something from another cabin or balcony I will ask /Which I won't
  8. I would like to make another suggestion. Take enough medication for THREE weeks in case the virus is not found until near the END of the cruise. In that case you would still need days 14 worth. We are sailing in 3 weeks and I am already planning on 3 weeks worth.
  9. Wow! DYKWIS -I am impressed. I had never heard the word "preprandial" and just looked it up. I will be using that in the future and and I am looking forward to the blank stares that I get. Thanks for the word-I learn something new every day. ps I know it's a great word when my spellcheck keeps telling me it's wrong
  10. I tip the first day at the Martini Bar and am happy to report that this tip i.e. bribe gets me excellent service for the rest of the cruise when I tip again. Not to be a wise guy but I usually have my drinks while others are frustrated waiting and cannot understand why they are waiting so long. Is it fair? -I don't know. I just know that I never have to wait for a drink.
  11. Maybe but all 30 cabins appeared two days ago and all at the exact same time. I am not saying that Celebrity did anything underhanded. I just find it being a rather unusual coincidence.
  12. I don't know anything about big TA's but 30 Concierge cabins seems like a lot for one TA to have blocked if the rest of the ship is almost sold out a year and a half ahead of time.
  13. The problem for me is that I had to book a more expensive cabin last week because there were very few cabins available. The lack of availability caused other cabin prices to rise. I am just hoping that Celebrity does not occasionally hold back cabins to make things look more scarce than they really are.
  14. I have been watching a cruise in 2021 that has been almost sold out for some time. All of a sudden this morning 30 Concierge cabins showed up out of nowhere. I am wondering if Celebrity purposely makes it look as thought a ship is sold out to create demand or is it just a travel agent releasing unsold cabins?
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