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  1. I cancelled 3 reservations through the email that was sent asking if we wanted to rebook with FCC and OBC or just a refund. I choose refund for all 3 but haven't gotten and email confirmation.. anyone else get an email confirmation?
  2. Thank you that helps a ton! How soon before you sail can you make your reservations?
  3. Thank you! We traditionally choose late dining even with all the kids so if you want to eat at say 7:30 can you make reservations ahead of time in the mail dining rooms or just the specialty dining?
  4. Hi! I'm not a newbie cruiser but considering booking our first Norwegian cruise and don't really understand how it works. We are used to our traditional dining, sitting at the same table every night, same time, same waitstaff. So how does Norwegian work? I like not having to decide what time to eat and love not waiting inline for a table so I want to know what to expect in the main dining room as well as the specialty dining area's. Also tell me about the entertainment. We are looking are Breakaway in January. I've always heard that Norwegian has good entertainment so tell me about it. We have been on 5 Royal Caribbean, 4 Carnival and 1 Celebrity, family of 3 (our daughter is 8 ) and will be traveling with friends and their 3 kids (5, 8, 12). Thanks for the info!
  5. Anyone been there lately? Can you still pay just a few dollars and get in? A group of us are just wanting to get a taxi and go there for cheap. Not interested in the all inclusive. Thanks!
  6. What time are you typically able to get off? We are going to SeaWorld after we get off and collect our rental car from Alamo. We just booked dining with the whales and 12:30 was the only option. Please tell me we can make it with no problems!
  7. So we are staying at the Fairfield near Orlando airport the night before our cruise ( our plane doesn't land till almost midnight) so trying to decide which is the better option price wise and ease of getting to Port Canaveral cruise port. Most shuttle services I see are aprox $20 pp but seems like it may take forever to get there. Uber shows about the same price. There are 3 of us. What's others experience?
  8. What shows are currently on Breeze and does anyone know who will be the cruise director during the first week of December
  9. Ok good to know so we will probably take our chances and get in early 🤞
  10. What normally is the earliest check in times of you don't have FTTF or booked in a suite ECT... The earliest time it shows available is 12:30-1. Did I just finish my online check in too late to get an earlier time??
  11. What time can I reasonably expect to be off the ship? I haven't been able to get a FTTF pass so far but we will self walk off as soon as allowed. We are wanting to go to SeaWorld the day we get off the ship and will still have to rent a car so trying to figure it all out. Last few cruises have been out of Galveston and it seems like it takes forever to get off!
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