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  1. No noise, conveniently located near fwd elevators. View will be partially obstructed by life boat davits etc.
  2. I heard also heard Tony say that but that was the Xmas cruise back in 2022/23.
  3. Or most other cruise lines. Towel check-in/out is inconvenient and tacky IMO.
  4. Nor was it on our Xmas/New Year's cruise on Emerald.
  5. It looks like they go to a Fulfillment center in Mississauga, ON then sent out by C.P. No tracking app.
  6. Mine arrived within about 10 days. Anyway, it's not a big deal if they don't arrive or if you neglect to pack them. Just pick them up at the port.
  7. The Canadian ones come from a fulfillment centre in Mississauga via Canada Post.
  8. You may have booked a restricted fare rather than a flexible one.
  9. They didn't change the name because of that incident. Carnival changed the name of the Destiny to the Sunshine in 2013 following a major refit. Triumph underwent a similar refit in 2019. Both came out as almost totally different ships thus the name change.
  10. When going from on ship to another of the same or different cruise line, we have just taken a taxi. The driver may not be too happy about the short distance so tip well.😉
  11. I understand that many AZ agents are former X agents and it has taken some time for them to "get up to speed" with the new system etc.
  12. I find this to be a very interesting and hopefully a positive move. This will reunite Dondra and Dan who were with Celebrity when it was truly one of the best premium cruise lines. I think that they were there when Celebrity started the Azamara division.
  13. We have never had them mailed to us and have never had an issue getting them at the port. Yes it will add a few minutes to the boarding process. My wife now uses a cane and when we boarded in Southampton earlier this year, they offered us seats and then brought the medallions to us.
  14. On Sky, I covered the closet light sensor with tape and found out that wall switch by the entrance door would turn the light on when we needed it. It was on a timer however.
  15. Celebrity's site actually directs you to Manulife Insurance.
  16. We disembarked Sky May 27 and just rec'd ours as well.😏 Maybe they should go back to the old way when they actually delivered your statement to your cabin the last night. .
  17. None available on Sky at the end of May either.
  18. Now we need a discussion on why European hotels don't provide face cloths.😠
  19. We find that the spouts are too short and the soap etc gets all over the bottle.
  20. Just don't try getting on one of the middle elevators. ☚ī¸
  21. If you don't select an arrival time, don't be concerned because nobody checks anyway. Just show up when you want.
  22. Pacific Princess is now the Azamara Onward.
  23. Very helpful, thanks. Interesting that you are asked to meet at 7:45 but the bus didn't leave until 9:50. It seems like the usual "hurry up & wait".
  24. Thank you. I am aware of the excursions offered and in fact we did the Stonehenge one last Sept. I'm trying to decide on using Princess' service or the much less expensive National Express at 9:45.
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