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  1. I had no problem with the audio or video, using Chrome on an overworked laptop. This was not a live show, we are on the East Coast of the U.S. and had a 6 PM start time. Friends in the U.K. also had a 6 PM start time (in their time zone), so this was probably recorded well ahead of time and all of the glitches had been worked out.
  2. I think it is $4.00 for the small cup, the size that is free.
  3. We have found that many people remember their free gelato scoop on the last sea day, so often there is a line. During most of the cruise we have seen a staff person and no one "buying" any gelato. This is one of the benefits that begins at the classic level. On our second Celebrity cruise, DH saved his free gelato until it was too late - since that cruise we try to find a time to be hungry enough to make certain we get our free gelato. And since the benefit is loaded on the sea pass card, we no longer have to plan ahead to get our gelato.
  4. It is in front of the gym, and we have found that it takes a bit of nerve and bravery to walk right through the gym for the sole purpose of getting a great view, with no intention of using any of the gym equipment. And we've never seen any furniture on deck 12. So, if the 90% of us not allowed on deck 16 each grabs a chair, we could nicely furnish the area in front of the gym equipment. We would then be blocking the view of those poor souls who actually are exercising. The relaxation lounge is inside, in the front of deck 11. It is supposed to be limited to Aqua class passeng
  5. We usually tip when we order a drink. Sometimes neither of us has remembered to carry enough single dollar bills as we are wandering around the ship and so we don't always have cash in hand when ordering a drink, but we usually remember to have a couple of dollars. There is a very discreet way of folding the money and handing the server the sea pass card with the money tucked into the back of the card. The purpose of a tip is to thank the server, not to show off to the rest of the passengers. We've only been on 6 cruises in the last five or so years. Maybe if we saved a couple of hund
  6. We were invited to the helipad on our first Celebrity cruise, but it was at the same time as a wine and cheese event on the lawn, so opted not to attend. Since that first cruise we have been in CC once and had read that an invitation to the helipad was a perk, but we did not receive an invitation. We've been in Aqua 3 times also no invitation. Not booked on another cruise until 2021 (hope to change that situation) will be traveling with some first-timers, it will be interesting to see if they receive invitations.
  7. Being ignored has happened to me, on the same Silhouette cruise both at the pool bar and the sunset bar. At the pool bar, it was busy and I was patiently waiting so long at the bar that the woman sitting next to me got upset and yelled for a bartender to pay attention to me. At the sunset bar, it was busy with men who were ahead of me, all of the men had their orders filled, and the two or three bar tenders then turned their backs to me. A female assistant manager walked in, didn't make eye contact with me (or with my card angled for someone to take my order) and proceeded to do somethin
  8. I am happy to see this discussion. We probably over-tip some and under-tip others. We never tip the room steward on the first day although DH always wants to do that. Our only special request is to ask that the contents of the fridge be removed. Once we asked the steward to remove the cigarette butt that was sitting on the table in the balcony in our first Aqua cabin. Neither of us smokes, and I didn't want anyone to report a cigarette butt in our trash. We arrive supplied with a lot of single dollar bills and some other smaller bills as well as larger bills for extra tip
  9. My SIL said that their condo on Grand Cayman shook up and down (they are on the first floor), and everything is fine.
  10. We walked into the relaxation lounge on a cruise last summer, looking for a warm quiet place. There was only one person in the lounge, he had a phone and an ear piece, I assumed that he was listening to relaxing music. DH and I used sign language to pick a spot to sit, we didn't want to bother the gentleman. As we were about to sit down, he started speaking very loudly into the mic attached to the phone. He was conducting a business call in the quiet relaxation lounge, we just walked out. Face-timing with grandchildren at the loud pool is one thing, conducting a business
  11. There is a European web site/TA that lists all of the cruises, and this is showing as sold out, so no worries.
  12. I am shocked that the moderators have not removed your racist (not geographic) but racist post. On our only experience on an M class ship, we had passsengers in scooters who blocked our access to the stairways - they were so interested in making certain that no one tried to get ahead of them to the elevator that they blocked the area between the elevators and the stairway and gave us dirty looks for trying to access the stairway.
  13. And we have purchased Persian Garden passes for both of us on cruises where we didn't upgrade to Aqua Class. On two different cruises I have upgraded us to Aqua when the price between our booked cabin and an Aqua cabin fell within the added cost of the passes, since I knew it was money we were going to spend anyway.
  14. You definitely can reorder luggage tags. I had to do just that over the summer, and sort of figured that both sets would eventually show up. I only received the second set. At one point in time there was a bit of a problem ordering the luggage tags online, and so I called, Celebrity was very happy to mail them out. Getting those luggage tags in the mail makes the cruise seem real and gives me a defined time to officially start packing.
  15. It is more of a process than a jump! I have to carefully set out my two towels, one to cover the tiles and the other placed in a position to pillow my head. The real reason that I discovered the varying temperatures of the loungers was that DH complained his wasn't warm enough, so we switched loungers, and he couldn't believe the difference. We've only been in the Persian Gardens on the Equinox and the Silhouette. I don't remember noticing that loungers on the Equinox had such varying temperatures, I remember being surprised that the loungers on the Silhouette were so much warmer than
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