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  1. Anyone else booked on this sailing? I booked this cruise along with a April 10 sailing on the Discovery Princess thanks to future cruise credits Princess were so generous to provide due to a 2020 cruise cancellation. Needless to say...I’m a Princess cruiser that is red ta go.
  2. Just booked this cruise....anyone else making this sailing? tom
  3. I just booked a PG cruise for Dec 2022. I sailed on the PG when she was managed by Radisson. Second cruise was under Regent....so this time it is under the new owners control. As I have read many crew members have been there for years...so I am curious as to see how things have changed. is it still a ship of high standards? My memories are still near and dear to my heart.
  4. This video of the cabin was perfect! The small deck plans suggested a much smaller cabin. I am now reall excited to get on the Breeze in May. I’m even thinking of booking the Pride in November. the smaller the ship the better. Huge ships, too many people. I don’t need rock climbing walls, zip lines, merry go rounds, bumper cars, roller coasters. A hot shower, a clean bed, good food and a great bar man....heaven.
  5. I would like to know about this cabin as I have booked it for her upcoming post refit inaugural sailing. Does anyone have pictures either from the Breeze or her sisters? Or cabin 102/402 as they appear to be just opposites. Because of its shape I can’t tell how much smaller it is, how the bathroom might differ and placement of the closet. Any information would be greatly appreciated and only add to my already building excitement! Thank you! Tom
  6. Just booked her post refit inaugural. Price was great, and the fact that it’s a beach and water sports cruise will be a nice change. Anyone else going? Tom
  7. Any comments on this beauty? I’m booked and looking forward to her modifications upgrades and dining experience.
  8. Thank you scottca075. The one time I sailed the QE2 I booked a Queens grill cabin to”do it right”. But that was years ago. To book a grill cabin now as a solo would put the price into Seabourn realm. I’m not sure the Queen would out do Seabourn. If I book the QM2... I’ll try to get a solo outside on deck three....but they seem to sell out immediately when reservations open for a crossing. So Ill have to wait till summer 2022 sailings open for booking. Thank you for your response.
  9. I would like to know what people think of these cabins up forward overlooking the bow I booked S101 on the Sky last March....cruise cancelled. Book the same Cat cabin s103 on the Enchanted for this Nov....cruise cancelled. So today I booked S101 on the Sky for Jan 2022. any thoughts on these cabins with the floor to ceiling windows would be appreciated.
  10. Thank you for all the responses. I’m going to consider a crossing and think I will do a westerly crossing. That way I will have a short flight home from New York. I’d also like to visit the maritime museum in Southampton the day before boarding. id like to book one of those new solo outside cabins but it seems they get booked way in advance......going to look at Sept 2022 for my birthday. Thanks again.
  11. TRUe...perhaps em want to incorporate some change they made on the Valiant Zlady. If you learn of any changes please post. Thanks in advance.
  12. Thanks for the info Biker 19. Returning to Europe makes sense at this point in time. With the pandemic slowing in Europe compared to the US, cruising could start up in the Mediterranean sooner. With Virgin starting off with shorter cruises they might find passengers.much sooner than here. second....having the ship in Europe might make returning crew easier than having to fly them to Miami when they start up. third...dock fees in Italy might be cheaper than Florida. Fourth...Virgin won’t be faced with our CDC who could continue issuing no sail orders. I wish Virgin
  13. I’m booked on the Enchanted Princess on Nov 28......I wonder if she will be completed and brought to the Caribbean sooner or be delayed The Sky supposedly is crossing the pond headed for Rotterdam. Will she turn around and head to the the Caribbean for fall since her summer schedule is cancelled? I cant imagine the mess in the Princess headquarters. Then there are the crew members that went home...will they come back to work? Without sufficient staffing I could see ships mothballed. But these things are insignificant compared to those losing their lives, losing their loved ones
  14. I was booked on the maiden voyage and didn’t make it...a big mistake on my part. Now I’m looking for a special trip in Sept 2022. Although it’s way off the Queen is one of my options along with a river cruise on the Rhine or maybe something land based. i would appreciate feedback on the Queen....and as I will be traveling alone would a crossing be worth the time expense and effort considering the flying involved. Seevice, dining entertainment? Thoughts and comments please. Thank you in advance.
  15. You are smart. I let emotion override logic in booking. I was interested in only one specific sailing date and thought once the bookings for Europeans started I could miss out. With Scarlets sailings only short voyages cruisers on the other side of the pond would wait for week long cruises. So I will hang in there and see how the product does overseas where the passengers are of an International mix. Time will tell.
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