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  1. You just have to go on 4-6 cruises before they go bankrupt to be in the gravy! Some people are going to have to do 30+ cruises☹️
  2. The stock is at a 5 year low today. If you’re into cruising mainly with NCL, it may be time to buy. $32.00.
  3. I got tired of carrying my wife’s card and she’s lost it more than once while she’s on her own. It’s a PITA to line up at guest services but she won’t wear a lanyard. I saw a lady with a lanyard that looked like a silver necklace (no silly ribbon) and she told me she bought it at Michaels craft store. I bought one for my wife and she said she would wear it on our June cruise.
  4. I travel to see sites so I’ve focused on European port intensive cruises. You’re usually back on board by 5:00pm so there’s time for dinner and relaxation. I don’t enjoy sea days where the pools are full and the chair hogs out in force.
  5. We just got off the Jewel on a new Zealand cruise and the sail away obstructed Oceanview allowed me to pick cabin8050. I researched the cabin and it had a small lifeboat instead of a tender so not really obstructed. It was $1500 cheaper than choosing a cabin with perks. I’ve booked sail away inside cabins for my last 5 Mediterranean cruises. I don’t drink and the other perks are cheaper to buy (which I don’t need) so I figured I’ve got to cruise 2 extra times with the savings. We’ve always been assigned a cabin at least 40 days out so if it’s a known bad cabin, I’ll use the upgrade bid option. We used to choose our cabins before all this “free perks” (not free) nonsense. Is it really free if you’re paying $1k+ for the perks and the choice of cabin? I prefer port intensive cruises so we spend a lot of time sightseeing. I chose to cruise more often and get to platinum faster where the perks are really free.
  6. We went to Toranga zoo last week and spent most of the day there. Toranga Zoo is government run while the wildlife zoo is a private for profit zoo. We prebooked online and received a discount with a 2 day hoho ferry ticket.
  7. I just finished a cruise starting in Auckland a couple of weeks ago. There will be no cabs available for 5 passengers and luggage. There’s the skybus available but I would suggest the super shuttle across from the taxi rank. They took the 4 of us and full luggage and carry ons to our hotel at sky tower for $55nz. That’s minimal in US dollars.
  8. I just got off the Jewel on a NZ cruise and you are not allowed to take any food or beverage off the ship unless it’s factory packaged or sealed. The cruise line announced this at every NZ port. There were also posters warning of a $400nz automatic fine if caught. There’s NZ border control at every port that we visited except Akaroa. There’s plenty of hydration stations at every NZ port so bring an empty bottle and fill it onshore.
  9. I bought the 3UK SIM card from amazon for our Baltic cruise last summer and it worked great in all ports. I didn’t come close to using the 1.5 gig because I turned off data and only turned it on when needed. The other option is to go to a Vodafone store to buy a tourist sim and have them install and test it for you.
  10. NCL has recently added a step where the guest (not the booking passenger) has to login themselves and decline the insurance. You cannot print the edocs till this step is completed. It’s another example of NCL trying to improve profits over ease of use.
  11. I’ve been on 5 sail away bookings and they are randomly selected. We’ve had rooms assigned anywhere from 30-90 days out. Some cabins were fantastic but none were horrible. On my upcoming New Zealand cruise I did a mock booking for a sail away Oceanview to check pricing and it offered me a cabin. The obstructed view cabin did not have a tender obstructing the view but had a short life boat which only obstructs the view of the water. I went and booked it through my CPC. No perks but saved $800 and got to choose my cabin. There never seems to be any rhythm or reasoning to what NCL does sometimes.
  12. I have taken National Express many times and if the timing is correct, I prefer it over the train. I can’t relax on a train keeping an eye on luggage (if there’s rack space) or having to hang onto it. I prefer it in the hold of the bus.
  13. We got $100 each on our Spirit Baltic cruise but our friends who joined us did not. I didn’t know why and didn’t want to ask for fear of losing it 😀. I have lost it before 😩 as they said it was a mistake.
  14. Orange juice, apple juice and cranberry cocktail from concentrate. Fresh squeezed orange juice will cost. They switch out the juices at 10:30 ish for a couple of low cal beverages.
  15. I have stayed in sideways cabins twice and loved them. The configuration makes them seem larger but I’m sure they aren’t.
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