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  1. I have taken National Express many times and if the timing is correct, I prefer it over the train. I can’t relax on a train keeping an eye on luggage (if there’s rack space) or having to hang onto it. I prefer it in the hold of the bus.
  2. We got $100 each on our Spirit Baltic cruise but our friends who joined us did not. I didn’t know why and didn’t want to ask for fear of losing it 😀. I have lost it before 😩 as they said it was a mistake.
  3. Orange juice, apple juice and cranberry cocktail from concentrate. Fresh squeezed orange juice will cost. They switch out the juices at 10:30 ish for a couple of low cal beverages.
  4. I have stayed in sideways cabins twice and loved them. The configuration makes them seem larger but I’m sure they aren’t.
  5. Always choose the currency of the country/business and never have them convert it. Always have your own bank do the conversion. I cross border shop in the USA once a month and the store’s rate is always higher. It would even be better if you can get a credit card with no foreign transaction fees.
  6. I google the ports in question and check on the date.
  7. We just got back from a Baltic cruise with a stop in Ijmuiden for Amsterdam. There were public buses to the depot in Amsterdam but there were apparently some tense moments on the return trip as the last bus was full. If you dock in Amsterdam, it’s just a 5 minute walk to central station. We organized a van for our cruise critic and Facebook group that dropped us off and picked us up near central station. I suggest getting the orientation at Anne Frank House as it was informative and well presented.
  8. We used them last September for a tour to giants causeway. They were very professional and prompt.
  9. I have visited Juno beach from LeHavre in the past based on JBs instructions. As Canadians we wanted to see the Canadian sites and tours were cost prohibitive. We rented from rentacar dockside. We drove to Bayeaux and saw the tapestry and bought some pastries for the drive to Juno beach. The museum there is manned by Canadians and was very informative with the Canadian perspective on d-day. We then drove to Beny sur mer Canadian cemetery. On the way back we stopped by the Pegasus Bridge where the British paratroopers landed. I also rented from rentacar dockside in 2 weeks ago when we were in LeHavre. They now offer small cars wrapped in advertising for only 20€ with a 15€ port charge. The only drawback was it only included 100km free and the excess at .19€ per km. With maximum insurance, mileage, tolls and gas the cost was 100€ for our trip to Rouen and Honfleur..
  10. Book the orientation as well as it offered fantastic insight. If you don’t prebook tickets for Anne Frank house, you have little chance to get in and none if you’re on an excursion deadline.
  11. I’m in London now after our Baltic cruise. We went to see “Come from Away “ at the Phoenix yesterday and have tickets to “Matilda” tonight at the Cambridge. The tickets were about 40£ each for center balcony. Hamilton tickets were 170£ each so we passed. There’s plenty of good musicals to see in the 30-60£ price range
  12. As long as your ship docks in Amsterdam and not ljmuiden/Amsterdam you will be fine walking or taking the trams and cabs. If you’re out at ljmuiden it’s more difficult and expensive. I just ported in ljmuiden and arranged a 8 passenger van from VIP for 260€ from Felison berth to Anne Frank House return. If you dock in Amsterdam you’ll be a couple of hundred yards from central station. I’ve been at both berths.
  13. Been to Monte Carlo a few times and there’s a few things to see right in town. There’s the palace and the changing of the guards. I enjoyed looking at the yachts in the harbour and the exotic cars on the streets. If you’re there for a long stop you can take the 20 minute train ride to Nice Ville station and explore Nice France.
  14. I research zeebrugge to death and decided to use the Cruise Express shuttle company for 20€ round trip. It’s a 20+ minute bus ride versus trying to make all the tram and train connections. There’s also a booth in the terminal offering a similar service for 20€. Just don’t take NCLs shuttle to Zeebrugge as many passengers thought they were going to Bruges.
  15. I’ve been on the spirit 5 times and the embarkation tags were always red. My Jade cruise had grey tags.
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