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  1. The staggered cancellations of cruises gave different dates to expect receipt of FCC. I was wondering if these dates had proved to be there abouts.
  2. Has anyone any feedback on receipt on their 125% FCC email from the first two rounds of cancellations? The dates given for email to be received were 13th and 30th April. Did you get them within that time frame and if not how much later were they received?
  3. Hi diana11 Sorry to hear that your travel agents are not playing ball with you. I believe you mentioned in an earlier post that this was packaged up by them with flights and hotels. With a few exceptions refunds are starting to come through thick and fast now from Azamara and your travel agent should be passing that onto you pretty quickly. I hope that your travel agent comes good with the remainder of your costs in cash.
  4. Thats great news to wake up to this morning!
  5. oops...Isn't it strange how we all read something different in a question.🤭 I thought @kennymosk wanted to know if they could take the fcc and lift and shift from a recently cancelled cruise. I hadnt thought about the option of them already having a fcc.
  6. The email received on wednesday for our now 3rd cancelled cruise by Azamara lists three options. Future cruise credit of 125% Move the booking to 2021 (lift and shift) 100% Cash refund. I was surprised that the Lift and Shift was offered as I too thought that it only applied to cruises cancelled by guests. But it is now an option in my email and a decision has to be made by 10 June for that option.
  7. From FAQ on website It looks to be an either/or . Not combinable. If I choose to “lift and shift” and reschedule my sailing to next year, can I change my mind and get the FCC or a refund?" Unfortunately, no. If you reschedule your sailing to next year, you are no longer eligible to receive the 125% FCC or refund.
  8. Thats interesting that refunds are coming from different places.
  9. Anne it says Royal Caribbean Miami on my credit card. Seems to have bypassed the Travel Agent.
  10. Both our cruises were booked through our Travel Agent. The second one booked whilst onboard , deposit paid on board but then transferred. In all communication it states ‘refunds will be made to your original payment method’ . In our case we gave our credit card details to our TA and RCI took payment, so that may be classed as direct? although we could only deal with TA.
  11. I am astounded and now somewhat embarrassed to post that overnight I received my full balance in three separate amounts to the exact £ for our 8 June cruise cancelled by Azamara. I requested cash refund on 17 April. As before I do not wish to add to the angst of those still waiting but it does show that refunds are beginning to get a move on at a fair pace and disputes the idea previously mentioned that they only process refunds on a Sunday. I am sorry it is not the news that @Baynanno1 or @Riocca would want to read at all, but this information and those of other posters may help with their cause when communicating with either their Travel Agents or Azamara direct. As an aside when I contacted my credit card company and requested the credit balance now sitting on my card account to be transferred to my bank account, they quoted a time of 10-14 days, so it’s still not mine just yet! Hoping that positive news comes to those who cruise dates were in March.🤞
  12. Hoping it will be cancelled any day now. British Airways have already cancelled our return flights from Stockholm. Are your flights from US still scheduled?
  13. Noting that several others have recently received refunds and posted on here , there really does seem to be something going adrift with some of these refunds. Date order would have seemed the obvious answer but obviously not. Is it country specific?. @Baynanno1 I am so sorry that whilst we have received one of our refunds, you are still having problems. Have any other Australians/New Zealanders received any cash refunds yet? I am rooting for you as I suspect we all are, that you get an answer soon.
  14. Baynanno1 . I hesitated to post as I have been following your struggles and frustration. But I wanted to report that yes at least someone is working in the refund department and there is hope. 🤞
  15. Please note this post is in no way rubbing salt into the wounds of people whose cruise was cancelled before ours and haven't received funds yet, but I think its handy to get updated information and positive news! Our cruise was cancelled by Azamara on 25March (cruise date 23 April). I requested a cash refund immediately and received an automated reply quoting 30 days. On 1st May another email saying would be 45 days. Someone did post on here (could have been Bonnie.) that this was working days rather than calendar days so my expectations then changed somewhat. Yesterday I received my refund, two amounts, port fees and balance to my original form of payment. There appears to be a difference of £300, which could be a combination of original deposit and or travel agent commission? Maybe this will follow? This has been 33 working days since my original request (excluding Easter) or 49 calendar days. I never made contact with Azamara again, never contacted my credit card company for charge back, just waited patiently. I have another cancellation which is already 13 working days into cancellation period and another cruise in June which hopefully will be cancelled soon as British Airways have cancelled the flights so makes it a tad difficult to get to! Here’s hoping that many of you will be posting good news soon.
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