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  1. Not sure if this has been shared before, but it is worth mentioning again for UK passport holders as we hopefully start using them again! This information is from the Gov.uk site and is applicable to many European countries at the moment. There have been some vague press articles post Brexit about the new rules if you previously renewed your passport early and it has more than 10 years between date of renewal and date of expiry. With the guidelines of having at least 6 months validity left, there are some European countries that will not accept passports if the renewal and expiry dates are more than 10 years apart. I checked today on gov.uk which has a very good checker service available. In our case, whilst husbands passport does not expire until March 23, it was actually renewed in August 12. Which now means with the 6 months remaining rule his , ‘passport is valid for travel to Europe until at least 2 March 22’. It would appear that the last months September 22 - March 23 are now not valid when considering the 6 month rule and travelling to certain European countries , so we need to be thinking of renewing his passport before joining Quest in April 2022 which is something I had not been aware of. The gov.uk site is easy to use , just type in your details and it gives instant guidance. I have no knowledge if travellers have actually been refused entry in Europe if the passport does not comply, but I would prefer not to find out myself! https://www.gov.uk/check-a-passport-travel-europe From the website…. Passport validity We recommend that on the day you travel you have at least 6 months left on your passport. This allows for: travelling in Europe for up to 3 months (you don’t normally need a visa for the first 90 days in every 180 days of travel) the requirement from most European countries to have at least 3 months left on your passport on the day after you leave Your passport must also be less than 10 years old on the day after you leave. If you renewed your current passport before the previous one expired, extra months may have been added to its expiry date. Any extra months on your passport over 10 years may not count towards the minimum period needed. These rules do not apply to travel to Ireland. You can continue to use your passport as long as it’s valid for the length of your stay.
  2. If you follow the link from @Riocca each cruise gets the obc.
  3. The early booking offer for Onward of $300 obc , free wifi for one device and premium beverage package is per cabin not per person . Two cruises $300 each , plus two b2b of $300 each. Each lot of obc has to be used separately for each cruise and cannot be carried over.
  4. Other than anything that a travel agent may give you, the Azamara Onward early booking offer plus the b2b offer would total $600 per cabin per cruise, either you or your travel agent has to apply for the b2b. Non refundable so use it! We mix and match ship tours and doing our own thing. Generally speaking if there is something to see fairly local, we DIY. If its a fair distance away we take a ships tours. On a very port intensive cruise its nice to just wander around the local squares. Dubrovnik, Korcula , Kotor, Split and Corfu all doable on your own. We have had full buses and third full buses depending on the tours! Sometimes picking a food, cookery demonstration tour, something outside your normal choices is a good way to use the obc , if you already have speciality restaurant wifi and drinks package included in your cabin. Or have some special photos taken? I have a few lovely handbags using obc!👍
  5. @Vineyard ViewSomething you may not be aware of is the obc allowance for B2B. At the moment for each cruise 8 days or less there is $300 per stateroom per cruise. This would be in addition to the current Onward early booking offers. Hopefully going forward this would still be the case. Every little helps!
  6. Interesting that Capt Carl is on Quest later this year and then next year on Journey?!
  7. a new captain just announced, for those still not receiving emails. FIND A JOURNEY | LUXURY CRUISE DEALS | MY ACCOUNT Today I am sharing some very exciting news with you. We have a new Captain, and I am quite sure many of you already know him. I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to Captain Kresimir Korona, who is now the latest addition to our group of accomplished and amazing Azamara Captains! The Captains of Azamara are not just navigators, they are leaders and caretakers to their team and friends to our guests. They enhance the cruise experience with their anecdotes and add unexpected elements to the voyages that our guests remember forever. We are truly excited to have him as one of our great Captains and we look forward to sailing with him. Captain Korona was born and raised in Zadar on the Dalmatian coast, which has a long history of seafaring. Having grown up on the Dalmatian Coast in a seafaring family, he has always had a deep connection with the ocean and sailing, knowing at 14 years of age that this was his calling. Captain Korona was educated at the University of Rijeka at the Faculty of Maritime Studies and gained his initial experience in the merchant marine before mastering his first vessel in 2006. He has since sailed a variety of ships including 300,000-ton oil and chemical tankers, making him a well-rounded and accomplished seafarer and Captain. He came to Azamara in 2010 as a Chief Officer before taking a three-year break in 2014 to work at Royal Caribbean International. He rejoined us in 2016, was promoted to Staff Captain in 2017, and is now officially one of our Captains! Captain Korona is very excited about this opportunity and is looking forward to many things, including connecting more with all of you. He loves people and has a great sense of humor, so be prepared to laugh a lot! He also wants to make sure the Azamara crew is taken care of so they can do a great job in taking care of you. Of course, the safety and security of all guests and crew is our top priority. I couldn’t wait for you to get to know and love Captain Kresimir Korona as much as we do, so our team sat down with him and asked him about his likes, his loves, and how his life’s journey has led him to where he is today. All my best,
  8. One thing to remember. If your cruise has an overnight in port on the last evening, then the shops will be closed as per port requirements. We have seen several times when guests were unable to use obc because of this.
  9. SummerInKefalonia has kindly listed full itineraries in post #9
  10. Like you, we were also able to take advantage of that offer to L&S well before our May cruise was eventually cancelled. I believe that offer expired on 31 January 2021. Unfortunately it doesn’t appear to be available now unless Azamara actually cancel the cruise.
  11. Probably not this cruise line, if you are looking for deals from Miami. Azamara tend to embark and disembark out of different ports and countries around the world, they have no main ‘home’ port. Thats the draw to this cruise line amongst many other things.There are only 3 cruises in the next set of schedules to March 2023 that roundtrip from Miami, so your choice is limited.
  12. I must just acknowledge this picture was from Capt. Carl last May when they were repatriating crew to Harmony of the Seas at Cococay.
  13. The ship on the right is one of many that I think gives cause for concern and rightly so. Azamara in comparison on the left could hopefully fall within the guidelines .🤞
  14. We will just have to keep an eye on the prices and post here if we see anything worthwhile happening.🤞 I have been watching prices on a couple of May/June 2022 cruises. One example for a 10 night Club Continent Suite has gone from £9110 per cabin in January down to £6458 in February/March and since the sale ended is now back to £9106 as from 1st April. As @Host Jazzbeau mentioned in another post there really were some decent prices knocking about. Unfortunately the Cruise with Confidence promotion only extended to sailings up to end of April 2022 ,so I have delayed booking whilst there is still alot of uncertainty. If they extend the CWC programme to dates further out, I would feel happier booking even with the higher price as these can be managed better moving forward and lower prices would be honoured. In the meantime I’ll bide my time and watch the snow softly falling here in the south of England this morning!!!
  15. Trying to find any tonnage figures from the latest announcement is not easy! Figures mooted about over the years mention over 96,000 and then 55,000 tonnage. I’d like to think that Azamara at approx. 30,000 stands a chance to dock at the very convenient small dock. When you compare them to the top ten largest cruise ships at all over 170,000 , there may be room for the little ones!! 🤞
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