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  1. Bandjwayne. We paid $50 pp. That included all of our entrance fees
  2. Christybell, all of our entry fees were paid for through Rony's. It was included in the price except my massage and the food. There were waiters that brought us food on the beach. Arnold gave us day passes at Bananarama so the chairs on the beach were a part of that. And we had use of the resort, but I'm not sure what that offered because we stayed on the beach the whole time! We brought our own snorkel masks. My son paid I think $10 to ride a paddle board thing. There were a lot of vendors not associated with the resort that you could buy excursions from on the beach if you wanted, b
  3. I did a lot of research before booking with Rony's and they didn't disappoint! First of all, our driver was Arnold. He was fabulous. He was friendly and interesting. We had no trouble locating him at the meeting place. His van was cooled down and ready to go. He drove us to a high lookout where we could see the water and ship in the background. It was a great view. There were a few local vendors there including Arnold's aunt who gave us the "family and friends" discount. All of the booths sold their items for much cheaper than at the port. We drove downtown and learned abo
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