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  1. Christybell, all of our entry fees were paid for through Rony's.  It was included in the price except my massage and the food.   There were waiters that brought us food on the beach.  Arnold gave us day passes at Bananarama so the chairs on the beach were a part of that.  And we had use of the resort, but I'm not sure what that offered because we stayed on the beach the whole time!  We brought our own snorkel masks.  My son paid I think $10 to ride a paddle board thing.   There were a lot of vendors not associated with the resort that you could buy excursions from on the beach if you wanted, banana boat rides, jet skins, paddle boards, that sort of thing...

  2. I did a  lot of research before booking with Rony's and they didn't disappoint!  First of all, our driver was Arnold.  He was fabulous.  He was friendly and interesting.  We had no trouble locating him at the meeting place.  His van was cooled down and ready to go. 
    He drove us to a high lookout where we could see the water and ship in the background.  It was a great view.  There were a few local vendors there including Arnold's aunt who gave us the "family and friends" discount.  All of the booths sold their items for much cheaper than at the port.  We drove downtown and learned about Roatan.
    From there we went to Manawakie Park to play with sloths and monkeys.  Our guide at Manawakie was Danny.  He was great.  We really enjoyed our time there.  It was the highlight of my vacation.  The monkeys were hilarious.  You don't really hold the monkeys, you play with them.  Or rather let them play with you.  They jumped from person to person.  They were so cute.  Then we held the sloth.  She was SO sweet.  I loved cuddling and holding her!   Manawakie is very small but it is a wonderful park.
    Our adult daughter did not want to go to the beach next, so she asked if he could be dropped off back at the cruise ship, Arnold was great and took her back before heading the opposite direction to the West Bay Beach.  He took us to the beach in front of Bananarama.  There were plenty of chairs for us.  There were also a lot of vendors selling their stuff, but once you told each one that you didn't want anything, they moved on.  They were not pushy.  Arnold showed us where the best snorkeling spot is.  He also showed us where he would be waiting for us when we were ready to head back to the ship.  He was right about the snorkeling, It was so beautiful.  And I got a massage on the beach...so relaxing!  We found Arnold right where he said he'd be. We changed into dry clothes while he cooled off the van for us.
    On the way back to the ship, he made a special stop in front of a sign for a community with the same name as our hometown.  Then another stop at the Roatan sign.  
    We were back to the ship in plenty of time to do a little shopping in port before we boarded.  We enjoyed our day with Arnold immensely.  We felt safe and secure the whole time.  Arnold was so pleasant and professional.  Now we know who to request if we ever go back!  I HIGHLY recommend Rony's Tours.  And especially Arnold.






  3. We are deciding between two excursions.  One ends the day at West Bay Beach - Bananarama area.  The other ends at Las Palmas.  We will have 4 teenagers with us.  So I read a lot about how crowded West Bay Beach is, but there seems to be a lot to do there.  I can find very little about Las Palmas Beach.  Does anyone have any experience?  I am wondering if there is enough to keep teens busy at Las Palmas....



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