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  1. Any way you could continue with your review??? We have loved it! And really are checking every day to see if you've continued. We also would love to see the rest of the daily Norwegian sheets you've attached thus far. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. So, we've been on several NCL cruises and this is first I'm hearing of this...I have no idea what everyone's talking about. I've never noticed them or eaten them.....where are they?? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. Looking forward to the rest of your review!! Thanks SO much!!
  4. We are a couple in our late 40's...coming in on Saturday, Aug 5th, 2017. Is there a tour or something we can book with minimal work figuring out bus schedules, taxi's, etc? We love beaches, the water...hate shopping more than 15 minutes, not into museums unless it's quick. I have ankle and knee issues so can't do anything super physical, although I can hike, etc.
  5. Carnival Valor: Anyone have Fun Times for 4 Day out of Galveston (Cozumel)? We are going 2/16 - 2/20/16 and would love to see the Fun Times from one of the earlier cruises with that same itinerary...thanks in advance!! - Kate
  6. Is the Prometheus Pool still Adults Only? I Hope so!!! I know there's the Serenity area, but we REALLY only hang out in the pool and really don't want kids in it. Thanks!
  7. Hi, we are a group of 5 (2 adults w 3 kids) that will be coming in on Norwegian Breakaway at 1pm on Dec 29th and we already have tickets to Kennedy Space Center. I've searched with no luck on how to get from the cruise terminal to KSC but cannot find anything that makes sense. I don't want to spend the time renting a vehicle to go just 15 minutes down the road and back. I emailed VIPlimo (I think that's the name) and they gave me a quote of $240 roundtrip......that's ridiculous for just a 15 minute ride.....any other options???? Uber maybe (I've never used Uber so no clue how).....please help! The cost for transportation is more than the cost of the tickets! Thanks in advance. -Kate
  8. looking for reviews / opinions/ must have dishes on Norwegian Breakaway. I've searched the forums, but cannot find anything, except random mentions in general cruise reviews on dining. Going on Dec 27th with 14, 12 and 10 year old boys. Thanks in Advance!!
  9. We are a group of 5 people (3 people aged 14 - adult and 2 children -ages 10 & 12). So we would need 3 adult and 2 chilrens day passes. How do we do this? Looks like the Comfort suites room have a max occupancy of 4....??? is there another option? Also, for a room for 4, the Comfort Suites online shows taxes and fees of $109. Does this include all resort fees, including Daypass Atlantis for all 4 guests or is there an additional charge on top of this? Do I book 1 room for 4 guests and then buy 1 child's Atlantis day pass?
  10. Thanks...We've never done anything but a cab from port to nachi cocum. on BarHop, can we swim? Is it nice place for swimming/playing in the sea?
  11. Josefina's Cooking Class OR Bar Hop Bus Tour? We've only ever gone to Nachi Cocum in Cozumel because that's what the others in our party end up choosing...this time, it's just hubby and myself and we want to do something different than a beach all inclusive....WHICH TO CHOOSE? We both love the water, love trying different drinks, Love Love Love Margaritas, and love cooking......help!! We're on Carnival Triumph and in port Saturday, May 2 9am - 4pm. Thanks for any advice!! Kate
  12. Thinking about going on this bar hop bus tour. We'll be on Carnival. About how far a ride is it before arriving at first bar? And then, how far a ride is it between each story? And finally, how long a ride to return to port? Thanks!!!!
  13. I spoke directly with Enterprise in Galveston and the Mgr (think name was Chris, but can't remember exactly) there told me that they are no longer accepting one-ways and that despite what I was told by another rep at Enterprise (was told that I should just book a roundtrip from airport and then just drop off at Galveston for an add'l $100 drop fee), that the rep misinformed me and that the fee would be at least and add'l $500 OR they would flat out refuse to take car and then I'd have to return it to airport....SO, we decided to rent thru Hertz instead for the week for $280 and park car at hotel in Galvestion for a total of $18...seems wasteful, but it's cheaper than anything else I've found. We're also coming in 4 days before cruise, so having use of vehicle will be nice.
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