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  1. I agree that Crooners on the Island is awesome. Such fun martinis
  2. I like this thread. No need for anyone to criticize any questions anyone asks
  3. no problem on it being secondary. But what if you are not on a princess excursion? maybe just got off the ship to walk around the port?
  4. Interesting. So what if during the cruise, i am in a port and have a medical emergency of some sort. Will my Princess insurance cover that? (Up to the maximum $$ limitations)?
  5. thank you for everyone’s ideas and recommendations, I appreciate it. We thought about waiting until the next morning to fly but we have a limited amount of time for the cairns-daintree area so wanted to get up there as soon as possible. Do you guys think an 11 am or noon flight is pushing it when getting off the cruise ship that morning? Also, some other people had warned me off of flying any airlines other than qantas or Virgin Australia also, are we crazy to consider Daintree Rainforest in February. I know its the wet season. We don’t mind hot and humid, just wondering about downpours that prevent being able to do anything. Would love to spend 1-2 nights right in the rainforest
  6. Hi, thanks. Our timing will be dependent on how early we can be to the airport after getting off the cruise in Melbourne that morning. We want to take the earliest flight out without being stressed about missing our flight. We are going from MEL to CNS. It appears the only DIRECT flights from MEL-CNS are in the morning, too early for us to make. There are options that leave at 11 a, 11:30 am and noon, all with a connection before arriving in Cairns late afternoon (or later). I wonder how much connection time you need to allow (Sydney or Brisbane).
  7. our cruise next Feb will return to Melbourne and supposedly dock at 6 am (on a Wednesday). What is the earliest I should safely plan a domestic flight out of MEL? (just going to Cairns) Not sure how long customs and transportation to airport will take. thanks!
  8. yikes. that sounds scary. Well, I called Princess and got it marked as NO UPGRADE so let's hope this works
  9. one more question - I booked thru Princess directly not through a TA -- is there a way to mark it DO NOT UPGRADE online or do I need to call Princess to get it done?
  10. Thanks guys, I will mark it as NO UPGRADE. I have always done that in the past, but just thought I would double check!
  11. hi, if I don't have DO NOT UPGRADE marked on my booking (I have a specific cabin booked), can/will Princess ever upgrade/change my cabin without asking first? I am not against an upgrade if right location but would want to be able to choose whether to accept it or not. (not that I am expecting an upgrade, but I just don't want any surprises). Do they always ASK you first?
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