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  1. If you don't need it all the time I would suggest that you buy a travel wheelchair and bring it with you. It is a lot cheaper then renting one. I rented one on the first cruise when my husband needed it and then after that I bought a cheap travel wheelchair for all of our cruises after that.
  2. I was on the Nieuw Statendam in April and got the old blue bag on the first part of a b2b and on the second part of the cruise got a blue plastic bag. I would have loved to get that bag. As far as the Orange Club I wouldn't waste my money on it. I thought the dining room for Club Orange left a lot to be desired. Not worth the money IMHO.
  3. I was on this cruise too. I am enjoying reliving through your eyes and words this wonderful adventure. I was on most of the same tours but you saw and did some things that I did not. I guess it depended on which bus you got on.
  4. Thank you for replying so quickly, That has made my day. I have two big cruises planned for next year.
  5. I am looking into buying Carnival Stock and printed out a Carnival Shareholder benefit page. It says on it that the benefit is applicable on sailings through July 31, 2019. Is this normal and do they make this statement each year? Or are they doing away with the OBC? I will most likely still buy the stock but would like to know what to expect. Thanks to anyone who can answer this.
  6. Hi Kazu, Please add me to your list for the following cruises: Nieuw Statendam - April 21, 2019 B2B 21 day Tans Atlantic to Azores, Normandy, Amsterdam then Norwegian Fjords Amsterdam - October 28, 2019 51 day Tales of the South Pacific Traveling Dot
  7. I also miss the expand/un-expand signature link and the go to top link too.
  8. I tried to change my signature and it is telling me that the countdown (which is a CC url) is too big. Is the countdown clocks now something that is no longer available?
  9. I have a meet & greet going on my roll call and the post came up with extra codes instead of colors. Is this something that is going to keep happening. I would copy one of my old posts and just add names now I have to do the whole thing over. Also so much wasted space in between posts and in the posts themselves.
  10. I travel with my adult son and we only have the beds separated by the nightstand. Why does it matter how far apart the beds are? Also in a 3 person cabin the sofa bed is still right next to the bed, so unless you have the beds separated (which takes up more room in the cabin) you are still right next to each other. The only solution is to get a signature suite where the sofa is across from the beds ( a waste of money IMHO).
  11. Does anyone realize that there are hundreds of reservations that HAL has to change with the sale of the Prinsendam which is not something that can be done overnight. They need to contact different TA's all over the world (not just the US) and also those who have booked through their PCC. Give them a break. I have worked doing travel arrangements for a private company and it is not an easy task to have to make a lot of changes at once and that was with less that a hundred people. There is only so much a company can do when something like this happens. They have to find the reservations that need to be changed, then contact the TA's or PPC to let them know what is happening, then the TA or PPC has to contact the customer. Nothing like this can be done overnight, it takes a while to contact everyone. Your reservation is not the only one being affected by this sale. Just think of how many different sailing dates there were after July 1, 2019.
  12. I had a portion of a B2B cruise canceled and being I book through a TA she was the one who got all the information and then forwarded it to me. Then she was the one who had to make the new reservation for me. The good thing about going through a TA was that being I already had my flights she got HAL to pay for the change fee that I was charged for having to change my flights. But back to the point of this thread, if you book through a TA everything has to be done by the TA. (that is HAL's policy as well as other cruise companies)
  13. I have gotten letters pertaining to casino cash on my next cruise. There was a number to call (which my TA handled) to have it applied to my cruise. I brought the letter with me on that cruise and got my money at the casino cashier window. I have also gotten an e-mail and did the same thing with no problem.
  14. To those who want to find a cabin on the HAL website. Go to"our ships" and click, it will bring up a screen with all the ships. Scroll down to the ship you want and click on the name of the ship which should bring up another screen with a liine that says pdf of deck" or something like that click on that and it should bring up a screen with the deck plans. Then you can zoom it to make it bigger so you can read the cabin numbers. You can either scroll down or click on the down arrow in the pdf box to find the deck you want. It you have zoomed to make it bigger you will have to scroll down or up to find your cabin. I hope this helps. I usually do this without signing in just to get an idea of the deck plans for the ships. I hope I have given the correct sequence as I am writing this on my Kindle.
  15. It has been a while since I did my Alaska cruise, but I believe the direct luggage was from the beginning of the trip. I seem to remember us getting something right at the airport or it might have been at the hotel. But the envelope contained all the information and tags. Being there was three of us we had three suitcases, so I had packed all the clothes that we would only use on the ship in one suitcase and everything else in the other two. I am sure if you go on the HAL website there is a "What to pack" site that can tell you a little more.
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