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  1. I was on the Nieuw Statendam in April and got the old blue bag on the first part of a b2b and on the second part of the cruise got a blue plastic bag. I would have loved to get that bag. As far as the Orange Club I wouldn't waste my money on it. I thought the dining room for Club Orange left a lot to be desired. Not worth the money IMHO.
  2. I was on this cruise too. I am enjoying reliving through your eyes and words this wonderful adventure. I was on most of the same tours but you saw and did some things that I did not. I guess it depended on which bus you got on.
  3. Since this format started you don't go to the last post read any more when you have the Topic as a favorite. It now takes you to the last page top and you have to scroll down to see where you last read. There is no more "top of page" to click on, you have to scroll to the top. There is no more countdown clocks available (really miss that). there is a limit on how many url's you can post and if you are doing a spreadsheet you put the url in but you can't post it as a "click here to go to whatever" you only see the url. I really miss the old format of cruise critic. It is much harder to use for a newcomer too. And us old timers too.
  4. Thank you for replying so quickly, That has made my day. I have two big cruises planned for next year.
  5. I am looking into buying Carnival Stock and printed out a Carnival Shareholder benefit page. It says on it that the benefit is applicable on sailings through July 31, 2019. Is this normal and do they make this statement each year? Or are they doing away with the OBC? I will most likely still buy the stock but would like to know what to expect. Thanks to anyone who can answer this.
  6. Hi Kazu, Please add me to your list for the following cruises: Nieuw Statendam - April 21, 2019 B2B 21 day Tans Atlantic to Azores, Normandy, Amsterdam then Norwegian Fjords Amsterdam - October 28, 2019 51 day Tales of the South Pacific Traveling Dot
  7. I also miss the expand/un-expand signature link and the go to top link too.
  8. I tried to change my signature and it is telling me that the countdown (which is a CC url) is too big. Is the countdown clocks now something that is no longer available?
  9. Traveling Dot

    Roll Calls

    I have a meet & greet going on my roll call and the post came up with extra codes instead of colors. Is this something that is going to keep happening. I would copy one of my old posts and just add names now I have to do the whole thing over. Also so much wasted space in between posts and in the posts themselves.
  10. Has anyone else noticed that when you look at the Itinerary for the cruises it no longer tells you which ports are Tender Ports? :confused: I know it use to tell you which where tender ports before they changed the format. Or maybe I'm looking in the wrong place but even when I look at the itineraries for the cruises I have already booked it doesn't say which are tender ports. This could be a problem for those people who need to know how many tender ports are on a cruise before choosing a cruise when they have to use a wheelchair or even just a cane. :( Hopefully it will be on the paperwork after final payment and I print it out.
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