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  1. UK residents only I think as international travel may well be banned this summer for UK citizens
  2. Most promotions are on 2022 cruises. Realistically I cant see many cruises happening in 2021
  3. Cunard does mainly world cruises from Jan onwards, maybe not confident that they will be able to dock all over the world
  4. I've been looking at the May 2022 cruise to Hawaii on Eclipse for a few weeks. Today they were offering free drinks so I've swapped my Apex February 2021 booking to Hawaii. Never been on a cruuse to Hawaii only land tours. What are the highlights?
  5. You dont know how much you are going to miss something until its taken away. Like all of us I took it for granted that I could book a cruise whenever I wanted. Now I cant Im gutted. Spent all of March on the Celebrity Eclipse due to the pandemic, got to be honest I miss cruising so much
  6. Absolutely I think US ports are going to be out of action for sometime to come. It may be that cruise companies open up European itineraries first where the virus is more under control than the US. May only be for European cruisers too
  7. Have to agree Italy is doing well now re COVID. They were hit hard in March but are working hard to control numbers of infections. US on the other hand is a completely different story
  8. We live in Haughton near to Stafford but originally from Stoke, same here for Scone.
  9. Rave Ons absolutely the best act on Eclipse on our 30 day cruise
  10. Just seen a survey in UK only 53% surveyed said they would take the vaccine.Too low for herd immunity to be effective.
  11. We are booked on Apex mid February I think there is no chance that it will now take place. Vaccines are unlikely to be available until the middle of next year at the earliest. Oxford University are way ahead of the curve with a vaccine but still need to prove that its effective and therefore worthwhile. The UK has a population of about 67 million and it will be a massive undertaking to get everyone who wants the vaccine actually vaccinated. Cruise lines may insist that pasangers are vaccinated just like some countries are insisting that anyone coming into the country is swabbed or has proof of
  12. We got free wi fi and free drinks when our 14 day South America cruise became a 30 day cruise due ro COVID 19.
  13. My opinion for what its worth, wait and see. South America is dresdful at the moment with regard to the number of cases, the USA isnt great either. Its 6 months away! We were also on the Eclipse that wasnt allowed to dock in San Antonio, but Celebrity treated us very well!
  14. This is an absolutely dreadful virus and my thoughts are with everyone who had lost a loved one from this disease.My uncle has been in hospital for over a month with this virus and caught it at home in his local community, his oxygen saturation is awful at the moment. My opinion for what it's worth. There were no test kits onboard so the medical staff could not confirm if COVID 19 was onboard. Respiratory illnesses are common on cruise ships, how many people go on a cruise and get a "cruise cough"?? How could the medical staff know?? In the UK lots of people are getting tested with possib
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