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  1. We leave in 8 days for a 14 day cruise, are we concerned yes a little. Did we think of cancelling, no way! I've stocked up on hand gel and wipes! We watched a very interesting UK news item about the new coronavirus apart from China it's not out there in the general population. Yes there have been isolated cases in other countries often linked to people who have travelled to the Far East. Outside of China the majority of people are getting mild symptoms. I'd be more concerned about the flu, I get vaccinated every year as does my partner.
  2. Perhaps those that have tested negative will be allowed to disembark??
  3. Very difficult to predict what the Japanese will decide to do when the quarantine comes to an end. Some passengers may have to be quarantined for longer if for example their cabin mate has tested positive over the last few days. Distressing to hear that one of the UK passengers who tested positive and was removed from the ship has lost all confidence in the doctors treating him after getting results that don't make sense. I think the language barrier is a real problem too!
  4. Yes the medical professionals in the UK did not catch it at work but whilst on holiday. No one will ever know where the Japanese quarantine officer got it either, it may not have been on the Diamond Princess!!
  5. We will be cruising for 14 days in March. We will definitely go on the cruise, risk of contracting the virus is low.
  6. There's no evidence that its spreading further no new cases as far as I'm aware in the last 24 hours. There have been reports that more doctors and nurses are being taken on board but in the UK press this seems to be in response to concerns about passengers with pre existing conditions and elderly passengers who need medical care NOT the corona virus. It could also be that they are going to start testing everyone as well which would need a lot of medical staff.
  7. The risk of contracting corona virus in all countries apart from China remain extremely low - I think this is something that most people are forgetting. In most countries the confirmed cases are very low, for example in the UK only 8 cases so far. Yes a cruise ship is an environment where a virus such as corona virus could easily spread but so are trains, schools, planes, tube stations and anywhere if people gather in close proximity. A small number of cruise ships in the Far East have been caught up in the fast moving worldwide response and my heart goes out to all those affected by this at the moment. Fingers crossed everyone on Diamond Princess will soon be released from quarantine. There's lots of talk about the crew and whether they are spreading the virus when preparing food etc. I would assume that gloves and masks are being worn at all times to prevent any contamination. Yes the crew are living and working in much closer proximity but I guess there is very little choice - no alternative accommodation available for them. Quarantining all passengers and crew on land would have been a massive undertaking and risks contaminating other locations with the virus.
  8. I agree logistically it would be a nightmare to isolate all the passengers and crew in a land based facility. Confining passengers to their cabins seems to be the most sensible option. My heart goes out to everyone on the Diamond Princess really not what anyone wants at the end of a cruise. In the UK as in many countries British nationals who have been flown home from Wuhan are also being quarantined for 14 days, now at 2 separate locations. Apparently 1 of the quarantined group has been threatening to leave the quarantine facility hence why the UK government has acted this morning by raising the threat level to ensure that people stay in quarantine.
  9. I'm guessing that Japan doesn't have the capacity to process all the swabs from 3,700 passengers on the Diamond Princess as well as swabs that must be being taken from people living in Japan. I read a report that labs in the UK can only process 100 samples a day. This may explain why there has been a delay in test results being confirmed as positive. I agree the only way is to sample everyone but this will likely take some time to do!!
  10. That's very interesting. The Petri dish would probably have contained agar and would have been incubated to see if anything grew. I'm confused about why the UK passenger was tested, he had no symptoms so presumably no fever. Maybe they are screening people who for whatever reason were known to have been close to where the original passenger stayed e.g. cabin?/
  11. Thanks for clarifying, I wrongly assumed that "testing" meant swabbing/blood sample not taking someones temperature. I guess they people with raised temperatures then had samples taken for testing. This won't however identify anyone that's a carrier of the virus and symptom free?
  12. Not sure they were all tested, I haven't heard David Abel say that he has been tested. From reports that I have read its coughing that is the main way that this virus is spread! Not sure about it being transmitted via air conditioning either. The virus will only survive a relatively short time outside its host on a surface. Air conditioning systems often have filters which you would think would remove droplets.
  13. I can fully understand the anxiety that this is causing, to be honest I personally wouldn't travel to the Far East at the moment. I saw the report about the number of deaths being many times the reported number and to be honest I think its very likely to be correct. The little information that is coming out of China is very worrying. Hotels, convention centres being converted into temporary hospitals with hundreds of beds. Very sick people being turned away from hospitals as there are no beds free. The Chinese doctor who tried to warn others about the disease when he spotted 7 cases of pneumonia in patients has today died of the virus. This may be contained mostly in China, the number of cases in the rest of the world are small. As for everyone on Diamond Princess, my heart goes out to you. Princess will I'm sure start to give fresh towels etc its going to take time for them to get organised. I hear that they are now letting quarantined passengers choose from a menu of sorts, delivering the meals to everyone's cabins must be very time consuming for the crew!
  14. We are sailing from South America in 3 weeks, watching developments closely.
  15. This is the latest from a well regarded newspaper in the UK China’s national health commission announced on Tuesday that the national mortality rate of coronavirus is running at 2.1%. In Hubei province, which accounts for 97% of all fatalities, the rate is 3%. The commission said 80% of deaths were of people over the age of 60 and 75% had underlying conditions. The Guardian’s explainer on the virus points out that the current death rates are likely to be an overestimate. This is because more people are likely to have been infected by the virus but not suffered severe enough symptoms to attend hospital, and so have not been counted. For comparison, seasonal flu typically has a mortality rate below 1% and is thought to cause about 400,000 deaths each year globally. Sars had a death rate of more than 10%. More worrying is the fact that person to person transmission who have not visited China are being reported in Thailand and Hong Kong. Hong Kong has admitted 64 people in the last 24 hours showing symptoms of the virus They say the next 14 days will be critical!
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