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  1. thank you, I have read your post. We are joining the Pacific Princess in CT to Ft Lauderdale and looking forward to meeting fellow Pax. I am new at this roll call and not sure how to post comments. I don't want you to waste your internet minutes on board but would love to hear from anyone already on board,

    how much it costs in corkage to take ones own wine on board ( South Africa has amazing wines) .

    does it then include the gratuity>

    where is the wine stored as we would also like ti enjoy in our cabin ? 

    is there a desk to register ?. I ask as we did this once before on a 76 day on the Golden Princess but it was an AUD ship so once the corkage of AUD$15 was paid, no further gratuity required.

    My husnand and myself would love to be included in any meet and greets and any tours planned.



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