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  1. Thanks Peanut Head, a very enjoyable idea in this time of staying home and wishing we were on a cruise. My sister and I were suppose to be on the Reflection right now. I agree completely.
  2. Would be nice to have my $900. non-refundable deposit for my February 5, 2021. Not expecting it though.
  3. We are suppose to sail in a Feb 2021 on Reflection. I do not think it will sail and not sure it will be safe yet. So have decided to L&S to Feb 2022, same cruise, same cabin. Reading all you have been discussing has helped me with my decision, so thank you.
  4. Hi Maris, Also still following along. My sister and I did the day pass at the Barcelo last year and loved it. Enjoying your review and your beautiful pictures . Diane & Donna
  5. We've cruised Silhouette three times and she's been our favorite. Reflection is a sister ship so know we will enjoy her also.
  6. My sister and I love Celebrity, sailing on an 11 day on the Reflection next February. Loving your photos and your review. Diane
  7. I just watched Regal leave also. Thank you for the explanation. We board in 5 weeks.
  8. Heard one of the Disney ships play"'When you wish upon a star" this weekend. And I love the love boat theme. Regal played it just once as they left. I'm addicted to watching sail aways.
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