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  1. Hi all, i was wondering if Silversea organises Equator passage ceremonies ... we will be on Silver Moon in Feb 2023 from Rio to Bridgetown and we will cross the Equator for the first time ... Many thanks ! julmops
  2. Thanks guys for the British perspective ... I’d be more than happy with Club World 😉
  3. Slightly digressing but any idea what hotel is used in Rio de Janeiro and Bridgetown ? Many thanks !
  4. Hi all, what is your experience with BC upgrades from London, UK? We are booked on Rio to Bridgetown and I would imagine the best option would be BA as I believe they would offer the only direct flights but does Silversea tend to make you fly indirect ? many thanks in advance !
  5. Sorry if I wasn’t clear enough. I’m from the UK and we will be on a back to back cruise from Rome to Tilbury. I won’t need a hotel or a flight as we live in South East England and will catch a train back home. however on my itinerary it says that there’s a transfer at the end of the cruise hence my question ... I was thinking that they might offer home transfer up to a certain mileage as some others do in the UK.
  6. Thanks all for your replies. we live in South East England so wouldn’t need to fly anywhere but on the itinerary it mentions a transfer of some sort on arrival, hence my question 😉 we did disembark once in Tilbury so we know the drill back to the station, it’s not bad.
  7. Hi all, we have just booked a back to back from Rome to Tilbury in December 21 / January 22. As we are living in the UK, are any type of transfers included for us ? Not asking for transfers back home but are they driving you back to Central London for example ? Anyone who had experience with that ? Many thanks in advance. Julmops
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