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  1. Hi! We are going on a cruise from Tampa in January and plan on staying in downtown couple of nights before the cruise. After cruise we have one more night without plans before taking a flight at 10 am. We are considering both downtown and Rockypoint. We wont be having a car so I am wondering if there is enough to do in Rocky point and is there a nice place for dinner? I appreciate any comments. We are not familiar with Tampa so any suggestions would be nice .
  2. Yes, I know the feeling… We live in Northern Europe so booking the flights, hotels and jetlag etc is a big project so it would be nice to know if it is a go or not. Our deal on sky suite is too good to pass so we would like to go but it comes with other expenses as well… Decisions decisions.
  3. Hi! We have booked a longer Caribbean cruise on Constellation in January. Soon it is a time for final payment and we are hesitant about making the payment. We are ready to go and got a good deal but don’t want to risk our holiday money making a payment if the cruise gets cancelled. Does anyone have any insider information about the coming season for Constellation?
  4. Hi! I guess you don’t know more than I do but I am very curious about our 11 nights Caribbean cruise from Tampa in January… We live in Northern Europe and it starts to be time for booking flights… What do you think about the possibility cruise is going as planned? I haven’t followed other cruise lines. Are they making adjustments for longer cruises or keeping as planned?
  5. My experience from Grandiosa is that you could sit down and remove the mask. I think most of the people kept the masks on when watching a show without drinking but it was definitely ok to take off mask when you are waiting for your drink/food.
  6. Our butler in YC inside was almost unvisible. We didn’t meet her until day 3. My husband saw her name on the visit card in the cabin and day three we saw a butler near our cabin and my husband noticed her name to be the same as on the visit card. We talked to her couple of times after that. We didn’t need her services so it wasn’t an issue. Most questions we handled directly with the concierge which was easier. On the other hand our friend had a great butler who really made the cruise better for him (and forus! 🙂 ) She made suggestion about pre-dinner drinks with cheese on the balcony, came with extra wine for our friend and handled the laundry extra quickly and hang it in the wardrobe etc.
  7. Thank you for sharing your experiences! We cruise mostly with Celebrity and we liked the MSC experience last and this week. I agree your comment about the captain and officers. It is so different compared to American cruiselines. The service is good but they are not as personable as in other cruiselines. We dont really mind because we are used to more anonym service at home but you can notice the difference.
  8. We just came back home from MSC Grandiosa and YC. We used masks when walking inside but most of the time you are outside by the pool or sitting down eating/drinking and I found time needing to have a mask actually was very short per day. In Yacht club you get masks delivered to your suite every day! 🙂
  9. Yes, they had deck parties every night from 9 pm. There was couple of nights we danced more and couple of nights slower music and people mostly were sitting and listening. I missed traditional night club but I understand it might not be appropriate to have it right now. Sky lounge (adults only) had different entertainers playing every night (one guitarist, one duo, one pianist) Yacht club had live music too. We enjoyed the entertainment. There was a lovely duo Sarah&Peter which we enjoyed extra! They had some “traditional” shows but we skipped them. There was some Beatles music played by a guitarist (quite nice) and even regular talented staff who got to show their talent. A lot of music to enjoy.
  10. Lucky you! We enjoyed the ship! We tried some pizza and burgers from the regular buffet and it was all good. Nice music and drinks in the Sky lounge!
  11. We ordered only “normal” pot tea during the afternoons but they did have a afternoon tea-table for display so they are still offering it. They have some sandwiches etc. to order as well. Staff is really accommodating so it should be a nice experience. We didn’t see anyone having it this time (people were mostly by the pool)
  12. Hi! We are just on our way to home after wonderful 9 nights on MSC Grandiosa. We are a Scandinavian couple in our 40s and stayed in Yacht club inside. We travelled with a friend who stayed in YC deluxe balcony cabin. This was our second time in YC, we cruise usually on Celebrity or Royal. Cruise was very relaxing. Because of covid regulations you are not allowed to go onshore on your own, only on ship excursions. We are usually very active and make plans but this time we spend most of the time onboard and got off only in Palermo and Barcelona. In Palermo we booked a city tour which was ok but really hot (heat wave) and in Barcelona we booked a winery visit Vilarnau. Winery visit was good and worth the visit. We all agreed we like to make our own plans and dont really like to be in big groups. We had great time onboard! We enjoyed everything the ship had to offer. Good sallad lunches on the YC pool deck, long dinners in the YC restaurant and cocktails/coffees in the Top Sail lounge and in the bars. Couple of evenings we got a chance to dance under the stars and of course we tried the water slides too! 🙂 Service was very good. Sometimes slow when ordering drinks by the pool but otherwise excellent. Our butler wasnt really that interested in serving us and we think it might have been because of other more demanding guests in other cabins. We stayed in YC inside cabin and hadn’t any specific requests and it didnt really affect our experience. Our friends butler was very good and helpful so our friend enjoyed his first cruise very much. She arranged some champagne and cheese on the balcony, so nice pre dinner drink for us! Wine and food - We thought both wine and food selections were better this time than in the Caribbean couple of years ago. We enjoyed long dinners with different wines for starter and main course and it worked well. They usually have couple of wines to choose from (2-3 white, 2-3 red and one rose) My husband and our friend are very interested in wine and didn’t find a reason to upgrade. Included wines were good. There is one champagne Nicolas Feuillette which is included. For the minibar you can choose either a gin, whisky or one bottle of champagne. It was Jacquart champagne and it was nice to enjoy on our friends balcony. We are diamond and ate once at the L’atelier, french specialty restaurant. Good food but the service was a hit or miss… We got a lot of diamond benefits, sweets and macarones and some Prosecco. We got the white chocolate ships too but unfortunately didn’t really have right opportunity to eat it. So much to eat… The whole cruise experience felt very safe and we got our temperature taken every day and made a COVID-test once during the cruise. It is possible to keep the distance to other people in YC. Staff are wearing double masks and they are cleaning all the time. All in all great cruise, if you have any questions I am happy to answer!
  13. Thank you for sharing! We are cruising on Grandiosa soon. Which wines are included in the normal package in YC? Is Nicolas Feuillette included? It would be great to have a champagne in YC!
  14. We have the same problem. We got 4 pm as a embarkation time for Grandiosa in July. It is so late, we cant have any lunch onboard… Do you think it is worth trying to come earlier?
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