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  1. Thank you so much cruisinsc1, we just saved $540 on our Gem March 2020 cruise, $660 on our Breakaway October 2020 cruise and $625 on our Gem March 2021 cruise!!! That's over $1,800 saved!!!
  2. We're cruising the Escape in September then taking a break from NCL for awhile... Their prices for 2020 are insane and we feel the quality of cruise they provide has been going downhill for the last 3 years...
  3. Very well said, Thank you roger001 for explaining the intent of my thread so eloquently.
  4. Except we didn't know there was a limit until we received the bill... We were under the impression that we could order one appetizer or salad, one entree and one dessert. We weren't told there was a monetary limit on the entree. I guess we should have looked more closely at the free dinner voucher however I'm not sure it was printed on it either... Again not a complaint, more of an observation.
  5. Huge difference, the pettiness comes from charging Platinum (loyal) cruisers $1 on a "Free" meal. It isn't fair to compare it to paying the extra dollar on a $16 drink order. The ultimate beverage package isn't a reward for being a loyal customer...
  6. I understand what you're saying but we never wanted to dispute the charge, we merely felt it was important to acknowledge the good service we received while pointing out that billing Platinum members $1 for a meal that is supposed to be free a bit of a slap in the face! We didn't waste more than 5 minutes explaining our opinion to both the manager and guest services... If we (as Latitudes members) don't speak up, perhaps NCL will continue their recent trend of devaluing the Latitudes program...
  7. We were offered 2 sides. We chose the 3 tiny pieces of broccoli (at $3 lol) and the baked potato. No charge!
  8. I agree with you, however we were never "outraged"... perhaps a little annoyed!!!
  9. Thank you, and "confronting" the manager in our case is the wrong word. We calmly explained to them that although the food and service were great, the extra $1 charge at the end was cheezy...
  10. Agreed. Our bill was $11.20 total. $1 surcharge + gratuity + $10 tip. lol.
  11. Absolutely I agree, however NCL should then not call it a free meal...
  12. Although we're not upset at the situation, in the long run NCL may lose much more that a dollar if they keep these kinds of practices up...
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