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  1. You can bring food, but not alcohol. Found that out one time while stuck in the San Juan airport.....our plane (sitting at the gate) had a flat tire, so we were delayed boarding until they fixed it. One of the shops near our gate was selling Medalla in cans, of which I had a few while waiting. Right before we were finally allowed to board, I bought 2 cans unopened and stuck them in my carryon. I cracked one while everyone else was buying drinks off the cart while in the air. The stewardess was not pleased. edit: I guess technically, you can posses alcohol but you can't consume it while in flight.
  2. In ports, yes. But when sailing, once you are about 5 miles out of a port the signal switches to "Cellular at Sea". If you're planning on accessing the internet while at sea you will need to purchase it.
  3. I was in the Army and learned to sleep just about anywhere, on any surface, but the week we spent on Anthem last fall was the worst sleep experience I've ever had. I ended up having to sleep in the opposite direction (my head where your feet would normally be at the bottom of the bed), and that only provided marginal relief. Glad to see they finally acknowledged the problem.
  4. It was probably just our (bad) luck, but we reserved iFly when we boarded for the last sea day (Thursday, I think it was). It broke down on Tuesday and was out of service for the duration of the cruise. Obviously they didn't charge us the $25, but we never got to do it. My advice, book it early...... Jeff
  5. I had to go once, but it wasn't the naughty room on the ship. We were in San Juan and one of my bags didn't get delivered. Around 6PM I started to get worried, then found out it was being held. Problem was it wasn't on the ship, but still back on the dock in a security area. I had to debark, find the area, then drag it back on the boat and up to the room. I had a small pocket knife in my ditty bag. Totally forgot it was in there.....security asked what was in my bag, and I told them I honestly didn't know, I wasn't trying to smuggle anything onto the ship. They told me where in my bag the item was but wouldn't tell me what it was. I had to open the bag, dump out the ditty bag contents on a table in front of them. Only then I realized they were talking about the pocket knife. They bagged it up and gave me a claim number for it for when we got back to port at the end of the cruise so I could retrieve it. I firmly believed that I'd never see it again, but to their word they were honest. They gave it back to me when we debarked. I normally wouldn't have cared about something small like that, but the pocket knife was my wife's grandfathers knife. He gave it to me before he passed away several years ago and has a lot of sentimental value.
  6. We were going to do it embarkation day, but then decided to hold off until the last sea day. Darn thing broke down on day 3 and was out of service for the whole rest of the cruise, for whatever reason. I'd book it earlier than later if possible.
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