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  1. According the link provided earlier in the thread, bookings made before 10/10/19 are not impacted by this change.
  2. We had our first cruise on X on Equinox in June, and we felt we got a lot more for our money than on RCI. Sometimes the bells and whistles are fun, but at our age, we aren't going to be doing any rock wall climbing or zip lining, so X worked well for us, and we like that the ships have fewer passengers. We'll be on Summit next month, so looking forward to trying out the M class, too.
  3. You pay at the time of booking. I'll be curious to see if Azamara eventually adapts Celebrity's model, where you can book your flights and be locked in with the price, but if the price drops, you can call and get the lower price. We have a November cruise booked on X and received two price drops. Meanwhile, with the flights for our Azamara cruise on Saturday, we paid in full at the time of booking, but Azamara then charged us an extra $275 when we made our final cruise payment because they said the price changed while they were processing our air tickets. We're STILL trying to get our money back!
  4. No "h" in the U.S. I was going to say we're all about dropping letters whenever possible, but then noticed your use of "learnt," and we would use "learned," so there's an example where I'm wrong 🙂 My original thought was for "-our" words like color or labor.
  5. It should also show up on your account you can access through the TV. Refundable will be noted as "OBC-R." We usually also have a letter in our cabin with our OBC and the source. At a minimum, your TA OBC should be refundable, but the Azamara OBC will not be.
  6. It also says bookings made prior to 10/10/19 that have selected a beverage package are not affected. I'm taking a copy of the PDF along with my cruise ticket just in case.
  7. I think it's pretty clear from the documentation that upgrading a beverage package is not a change to a reservation. But if you were able to do it with OBC already, it's one thing you can cross off the list. We have a November sailing on Summit and I think we may give it a day or two with the classic package before deciding to upgrade. Without the Slush bar I can probably make do with classic, but my DH will want the premium because he's a Scotch drinker. I wasn't sure about waiting to upgrade because of the potential for the increase, but based on what's been provided here, I'm good with waiting.
  8. Me three 🙂 We Are!
  9. While I understand your unhappiness, I'm not sure what you expected the cruise line to do. The person at the front desk should have answered the phone, of course, but there really wasn't anything they could do. It could have happened on any cruise line.
  10. Yes, it's up to management to work it out, but OP needs to address it with the management on board. OP has not made it clear if that has been done yet.
  11. Any policy we've bought includes coverage for illness/death of immediate family members. It usually falls under trip cancellation.
  12. I disagree. An individual isn't going to be able to get a group booking rate.
  13. Normally I'd walk, but as the excursion is a 10-12K hike, I will probably take the shuttle to save my legs 🙂 I'm still debating the excursion, as they say it's a 300 meter climb up, and then 400 down. But the company also says it takes about three hours, so perhaps the pace isn't bad. I'm just afraid of ending up with a group of 20-somethings that will have to wait for me.
  14. The smallest amount we've gotten in OBC was about 5% of our fare on a last-minute balcony guarantee. The most was a combination of cash back and OBC on a 13 night cruise, which was about 12% of our cruise fare. We have an upcoming cruise that we got at a group rate (hundreds less than advertised on the X website), and then we received gratuities and OBC, combined about 12% of the fare. I've never felt I've given up any control, and in fact, it's nice to call the TA if I want to change cabins or investigate a price drop and let her sit on hold with the cruise line. So far any request I've made, she's been able to get. People have to do what they're comfortable with, but for us, I'd rather get the extras with a TA since I haven't yet had a bad experience.
  15. Thank you! Mahon is the only port my DH won't be golfing, so I thought we'd book an excursion since we have some OBC, but the Azamara excursions are only a couple hours so I'd like to have some other ideas (and given recent experiences with excursions, I know we can't always count on them). My husband would really enjoy the gin tasting.
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