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  1. Wow, Jim, $750 from X is awesome! Best we've done is the Veteran's Day sale with $500.
  2. Our international flights booked through Choice Air have been much cheaper than the airline (business class at less than half, for example). For domestic flights, the difference can be minimal. I'd also assume there are a lot of factors that go into it, such as time of year, popularity of certain routes, etc.
  3. That is incorrect--you can upgrade in the planner as long as your planner indicates you have the classic package. That might require a call to X to have it added if it doesn't currently show up in your planner.
  4. I'm still mad at myself for not asking before I left the ship how to handle that VAT refund form! Even as we saw the CD as we disembarked, I thought about turning around and asking, but didn't. At least it was only about $30, and that was from OBC anyway. I did contact Global Blue and they said I could make another trip overseas and get it stamped 😂 They also suggested I could send it to the nearest French Embassy, but I haven't bothered to contact the embassy to see if that is actually an option. I need to follow up with Nationwide regarding our port cancellation reimbursement; I submitted the documentation a few weeks ago.
  5. I booked a few excursions for our April Edge cruise yesterday. Today when I checked the cruise planner, it said "Up to 20% off specialty dining... save now!" I clicked the link, but none of the prices are discounted.
  6. I wouldn't pay extra for one. I don't like the location, and usually what you get in terms of extras you can purchase separately for a lot less money. I think you'll find here no one thinks they're worth it.
  7. You're seeing prices reflective of the Double Upgrade promotion--the verandas are priced the same as the interior cabins (although at least for the cruise we booked, Azamara raised prices when they started the promotion).
  8. hiccups


    I always assume on Double Upgrade sailings, the OVs go last since they are more expensive than the regular veranda and inside. But I suppose if someone really likes a particular OV cabin, they might book it anyway. Of course, someone could have booked at the lower price before the Double Upgrade promo. I really do need to start keeping a spreadsheet 🙂 Many of the golfers we've met on the PerryGolf cruises had never heard of Azamara prior to PerryGolf, so it's a beneficial partnership to both entities. Anyway, that's why I hope Azamara won't make major changes to those cruises unless absolutely necessary. Luckily our cancelled port in Tarragona last month wasn't a golf day!
  9. We were on Summit last week and boarded earlier than our "appointment" time. Process was exactly the same as you've experienced, except now you go to your cabin to get your cards and can drop off carry-on luggage. Even though we'd uploaded photos during online check in, they still took new pictures.
  10. hiccups


    Because we have a South American cruise booked for next November, I was a little concerned to read in this thread about those itineraries not selling. It's a PerryGolf cruise, though, so I think it would take a lot for it to be changed around. Right now all suites are shown as sold out, and there are 14 veranda/veranda plus, 13 OV and 9 interior cabins available. South America normally wouldn't be on our destination list, but my DH likes the golf trips, and the price was reasonable with the Double Upgrade promo (although of course the price of an interior cabin jumped $500 PP when the promo started).
  11. My DH downloaded the app while we were on Summit last week and that feature wasn't active. I updated my app as well onboard because I was trying to set up the digital key, and didn't receive notifications. The digital key never worked for me, either, but my husband's did.
  12. Last week on Summit I noticed someone asking for fresh OJ at the "drinks package" station in the OVC--there was a carafe of juice there and the attendant poured her a glass (and recorded the woman's SeaPass number).
  13. We debarked Celebrity Summit on Saturday, and because we had a late flight home, took X's "Old San Juan on Your Own" tour with airport transfer. As we waited for the 1:30 bus to take us to the airport, we saw the Azamara shuttle bus pull up. A few people from X attempted to hop on, thinking it was the X bus! I was (pleasantly) surprised that Azamara had transportation to Plaza Colon, as I assumed with the docking location, it would be considered walking distance. Had it not required an additional two vacation days compared to a Thanksgiving week cruise, we would have liked to taken one of Journey's Caribbean cruises. At least we got a very good deal on Celebrity, with all the perks thrown in.
  14. Our last two cruises, with two different TAs, had non-refundable OBC. Our next two cruises, one has refundable, and one non-refundable, from the same TA.
  15. None of the excursions on our April Edge cruise are marked as being on sale, but some of them do have the pricing that usually indicates a sale, like $XX.40 or $XX.30. I hadn't really looked at the prices previously to know if they are actually on sale. Maybe I'll post to our roll call and ask.
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