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  1. Discoverers will also lose on the shorter cruises, since they get a $100 credit towards a full voyage internet package purchase, and now will receive 50% off. Azamara should consider a combination--either the current dollar amount off, or the proposed percentage, whichever is greater, so that no one loses a benefit. Not likely to happen, I know.
  2. So, a loss of $21 for those of us at Explorer level for a a 7-day cruise. Thanks for nothing, Azamara! I realize as an Explorer I'm in the minority here, and I'm glad for those of you that have benefited, but the internet benefit was one of the positives of LCV for me.
  3. We are the kind of travelers that would have liked the convenience of the land packages. As we're still working, I don't always have the time I'd like to devote to researching for a pre- or post-cruise journey. We're willing to pay a little bit of a premium for the convenience, but Azamara's premium is unbelievable. And they aren't even choosing the highest rated hotels for those prices! When these journeys were first announced I started a thread about it and asked, "What am I missing, that they are priced so ridiculously high?" The answer was nothing.
  4. I would not have been happy about that route at all! When I was in graduate school, I did an internship at a think tank in Honolulu. My employer booked my ticket. I flew from the middle of Pennsylvania west to Pittsburgh, then from Pittsburgh back across PA to Newark, and then a nonstop flight from Newark to Honolulu. I was in coach, but in your 20s, you can handle that. That was also back in the day when smoking was still allowed on planes, which was awful for someone like me that gets migraines. That was a very, very long day!
  5. Just be aware Azamara has much smaller ships, and the room sizes are smaller, too. Azamara stays in port longer, which is an advantage, and disembarking, especially at tender ports, is easier because there are fewer than 700 passengers. Azamara also includes an Azamazing Evening, which is usually some type of cultural performance, that is often a highlight of the trip. You're lucky to be gifted such a fantastic trip, and lucky to have so many choices!
  6. Thanks for that information... I was curious about what the fees may be. The PE flights are also on American--it looks like their PE seats are a little better than most airlines, with the seats being a bit wider as well as the extra legroom. We are in central Ohio and have flown on Air Canada, going through Toronto, a few times. I wasn't aware they had a move-up program--I'll have to look into that. Our last flight was AC Rouge but I knew enough to book their PE seats, not coach! Our TA says to not get too anxious about the flight prices right now since we're still 10 months out, but last year that was the time frame for the best flight prices for our Pursuit Mediterranean Islands cruise. But maybe you can't compare the timing of best prices for Europe to South America, especially as we were looking for Europe in October (season end) and now South America in November (season beginning).
  7. We've used Choice Air in the past with Azamara and Celebrity, and used Celebrity's "Book Now, Pay Later" option, taking advantage of two price drops. Our Azamara Choice Air has always been nonrefundable, but in looking at flights for our November Quest cruise to South America, there is a refundable option. We want to fly business class, but right now the prices are too high, so much so that we're thinking of changing the cruise. There is a premium economy option that's reasonable, although for 9-10 hour overnight flights, we aren't thrilled with PE. We're considering booking the PE seats as a placeholder, and hope that business class prices drop later and we can purchase those seats instead. I know I can call Choice Air and get the details, but wondered if anyone here had first-hand experience buying refundable tickets and later changing them.
  8. And I can bet there were people at the restaurant judging you for taking a newborn infant into a restaurant and exposing her unnecessarily to a gazillion germs. Just goes to show you, there's an opinion on everything that may or may not agree with you.
  9. And you got the premium drink package instead of the classic, which, depending on your habits, can be worth something, too.
  10. No, I'm a lowly Explorer and I'm complaining because this tentative change will reduce our benefit. You may trust some random unsecured WiFi, but I don't, so that's why it matters.
  11. Thanks for the review! We're booked on Quest in November with a few of the same ports, so this is extremely helpful. We've relied on your reviews several times in the past, so I was very happy to see your post. Please accept my condolences on the passing of your wife. I'm glad you have good friends to help you continue with your travels.
  12. That is correct--you can give cash to any crew member. If you'd like to tip extra to your cabin steward, you can give cash, or if you have onboard credit, you can go to guest services and request a form for extra tips. Your cabin steward is the one person on that form you can specify tips for--otherwise it is housekeeping or dining staff in general.
  13. On a thread last year, someone provided a link to the Cruise Critic article that gave a rough breakdown of how gratuities were split--it was very similar to the information given earlier in this thread. I will always be grateful to whomever posted that, because I had no idea how little cabin stewards received. We started tipping our cabin steward an additional amount after that. Anyway, I thought maybe OP wanted to know because they wanted to tip extra and wanted to see which person/group might deserve more based on the gratuity breakdown.
  14. We've been sailing Azamara the past few years and had our first and second X cruises in 2019, with a third X cruise booked for April. We've found fantastic value on X during the four perks sales, and we've enjoyed the experience. Azamara is okay--the smaller ships are nice for Europe, as are the longer port stays. For the Caribbean, we really like X.
  15. He leaned out the window, so he had to know it was open. It was a terrible accident, but Royal Caribbean isn't to blame, and a lawsuit won't bring back their child. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/cruise-ship-death-royal-caribbean-says-video-shows-grandfather-knew-window-was-open-seeks-to-dismiss-lawsuit/
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