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  1. If you use the Choice Air website you can select economy, PE or business class pricing.
  2. As an Explorer that books OV or balcony, You decreased my internet benefit, Azamara. Some โ€œenhancement.โ€ However, happy for those that will benefit.
  3. Gosh, we liked so many of them! World Class (need a premium drink package, though), Martini Bar, Sunset Bar and Craft Social.
  4. I come from a different perspective because we're only at the Explorer level, but I really appreciate that we get a bag of laundry on Azamara, because we don't on Celebrity. The current internet benefit on Azamara is better than X, too, for Explorer. Were I at a higher level and had better benefits on X than Azamara, though, I'd certainly be scratching my head as to why the "better" brand wasn't at least matching benefits.
  5. Thank you for your posts! We're on Edge for the first time in April and I loved seeing your pictures.
  6. We are the people that always fly in day-of for domestic cruises. Yes, I know we've been lucky. Anyway, as long as you've checked out other flight options in case your original flight is cancelled/delayed, I (obviously) think you'd be fine.
  7. You would only be charged a cancellation fee after final payment. Until that point, there is no fee. Yesterday I booked (but did not pay for) flights through Choice Air for a South American cruise in November. While our usual experience is that international Choice Air flights for business class are much cheaper than booking directly with the airline (last year our tickets to Europe were less than half the cost of booking with the airline), this time, the tickets were only about $25 PP less expensive. I still thought it was worth booking through Choice Air because I can keep an eye on prices and re-book if a better deal comes along. I did notice, however, that the price quoted included a $50 nonrefundable Choice Air fee, which I don't recall on our previous bookings. But as we haven't yet paid for the tickets, as you noted, I'm not sure how they could impose that fee. For our Summit cruise out of SJU last November, we booked our tickets and later I was able to get two price reductions (which for the first one, included switching to flights on another airline). No fees were assessed.
  8. Wow, that's great! The M&Ms for our two X cruises were very poorly attended. I felt bad for the crew--there were more of them than us! Embarrassing to have single digit attendees when at least 25 people have signed up.
  9. Even though I'm (finally) opted in (for once, my settings haven't "deselected" Azamara), I haven't received any emails, either. Hopefully someone will share whatever the update is when it's available.
  10. You'll have to go through the flight options on Choice Air to see if the flights you want are available. We've used it several times with no trouble, and have requested price drops twice after booking.
  11. My guess is the implementation of that new internet discount policy. Hope I'm wrong, as it's a loss for us if it's what's been in the trial.
  12. If you go through a mock booking, and then click on the "Celebrity Cruises" logo in the upper left, you should get a pop-up box asking if you "really" want to leave, or put the cruise on a 24-hour hold. However, and someone please verify because I've never done a booking that way, are you guaranteed that price within the 24-hour period if the price or promotion changes? I've read here it is guaranteed, and also that it's not.
  13. This is when it pays to use a travel agent--they would have been the one on the phone. I understand being frustrated with the length of the call, but it sounds like they were trying to accommodate you--you just didn't like the way it had to be done. I think that since you've already formed such a poor opinion of X, you're best to lose the $200 and move on.
  14. We upgraded for our April Edge sailing. I plan to mention it to the cabin steward when we first meet him/her, so they can pass that along to the staff that checks the minibar. I hope to get my $13 through Pringles and Kind bars ๐Ÿ˜
  15. Here's a PDF link to the beverage packages you can purchase above the included spirits. You'd have to get the Ultimate Package to get Tanqueray, for example. https://www.azamara.com/sites/default/files/pdfs/beverage_onboard_flyer_jan_2020_web.pdf The menu at the coffee bar does indicate an extra charge for Nespresso drinks, but as I'm not a coffee drinker, I'll let someone else verify if that's the case.
  16. OP, also remember you can keep an eye out on any promotions before your final payment date (even though you've already paid in full), and if it's a better deal (more perks, for example), you should be able to get that promotion by calling your travel agent or Celebrity.
  17. If you're within 24 hours, I might be tempted to cancel and re-book another category of cabin, especially for Alaska. Although actually I guess you wouldn't even need to cancel, just make a change as long as it's more expensive. As a member of Captain's Club, you qualify for a one cabin category upgrade. No worries about the insurance--you can book that elsewhere at usually a better price! Enjoy your trip ๐Ÿ™‚
  18. Boy, the title of this thread is going to have people excited until they read the post. I know I was! As Jim said, there likely will be some free movies (maybe half a dozen), but the rest are PPV. There may also be another couple movies shown on TV, or on a ship like Equinox, in the theater.
  19. The Veteran's Day promo didn't have the surcharge. If you changed whatever previous promo you had with the two perks to take advantage of the Veteran's Day four perks deal, assuming you hadn't originally booked your cruise while that surcharge was in place, then you didn't pay it. Just enjoy the $200 OBC ๐Ÿ™‚
  20. Of course you do. I can't imagine what the studio would do with them otherwise--I guess melt them down? I made an ornament and it was a nice souvenir.
  21. Most of us get the drinks package as one of our perks during the various sales. The prices are listed in the cruise planner, but I think the classic package is $59 PP per day, the premium is $69 PP per day, and the drinks and more is $76.50 PP per day. 20% gratuity is added to those prices.
  22. I can't remember if I had to call to have our premium package added, but if I did, then after that I was able to upgrade. Price difference is $7.50 per day, plus the 20%, for $9 per day. We had the $500 OBC from the Veteran's Day sale, so figured what the heck! DH can use the casino credit and I'll eat the Pringles and Kind bars ๐Ÿ™‚
  23. We upgraded through the cruise planner. Seven night cruise was $63 PP.
  24. No, $63 PP (for a 7 day cruise) is the cost to upgrade from the Premium Beverage Package to Drinks and More. It generally costs $84 PP to upgrade from Classic to Premium, so that gives you a total of $147 from Classic to Drinks and More for a week-long cruise.
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