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  1. What I did in that case was simply book my travel under my maiden name. I did that until my passport expired, and then for my renewal provided documentation to change my name.
  2. We always buy insurance. Not just for possible situations for us, but anything with our elderly parents that might require we leave the cruise before it’s over.
  3. Kind of. If your points have only been earned on Celebrity, then you do not have reciprocity. If you've sailed on both lines, you keep your status and earn points on both lines for the time being. Azamara will change this some time in the future, but they haven't said when that will occur.
  4. We're doing this itinerary next month in a Deck 7 IV cabin, so I appreciate the review--thank you!
  5. Thanks to your post, I looked up our county testing. It appears our site only offers PCR testing, and so we won't be able to use it for our cruise because we won't get the results in time, but it's good to know we have a free testing facility so close to home. When I needed to get tested a few weeks ago after exposure at work, I had to wait two days to get an appointment at Walgreen's.
  6. We're looking at two snorkeling excursions on our upcoming Celebrity cruise. One is the "St. John Half Day Champagne Catamaran Sail Beach And Snorkel" which goes to Honeymoon Beach, and the other is the "Turtle Bay Sail and Snorkel Adventure." My husband wants Turtle Bay, but I'm leaning towards Hooneymoon Beach. I should have listened when he told me earlier to book whatever I wanted, but I wanted his input so he wouldn't blame me if the excursion wasn't any good 😄 It looks like the Turtle Bay excusion snorkeling is done from the catamaran, but I can't tell if the Honeymoon Beach excursion is snorkeling from the catamaran or the beach. I would probably go with Turtle Bay if the snorkeling on the other excursion is only from the beach. Does anyone have any input on either excursion, or if one location is better than the other for snorkeling?
  7. It’s a little clunky on the laptop, but I can get to the excursions through the cruise planner. However, if I try to access shore excursions on the website using my phone, nope! I log in, click “Book Shore Excursions,” and it takes me back to the exact same page. Very frustrating, as I’d like my husband to check out excursions for our upcoming cruise and he hates to use the laptop—he wants to use his phone.
  8. The Sweet Tart at Slush is my favorite. I also like the Mint Cookie for a dessert drink.
  9. Maybe where you are the "vast majority" of people are wearing masks, but that is certainly not the case where I am, and in several other areas of the state where I have friends. The three Cleveland Clinic hospitals in my area have their highest number of Covid patients since the pandemic started. Just because shopping and restaurants are open doesn't mean the state is "handling it well." I understand people being hesitant to want to travel to Florida for a cruise. We can, and should, be doing better.
  10. Thanks. There isn't any pricing information published at any of the facilities I've checked--they're all listed as free.
  11. I've not seen anything that indicates a price differential between lab PCR and antigen testing. Where have you come across that information?
  12. Well, I had it at my local Walgreens--the ones in your area should also offer it. You can also check CVS. I did have to wait to get an appointment, though. I've heard they schedule three days in advance, so I'd check online on Sunday and get yourself a Wednesday appointment. That's what we plan to do for our October cruise.
  13. I had a PCR test at Walgreens and received the results in 48 hours. I think that was because my test was at 4 PM on a Friday, though; normally I've heard they're faster. My neighbor also had a PCR test at a local urgent care.
  14. According to X's website, that $150 OBC is only for shore excursions.
  15. I’m not sure—when it first appeared I emailed our TA and told her we weren’t interested in that cruise, so I’m not sure if she had Azamara cancel it while we waited for approval on our L&S, or if Azamara removed it.
  16. Two days ago Azamara removed the Caribbean Sunsets cruise from our account. Then I received word from our TA that our Lift & Shift to the February 2023 Argentina-Brazil cruise was approved (yay!), so now we have that one listed.
  17. In my thread "Something Odd in my 'Upcoming Cruises' in my Azamara account," I mentioned our cancelled 1/23/22 Peru-Chile cruise was switched to a "Caribbean Sunsets" cruise.
  18. Seriously? This is where you choose to focus? If you read the comments on the original article I posted, you'd understand.
  19. No, you don't. LOL. Lots of people that look down their nose at cruising and make derogatory comments about it and people that cruise, although several cruisers responded to them.
  20. Well, when someone comments on an article that they've never been on a cruise or would never take one, I assume they're being honest about that.
  21. As soon as I saw the Caribbean Sunsets cruise, I checked for the cruise on Azamara's website, and it wasn't listed. So definitely things are a work in progress. You're correct, the cruise departs from Miami.
  22. I've found no matter what news entity publishes an article about cruising, loads of people jump in to comment they'd never go on a cruise. "Petri dish" is always the primary comment. It's funny that people that don't cruise apparently like to read articles about cruising.
  23. Like many on the board, we had an upcoming cruise cancelled, which was a replacement for an earlier cancelled cruise. Azamara hadn't offered a L&S option for this cruise in its list, but via our TA, we're attempting to move to the itinerary that we had orginally booked for November 2020 (Brazil-Argentina). Anyway, today I logged into my account, and noticed we still had a cruise listed. Because the last couple times I've logged in it's still listed the Peru-Chile cruise, I just assumed Azamara still hadn't updated the system. Then I noticed the upcoming cruise is ""Caribbean Sunsets" on Quest, departing 1/23/22 (the ship and departure date of our Peru-Chile cruise). I was pretty surprised to apparently be automatically lifted and shifted to a cruise that is in no way similar to the one that had been cancelled. I've been leaving my TA to deal with Azamara regarding our L&S, but I think I'll be making a phone call to Azamara on Monday, too.
  24. One of WaPo's travel writers was a passenger on Edge's first sailing and wrote about her experience: https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/travel/first-cruise-celebrity-edge-coronavirus-safety/2021/07/15/e5494e5e-de7b-11eb-ae31-6b7c5c34f0d6_story.html
  25. Our TA has gone back and forth with them, and was told on Friday they just need to get it rubber stamped from above. If her response is in the negative, then I’ll give Azamara a call. We told her to make sure to tell Azamara we’d be canceling if the L&S isn’t approved. We booked that itinerary since it was a PerryGolf cruise, and we want to use that nonrefundable deposit, too.
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