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  1. Host Joe

    Hello from Host Joe!

    Hello everyone, I am the new host for Oceania and just wanted to say hello! Happy cruising!
  2. Host Joe

    Hello from Host Joe

    Hello everyone, just saying hi as I am now the host of this section of message boards. Happy cruising!
  3. Host Joe

    Hello From Host Joe

    Haha you are all cracking me up ;-)
  4. Host Joe


    Hello everyone, I will be your new host for this section of the message boards and I wanted to say hi! Happy cruising!
  5. Host Joe

    From Host Joe

    Hello everyone! I will be co-hosting this section of the Cruise Critic message boards with Host Walt and wanted to say hello. Happy cruising!
  6. Host Joe

    Hello From Host Joe

    Hello everyone! I am Joe and am going to be co-hosting this section of the message boards on Cruise Critic along with Host Anne. Happy cruising!
  7. Host Joe

    Captain Bob vs Captain Alan

    There were four of us adults that went on Captain Bob's tour in March when we were in on Celebrity Reflection. We were the first Celebrity ship to return to St. Martin after the hurricane last fall and we were really happy with what Captain Bob did for us. The boat was not crowded at all and they provided a nice lunch with a cooler full of beverages to choose from. They had to improvise the tour a bit due to the damage from the hurricane but we still were able to visit Pinel island for a couple of hours which was really nice. I have not experienced Captain Alan's but I can confidently recommend Captain Bob!
  8. Fantastic news, thank you for sharing! :cool:
  9. My husband Chris and I will be onboard and are excited to enjoy a fantastic cruise!
  10. I am a Mac user and find that the easiest thing to do is to "export" to an excel file. Then it will come out in tact and be universal. Hope that helps.
  11. Host Joe

    Celebrity Silhouette Transatlantic, 10/31/2015

    We are onboard with all of you! I am sure we will meet up with everyone in the Martini Bar or Molecular prior to dinner. Joe and Kirk
  12. Host Joe

    Molecular Bar?

    We are going to be on Solstice in Alaska in September and will be looking forward to visiting the Molecular/World Class Bar (whatever it is at that time, LOL). I will report back after our cruise ;-).
  13. Host Joe

    Suspicious email from Celebrity for a survey

    I received it and took it as well. Short, no personal info. All about 123GO.
  14. Host Joe

    Celebrity Constellation 4/19/14 Who's going?

    Hey guys, I will be onboard too. I am taking my mom on this venture and she is very excited. My usual hang out is martini bar and will likely see you there!
  15. Host Joe

    Celebrity Eclipse 14-night Caribbean February 8, 2014

    We hated the Boatyard. Harbor Lights is the same beach, but about a mile away. The Boatyard is a party spot, and they charge a cover, etc. they have loud music and a party atmosphere. Harbor Lights is just a place to rent a chair and umbrella, a simple beach bar for food and drinks and nice swimming and sunning. So, depending on what you are looking for you might like it.