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  1. Same experience for me. I've had to log on three times today. Frustrating.
  2. Thanks so much for the help, Bob. I really appreciate it and just booked a hump balcony on Explorer's 2020 Transatlantic. Very excited!
  3. Thanks for the quick response. Does that include the spacious balconies as well?
  4. I'm hoping someone can tell me how to figure out which balcony and spacious balcony cabins on Voyager class--Explorer in particular--have beds by the balcony and which by the bathroom. I've tried to search and just can't find this. I would be grateful for some help. Thanks.
  5. Thank Biker19. I've tried that, and every image I've seen has the bed near the window. I'm hoping they alternate, as we prefer the bed near the bath.
  6. Hi all, One the Voyager class ships, are the beds in these cabins all near the window, or do they alternate with some being near the bathroom? If they alternate, how does one tell which cabins are which? I'm looking at an Explorer itinerary, and this might be a great value. I've searched a lot and can't seem to find solid information about this. Thanks for any help.
  7. Thanks for the replies. I think this is a perfect room and location for us. I'm glad it should be quiet (the possibility of loud neighbors notwithstanding).
  8. Hi all, I just booked this cabin. It's quite close to the stairs and I'm wondering: Will it be appreciably noisier than further from the stairs/elevators? Is the bed near the bath or the balcony? (I believe the bath, but would love confirmation). Thanks for any help. We're looking forward to our cruise in a few months!
  9. SHIP: Reflection CABIN #: 6254 DECK #: 6 CLASS: 2B AREA: Aft, starboard BED NEAR: Bath QUIET?: Yes. The pull-down extra bed had a slight squeak that we easily silenced BALCONY VIEW: Lifeboat below, no obstruction looking straight out BALCONY SIZE: Normal WIND A PROBLEM?: No SOOT A PROBLEM?: No PROBLEMS/COMMENTS: This is far enough from elevators not to have a lot of traffic but close enough to be a quick walk.
  10. We had a dining package on Allure last week and thought we might dine at 150 CP twice, but the menu is the same all week. We had a lovely dinner on night 2 of our cruise, but there wasn't enough on the menu that appealed to us to go a second time. We dined the last night at Giovanni's instead, and it was superb. I agree about the cucumber martini at 150CP. It's amazing!
  11. We had always wondered about cruising when we lived in Colorado, but, for us at the time, the cost was just too prohibitive with the travel. We love now being in driving distance of lots of cruises and it's fast becoming our go-to vacation.
  12. We are on the Allure next week with our 17 yo daughter, staying in deck 8. I look forward to following your cruise here and getting ramped up for next week!
  13. I got an email about the change from our travel agent yesterday and just got one from RCI about changing an excursion for Cozumel.
  14. So, my 8/21 cruise now shows only the new itinerary online, with my excursions moved to the correct date. I would prefer going in the other direction, but I don't have nearly the issues with the change that some of you do. I'm sorry this is really messing up important plans for some. :(
  15. I like both those moments, but my favorite is when the ship starts moving away from the dock, and I have a cold, bubbly beverage in my hand.
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