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  1. We recently cruised POA. For Kauai, we booked at Hokuala direct, which is the course you sail past on the way in. They provided a shuttle for $10 return. Play on first day there. There is a golf pro aboard and though not official NCL excursions, he organised my husband to play with another POA golfer in Maui at Wailea. Cory McKim. Email him at cory @ hawaiigolfcruises.com ( I have put spaces in). Wailea is very scenic. He has golf excursions at other ports also. Car hire or Uber may be cheaper but no guarantee you will be playing with someone else. Another time we hired a car and my husband played Kapalua Plantation on Maui. Do it on your first day in Maui so no rush getting back to ship as play can be slow. Expensive course but it is the PGA tournament of champions course, so special to play. Hawaii tee times has good descriptions and prices of courses. Sometimes the course will match their prices for direct bookings. Courses in Hawaii are great but expensive!
  2. Yes, Jefferson’s Bistro on Pride of America is the same as Le Bistro. Lovely food!
  3. Thanks all. That really rules it out for me also.
  4. Thanks! What a shame there isn't a door between main bedroom and lounge room.
  5. Reporting back that we were allowed to use my platinum vouchers for two of our four and the dining package for two (myself and spouse). One of our group had two platinum people. We checked and they advised only voucher one per stateroom, but they suggested doing the above, so all four in each stateroom were covered. The cover charge was up to $35. We ate at Le Bistro one night and some people ordered lamb which was $36 - they did not charge the difference. When we were paying for someone, we did have to check it was charged to the correct account. I pre-booked Teppanyaki and Moderno. We were not charged at time of booking - I think because there may be children in a booking so they do not know how much to charge. I was able to book more places than people in stateroom. We had a big group, but once on board, we combined our bookings.
  6. Has anyone travelled in the Golden Princess two bedroom suite? Do the bedrooms have doors for privacy? Is it suitable for two couples?
  7. oz61

    Car Rental Kahului Maui

    We booked through Hertz for Kahului. We waited for a shuttle but didn’t see one, we tried calling, but it was constantly engaged, so we walked. It was a good 15 minute walk. The Hertz people at the hotel were not very efficient and pick up took quite a while. Lots of computer tapping even though we prepaid. In complete contrast, we hired a car from Hertz, Kauai where the shuttles ran constantly to Lihue airport. When we arrived at the airport, the car was ready without a need to sign or do anything and we drove off straight away. Drop off was the same, somewhere there to meet us and no waiting for a shuttle.
  8. Thanks Keith for all your information. Very helpful. If we have 4 people in a stateroom with speciality dining packages for 2 people and one person is platinum, can we use the platinum voucher for 2 people and the dining package for the other two? The platinum person is Person 1 on the booking. I know the vouchers are not transferable, but if we are altogether in a group (our group has 3 staterooms), will they allow this?
  9. oz61

    Car Rental Kahului Maui

    We are on the Pride of America docking at Kahului and wanting to book a car for one day.
  10. Hi I was considering booking a Hertz car at Kahului airport for the Sunday. I have read all the recent posts on car rental and I am still unsure if a Hertz shuttle runs from the pier to airport. Hertz suggested hiring from Hertz, Maui Beach hotel, but it closes at 2 pm on a Sunday and the charge for one day rental is $20 USD more - would an uber or taxi to the airport depot, be a better option? Can anyone with recent experience advise if Hertz has a shuttle or not and is it to the airport or the hotel? Can anyone confirm which companies definitely have a free shuttle from a recent experience? Thanks
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