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  1. I'm voting no, but not because I wouldn't wear one. I would, but only if it made sense. In the theater would make sense. Outdoors on the lido deck would not make sense. However, who can predict what the policy would be? How many "Karens" would be on the ship giving dirty looks if you left your mask off for too long in the dining room because you lost track of time in between bites. Forget it. If you're too old and/or unhealthy, don't get on a cruise ship. This disease isn't as deadly as we thought to people who are young and healthy.
  2. They come to your table at Johnny Rockets? That's cool. On the Anthem, you had to order at the counter like a regular fast food restaurant.
  3. My July 4th cruise has dropped considerably in the last 2 weeks.
  4. Did you pay with a credit card? It's a longshot since so many credit cards are scaling back their benefits these days, but check if your credit card has any built-in trip insurance. I use Chase Sapphire specifically for travel because it includes Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption Insurance.
  5. I have a credit card (Chase Sapphire) that includes trip insurance for things like cancellation and lost luggage, but does NOT include heath insurance coverage. I buy that separately and I pay the couple of bucks extra for a zero deductible. I had acid reflux on my last cruise and forgot to bring antacids. The ship doctors gave me Prevacid and Mylanta. It cost around $35 and I was able to get paid back from the insurance I purchased.
  6. I haven't had an air mattress in years, but don't they make some kind of an adapter that hooks to a vacuum cleaner? The rooms contain a blow dryer, which would be slow, but doable.
  7. Each cruise line has pluses and minuses. There's no one best cruise line. It depends on what's important to you. This may seem minor to most people, but the fact that NCL and now Carnival only offer Pepsi products is a big negative for me. It may not matter to you. NCL "nickel and dimes" more than other cruise lines. They charge for a lot of their ship activities. If you just view the ship as a floating hotel to get you to your ports of call, you wouldn't care. In fact, you might like that since your cruise fare isn't contributing to something that you have no intention of doing. Also, your experience will vary greatly depending on the ship you're on. A NCL cruise on a Breakaway class or higher is significantly different than a Gem class ship. I sail out of NY/NJ, so I avoid Carnival because of the ships that sail out of NY. If Carnival would send a Vista class ship up here and I could snag a Havana Cabana, I'd do so.
  8. You are going on an Oasis class ship, so there are lots of Specialty Dining options. I bought the Ultimate Dining package for my cruise on the Oasis, but the MDR and free food will be great. For contrast, I sailed on the Carnival Horizon and made two impromptu visits to specialty dining during that cruise because I didn't care for the MDR menu that night. Pluses and minuses. Both cruise lines had free pizza but it was easier to get on RCL. RCL charges for popcorn, but has better soft drinks. (Carnival switched to Pepsi products, RCL has Coke Freestyle machines.) There are more free activities and areas on RCL.
  9. Let's assume a person has a mobility issue. Getting from the ship to the tram is a significant distance. I personally wouldn't suggest taking a scooter along if they're going to the beach. However, a person who has trouble walking is going to find the distance of the pier daunting.
  10. The filters in Photoshop aren't going be any better. Try these: http://waifu2x.udp.jp/ https://bigjpg.com/ http://a-sharper-scaling.com/ https://imageupscaler.com/
  11. Thank you for this. I suspect places like "Playmakers" and "Johnny Rockets" will not be an issue, but the sit-down locations might require a little planning.
  12. I remember on my last cruise that I had to pick one or the other, but both options required a time. The difference was one was an assigned table and the other was not.
  13. I'm looking for basic steps / advice for the Unlimited Dining Package. For example, should I be making MDR reservations as a backup even if I don't intend on ever going to the MDR for dinner? Should I (can I?) get dining reservations for the entire cruise as soon as I board? Do I have to plan lunch, too?
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