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  1. I have the opposite problem! I booked YC on Seaview sailing June 1st, and I just got an updated e-ticket "due to a change in on board experience" which turns out to be "complimentary bottled mineral water, American coffee and/or tea during lunch and dinner in the main dining room." So I guess I was "down-graded" lol. 🤨
  2. Sorry if this is a stupid question but if there is a US style outlet, (negating the need for an adapter) can I assume it provides 110V, (thus also negating the need for a converter?) My hairdryer is not dual voltage and apparently using a converter will break it, according to the manufacturer.
  3. Had wanted to do the underground tour in the Colosseum only to find out it is a free day, thus no tours/long lines. I was thinking maybe a catacomb tour would be a good substitute. If anyone has been, did you enjoy them? are they close to all the other main attractions? Thanks in advance Kim
  4. We booked a shore excursion through MSC for our upcoming Western Med cruise. I happened to notice that this particular excursion is no longer listed as an available tour on the port page. Does this disappearance mean the tour is no longer going to be offered, or is it full? I am wondering if I should be looking into a "Plan B." Thanks in advance Kim
  5. Hi Haven't been yet but my ticket says "power walking track." can't seem to find it on the deck plans but vaguely recall hearing it was around the spa area.
  6. I have only spoken with them twice over the phone. Once they answered right away. The second time took 20 minutes. However, both times they were really nice and very helpful.
  7. We are in Rome on a free day. If we get our free ticket at the Palantine entrance, what is the name of the line we use to get into the Colosseum- I have heard it called the group tour line and the reservation line.
  8. I am also waiting to get tickets for June 1st. I read on another forum that they sell two months out.
  9. Thank you Len and Senorbanda for the feedback. I think we may just be viewing from the outside this time. Had hoped to get in since its our first time, oh well. Weirdly, I was able to get skip the line tickets from a vendor on a reputable site but I think it was a mistake after all I have been reading about free days and as you said Senorbanda most tours have left that date out of their offerings.
  10. I tried to buy skip the line tickets today only to discover June 5th 2019 is a free day with no pre-sale availability. Does anyone have experience visiting the Colosseum on a free day? We will likely arrive before 9:00 am. Is it slower early in the morning? What are the typical wait times? Do you have to wait in two lines ie, one to get the tickets and then one for security and entrance? If so, is it faster to get tickets through the Forum entrance? Are cruise excursions allowed to skip the line? Finally, can you still book a tour from a third party tour operator? (I have heard no on another forum). Any help appreciated
  11. I was finally able to get into the website after numerous fails (new password, clearing cache/cookies, different browsers etc) by creating a new account with a new email using a family members name. I am now able to add excursions, pay balance etc. wthout issue.
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