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  1. Hi CruisingFox27 Did you manage to get a taxi at the port to do an island tour / beach. Do you have any information regarding price and are there many available when you get off the ship. Any replies greatly needed!
  2. These taxi prices are for one way - is it easy to get a taxi back - or do they wait for you ?? Anyone with recent experience ? We were going to book the Cruise tour to take us there but it is $49 each to drop off at the beach and return ..Tour time 3.5hr
  3. Is this on all Princess ships now - we are on the Caribbean Princess shortly and was going to purchase the coffee card - did'nt realise it is now put onto your cruise card. We normally have a few cups left and use them on a following cruise !
  4. Thanks for the information.... our ship runs an excursion taking you to Maracas Beach with a brief 10min stop at Maracas lookout for $49.95 per person - a 4 hr trip. If the taxi is around $50 we may as well take the Ship tour.:)
  5. Has anyone been to Maracas Beach recently from Port of Spain by taxi -- can you give me an idea of cost ? Our ship, Caribbean Princess, runs a trip @ $49.95 each for a 4 hour trip. There are 4 of us so would it be cheaper by taxi and do they wait for you whilst at the beach - or come back and pick you up ? Thanks for any info
  6. Any idea of taxi prices to Maracus beach and would they wait for you for a few hours then take you back to ship? arriving on Caribbean Princess in November. Or does anyone have the name of reputable tour guides used for a tour of the island ?
  7. Can you send the link for Javin James - having difficulty in locating him on google. Many thanks
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