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  1. OP, thanks for the heads up! I sure hope this works if buying a gift card. Right now you can get a $50 bonus card if you buy $1,000 in gift cards. I'm currently cruising, so I'll have to wait a few days to explore this offer.
  2. 12 hours until we drive to the port, then North to Alaska!
  3. 2 until the next one, 208 until the one after that, and 584 until the last one I have booked. I think that big gap needs to be filled!
  4. Wonderful advice! I bring sandals with adjustable straps, and *always* have to let them out!
  5. Except the plates for the salad.......
  6. Nope! Heck, I'm anxious for my furthest out cruise, only 596 days! I haven't started planning yet, though. 😊
  7. 14 days. Exactly 2 weeks. It can't come soon enough!
  8. You're wonderful...thank you so much!
  9. I bet you always get the prize for the oldest person on board! (Sorry, couldn't resist. ☺)
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