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  1. If you're thinking of splurging on a flightseeing trip in Ketchikan, have a Plan B! Our trip last year (early May) was cancelled due to fog.
  2. After our last cruise I got one before we got off the ship, but DH never got his. And mine expired before I was able to take it.
  3. FWIW, I actually booked with Juneau Car Rental first, for a midsize car, total cost $94.30. Then I checked the price with Avis, and for a full size it was $120.47. For about $26 more, I'm thinking we might go with Avis, as the car will be much newer, and with much lower mileage. I've read several reviews of JCR, and a fair amount of them have commented on the overall poor condition of the cars, which makes me a little nervous.
  4. Thanks for those additional destinations. I haven't checked out the closing times yet of the museums, or sunset, so I have some homework to still do with my itinerary. I'm glad it's a long port day!
  5. We don't go to Juneau until later this season, but I've mapped out a route that includes some nice things, both on and off the beaten path. We'll start out by driving all the way out (north) to Point Bridget State Park, which is our furthest destination. On the way back we'll stop at Eagle Beach, then the Jensen-Olson Arboretum. Then on to the National Shrine of St. Therese, followed by Mendenhall Glacier. Then depending on the time and our energy levels, we'll stop at the Macaulay Salmon Hatchery. In town we might stop at the Wickersham State Historic Site, St. Nicholas Orthodox Church, Juneau-Douglas City Museum, and/or Alaska State Museum. We don't figure we'll spend too much time at any of the stops, since some of us have mobility issues, so we'll just be enjoying the scenery at some of these stops. Google maps shows the round trip from the cruise dock is about 80 miles, and 2 hours of actual driving. So we'll be able to take our time and enjoy ourselves. We have a 10 pm departure, so we won't be worried about getting back to the ship on time.
  6. Not my *next* cruise, but the one I booked today is only 648 days away. Luckily I have 2 booked before then! The next one is a more manageable 65 days away.
  7. I was actually wondering if that scenario would work or not. It really doesn't seem like NCL should really care *who* eats *where*. They offer up XX number of specialty meals, and must figure you'll eat your other meals in another of their restaurants, complimentary or otherwise. As long as you don't cheat them out of any specialty meals, it really shouldn't matter, right? Thanks for the info, Keith.
  8. Thanks. Pretty much what I expected to hear. 🙂
  9. I have a similar question. Three of us are sailing together, in two cabins. My BFF has no status, and I'm not sure what booking perk she'll pick, but I'm guessing the drink package. That will partly depend on the answer to my question. DH and I are in one cabin with platinum perks, and we're considering choosing the dining package as one of our booking perks. Can we use our platinum dining certificate for the two of us to dine, and use one of our dining package perks for the 3rd person to join us? Or is the dining perk limited to the person receiving it as their perk? Thanks!
  10. Thank you for providing a better link. I completed the short 6 question survey. I'm intrigued...is this something that we might hear about in the foreseeable future?
  11. I might have, but I don't care to have to create an account in order to take a survey. Sorry.
  12. If you HAD to bring it, cruise ships wouldn't allow you to board with just a drivers license and birth certificate. It could be argued having a passport is better, but it's not required.
  13. Deb, there will be legitimate arguments for either. Cruising to Canada is a little different than cruising in Europe. If you fail to reboard the ship in Canada and they leave without you, they will very likely get into your safe to look for your passport to leave with the port agent. So you'll be able to get it if you need to fly home. Only you will know if there are legitimate fears that you won't return to the ship. Sorry there won't be a firm yes or no answer.
  14. That's actually not a bad idea if you want/need to use the elevator right after the drill.
  15. You need a reminder to drink? I drink to forget! 🤣😁😂
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