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  1. Thanks for your answer. This is what I was wanting to know. Comparing using money exchange v's no fee card. Using the ATM onboard would be a cheaper option for me saving over AUD$10 per USD$1000.
  2. From the Port of Brisbane web site :Media Release “Queenslanders are eagerly awaiting the opening of the terminal next year, which will be ready for the 2020 cruising season.” I will go with this information. Time will tell. I also noted this: "There are currently no local or state government plans to link the BICT to public transport options."
  3. Thanks Chez. Good to know next time. I'm happy with the location on Baja.
  4. You are right Chez. Plenty of cabins and on Caribe if doing Syd-Syd. Discrimination?
  5. I wanted a cabin on Carbie. None available. I got one on Baja.
  6. I booked a cabin this morning through a online agent. I didn't get my requested cabin. I then checked Princess online and there are only a few cabins available. Do Princess throttle the release of cabins to Elites? And the trickle release some more tomorrow?
  7. Thanks for the link Expat Cruise. US$2.345 million in 2018 from park visits is a lot of $$$ to forgo. "Viktor planned late last year to raise the park’s entrance fee to at least US$500". Not this little cruiser.
  8. Just read an article that Komodo Island will be closed for a year from January 2020. Lizards being poached is given as the reason. We are booked on the Pacific Explorer from Singapore and the cruise is scheduled to visit Komodo Island on the 3rd of March 2020. See: Komodo to Close P&O still has it listed as a Port of Call.
  9. One thing to consider if cruising to New Caledonia/Vanuatu in December is that it is during our cyclone (hurricane) season. Tasmania will be in the middle of our warm summer and is not affected by cyclones. You can take your chances as weather is unpredictable.
  10. April 10th at 0900 Australian Eastern Standard Time for Elite members. 24 hours later for non Elite members. They will be visible on the Princess site on the 11th, AEST.
  11. No mention of the Sun Princess in the article. I am hoping like you that Sapphire replaces her if the Sun is sold.
  12. I personally would not attempt to fly out on the morning of disembarkation. Firstly, there is no guarantee that the ship will arrive on time. Secondly, you are on holiday, relax. No need to worry if you will make your flight. Stay a night before flying out the next say.
  13. Just to get back on topic after being hijacked by the shower issue, I notice that Golden Princess is to receive Medallionnet by December 2020. Why would Princess outlay money upgrading Golden, just before handing it over to P&O? Would make more sense to transfer Golden to replace Sun or Sea. Give P&O the Sun or Sea.
  14. The photo with the listing doesn't look like Sun Princess.
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