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  1. Please post your ideas about COVID-19 on an appropriate forum, just not this cruise forum. Thanks
  2. Also on ABC. "Police have launched a criminal investigation into the Ruby Princess cruise ship and whether its operator downplayed potential coronavirus cases before thousands of passengers disembarked in Sydney last month." "There seems to be absolute discrepancies between the information provided by Carnival and what I would see as the benchmark for the laws that the Federal Government and the State Government put in place in terms of protecting Australians from cruise ships when coronavirus had started," Commissioner Fuller said. "The only way I can get to the bottom of whether our national biosecurity laws and our state laws were broken is through a criminal investigation." The Commissioner said on the day before passengers disembarked, a worker on the cruise made a 17-minute triple-0 call about two passengers who required medical assistance. He said an ambulance supervisor was concerned about potential infection of passengers on the cruise and escalated the call to NSW Police marine area command. Commissioner Fuller said police were told by operation managers from Carnival that COVID-19 was not an issue on the ship. "From that perspective, there are many unanswered questions," he said. Carnival Australia, the Commissioner said, sent a letter to police indicating it would cooperate with the investigation and hand over any information required. That includes emails, text messages, radio transmissions and medical correspondence between the doctor and ship's captain.
  3. Google "save online video to computer". There are plenty of programmes available to choose from.
  4. 1. Australia/NZ/South Pacific - 10/2021 2. Asia out of Singapore - 9/2021 3. Japan - 7/2021 - Olympics 4. China - 5/2021 5. Alaska - 5/2022 6. Caribbean - 2/2022 7. Mediterranean - 4/2022 8. Baltic - 5/2022
  5. I have done this cruise from Sydney with Princess and it was a great cruise to interesting ports.
  6. I am inclined to add another 6 months to your prediction. Next obstacle to overcome will be to get people interested in cruise again. I received an email today offering P&O Australia cruises starting in October 2020. A little optimistic IMHO. Papua New Guinea Departing Brisbane Saturday 17th October 2020 10 Nights Pacific Dawn Up To $300 Onboard Credit* Twin From $1,099 pp Quad From $849 pp
  7. Can we get back to the OP's original post, Predict when cruising will start. This thread has drifted into the unknown.
  8. Bit harsh given that the Pacific Explorer is based in Australia and registered in London.
  9. I am more inclined to believe the experts at the W.H.O. "You can catch COVID-19, no matter how sunny or hot the weather is. Countries with hot weather have reported cases of COVID-19."
  10. I received a email today from a online TA advising that will be closing. This could be the start of others being forced to close as cruising is in unknown waters (pun intended).
  11. I wish I had your confidence in receiving the $$$$'s. I'm waiting for my $30K. 🤑 What are my chances?
  12. I just cut and pasted from the WHO website. That is what was on their website, not me.
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