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  1. Interesting question. I would assume they were technically prisoners of the Realm while on the transport ships and then free men and women when they landed. I don't think being a prisoner made then legal property of the Realm, which is the definition of a slave. I don't know the history of Australia well enough to know if they were still considered prisoners for a time while building the colonies. I'll have to cruise with some Aussies to find that out.
  2. Off to the colonies for you for that one! Signed, Judges Larry, Curly and Moe
  3. Clo, The information you cited was foreign born people as of the early 2000's census dates. So it would not cover 18th or 19th or most of 20th century immigration. Offspring of earlier immigrants, who were born in those countries, would , of course, be counted as native born. My ancestor came to Canada from Ireland in the mid 1800's. He would have been counted as an immigrant back then but his offspring, who were all born in Canada, would be native born. As for ethnic population statistics for people from Africa, about 3% of Canadians identify themselves as Black. Some of those would be decedents of former slaves if they immigrated (escaped or bought their freedom) from the U.S. or Caribbean countries that had slavery. Others who came to Canada directly, from Africa or other places were, or course, not slaves. But all, when they got to Canada, were free men/women because slavery did not exist in Canada. (Other forms of quasi-slavery existed, but that's for another forum entirely)
  4. We were at an AI in Cuba a few years ago and it turned out the beach was half nude and half clothed. The split was at the only beach bar. The nearest other bar was a long trek back to the hotel so everyone at the beach used the one beach bar. It was great that the nudists were comfortable in the suit the big guy tailored for them, but there were many times when I wished I hadn't had my cataract surgery done before we went. 🤢 But on the bright side there were a few ladies in their 40's and 50's who had fabulous ...err, birthday suits. 😎 Most of the nude sunbathers were European or from Quebec. I have to admit I went to the beach bar a lot more than normal that vacation especially when those ladies decided they were thirsty.
  5. No worries. BTW, Thank you and your DH both for your service to our country. Taxpayers and our government do not do enough for you, your families, and the service men and women in the Canadian Forces.
  6. The Avatar sure looks like Joey Smallwood to me. Which PEI Premier are you referring to? I guess you missed the joke in my post that was used to make a point. I also have relatives who serve and served in the Canadian Navy. I borrowed the joke from them. No need to ask for Pardon.😉
  7. You're welcome. BTW, the slight rocking of the cruise ship at night really helps with the wedding night........ .... err...... err........ sleep. That's it! The wedding night sleep!!! 😉
  8. You have quoted the rules for joining the U.S. Navy. Being from Newfoundland, I think the poster was referring to the Canadian Navy. Heck you don't need a ship that floats in the Canadian Navy. Criticize the poster all you want, he deserves every bit of it, but please be accurate with your posts - it's already been lacking too much around here today, wouldn't you say?
  9. Hey, cruising has a better safety record compared to a lot of things like... Bungee jumping... Scaling Mount Everest... Wrestling with a bear... Being an ice hockey goalie... without the face mask... Marriage... Oops, forget I said the last one.😬 Relax, tie the knot, take the cruise, and tell your family to sod off.
  10. OK, it's bragging then. Sugar Daddy's tend to do that. 😁
  11. Last cruise I brought boxer type swim trunks. I now wish I brought Speedos. 😁 Check out the "Do you like international mix..." thread in Ask a Cruise Question area.
  12. Can't tell if you are being self denigrating or just bragging!😀
  13. Joey, go back and read the series of posts between me and the OP (post #29 and on). I was making a point about his/her support of posting pictures of folks sleeping in a public place. The pictures have since been removed but you'll get the gist of it (including the sarcasm) if you read the series.
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