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  1. SNJCruisers, where did you make the purchase...online, via customer service on phone, on the ship?
  2. When you board, just go to guest services and ask for dup room keys. I’ve done it all 3 of my Carnival cruises for the exact reason you are mentioning w/o any prob. Once done, each member of the family (4 of us) had two cards one for each of the 2 rooms. However, only one was a sail and sign card w charging priveledges.
  3. There is another motivation for reduced deposit you may not be realizing. I recently booked a cruise that I’m not 100% sure we’ll take but wanted to grab the Havana room we wanted for fear it will not be available in the near future. With the reduced deposit, I minimize the amount I might tie up as a credit for a future cruise in the event we don’t take the cruise at all.
  4. There is no downside to using a TA - only upside It is sort of like not using a realtor when buying a house
  5. Why do you not want to do the Sound of Music tour? Does it not get good reviews? I’ll be in Salzburg for a few days before I hop on Emerald river cruise in Nuremberg and was considering doing the Sound of Music tour. Should I consider something else?
  6. Just bought for $45 for Dec 16 Oasis cruise Also got refreshment package for $18
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