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  1. Lisbon - Genoa was canceled today. The new restart date for Seaside is now April 17th, 2021.
  2. With Cagliari on 29th as replacement port for Palermo. 😉
  3. My compensation as a UK booker is not a $ 15 OBC per person, but an upgrade from BW (balcony / obstructed view) to BE (balcony) on the 4night-cruise 12/09 - 12/13 from Ft. Lauderdale to Grand Turk. 🙂
  4. Yes, the Balkon Bella for three is now $4,767 incl. taxes instead of about $1600...., good for all who booked immediately after my post 😉
  5. No, it is currently still bookable! 😉 Edit: OK, not at MSC USA, but in all European markets.
  6. All Divina departures from November 21 to March 2022 are already published in the european market: 11/14 - 11/21 7 nights from/to Port Canaveral 11/14 - 12/02 18 nights Repo Port Canaveral - Miami (B2B) 11/21 - 12/02 11 nights Repo Port Canaveral - Miami 12/02 - 12/05 3 nights from/to Miami 12/05 - 12/16 11 nights from/to Miami 12/16 - 12/19 3 nights from/to Miami 12/19 - 12/26 7 nights from/to Miami 12/26 - 01/06 11 nights from Miami 01/06 - 01/09 3 nights from Miami 01/09 - 01/19 10 nights from Miami etc.
  7. Does anyone here know where the exact tender location on Bimini Island is? In November 2021 MSC will offer cruises with stop on Bimini Island for the first time 🙂 The same location that Silversea Cruises in the southeast of North Bimini island (in Alice Town) uses?
  8. Is such a thread allowed here? Otherwise just delete it! MSC has today launched the 7-night cruise 12/19/21 - 12/26/21 on MSC Divina for only 209€ p.p. plus 110€ tax (minus 5% club discount), bookable via MSC Spain. In US-Dollar it is about $380 p.p. including taxes. https://www.msccruceros.es/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/CabinSelectionView?catalogId=10001&langId=-5&storeId=715827885&krypto=nkAKlDokXKq1YI54M4nxSXUeWAELFWQQHQA%2F7%2BV2vIEWCaOIXgUa7EEJGZdr%2Bw0bKpQ9Io3imhgKbIMGiFlUoXvzqygZmc4tWh4ZmxC2RIm7hCwC5WOMhRW7h3bM9Lc815uVOAsXgH9LMHXv05HHRFaQaZl3ZP5RM1LaZuU
  9. Following the cancellations of the Divina from/to Miami in November 2021 - March 2022 (see here), all MSC Meraviglia-Sailings 11/21/21 - 02/27/21 from/to Miami are now also removed from the booking systems. Anyone here affected?
  10. All departures from Miami are no longer bookable, the official announcement will follow shortly.
  11. Celebration has a different cabin layout and slightly different stateroom numbering than the Mardi Gras. In the aft on deck 9-14 (?) on Celebration also has 2-3 more cabins on each deck than on the Mardi Gras.
  12. It's crazy that again - only 72 hours after the opening of this cruise - almost all suites on the transatlantic cruise are full ... Some will certainly be on sale after the option period has expired. Nevertheless, the pricing was probably a bit too cheap again ... Incidentally, I am also booked on the transatlantic inaugural cruise! 😄
  13. Next round of cancellations...MSC has taken all cruises on Grandiosa with embarkation in Genova out of sale throughout November & December. Edit: The Grandiosa can currently be booked from Civitavecchia. Perhaps only Genova will be canceled as the embarkation port? The reason is probably due to increasing Covid19 cases across Europe, new travel restrictions and declining bookings from switzerland (Liguria is for Switzerland a "risk area") and the rest (schengen countries). Source: bookingsystem
  14. I just got this email from MSC UK: "Dear Guest, Firstly we hope you and your family are well, and despite the challenging circumstances of this year, you are safe and healthy. We are writing to you with regards to your cruise onboard MSC Magnifica. Following a difficult year, we’re sure you are very much looking forward to your cruise holiday next year on board the MSC Magnifica as it returns to the UK for a second full season sailing from Southampton. We are incredibly excited and look forward to sharing all that the ship has to offer w
  15. Plus about 1000 passengers board the ship in Civitavecchia and approximately 500 passengers each in Naples & Palermo.
  16. Yes I can confirm that. I booked a YIN on Seaside Marseille-Genova-Marseille (2 nights) 3 days ago and also received only 50 € OBC. In this case, booking the significantly cheaper outside cabin would have been the "better deal" for me...
  17. I think that the 4-night departures from Galveston, TX will be taken out of the sale even later (maybe today? tomorrow?). The 7-night cruises over christmas 2021 and new year's eve are then also affected. My booking on 02/19/2022 with 5n out of Galvestion is no longer available in my Carnical-account.
  18. Yes, Carnival Breeze is no longer bookable on 5-night-cruises Jan-Mar 2022 with Cozumel & Progreso ...
  19. MSC will shortly publish new trips until the end of October for MSC Magnifica in Greece and MSC Grandiosa with a new route from Genova (for Grandiosa with ports in Italy plus Marseille). That is the reason why MSC Magnifica & Grandiosa can no longer be booked until the end of October.
  20. No, try to select a specific cabin. "Sold Out" on all cruises in October.
  21. Next round of cancellations...NCL has taken all cruises out of sale throughout October. Source: bookingsystem
  22. Yes, correct. Between Kiel Grenzstraße (about 10-12min from cruise terminal, easy walkable) and Kiel Central Station you can use the Bus (Line 11, every 15min). Tickets are available on the bus (€ 2.80 one-way, only cash!)
  23. 2000 € was my estimate for the surcharge on the longer cruise ... I paid now 677€ (for the cancelled 4n-Cruise MSC Divina 19.-23Dec / Inside Fantastica for 3 Pax) plus the surcharge in the amount of 488€ for the longer 7c-cruise on MSC Grandiosa 20.-27Dec in Balcony Fantastica, in total 1.165€ incl. 200€ OBC. So much cheaper than I originally thought. In case the trip takes place on December 20th 😉
  24. My surcharge from 4n-Divina 19.-23Dec (booked in I2/Inside Fantastica, 3 Pax) to 7n-Grandiosa (with complimentary upgrade to B2/Balcony Fantastica): 488€ or 162,66€ per person - 200€ OBC included 🙂 I think this is a fair deal for a christmas cruise...
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