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  1. I know this is an older thread but it's very helpful. We were wondering if all of the tours in the various cities are walking tours or bus tours? My mom will be almost 83 next summer when we're interested in doing this and I'm not sure if either of us could do long walking tours each day. It looks like a great way to see more of Europe! Thanks so much!
  2. We love the Maasdam and other ships of that era, but would love to have a shower instead of the tub. My mom is 82 and those are so hard for her to get in and out of each day.
  3. I used the Costco tours for the first time last summer in Alaska and really enjoyed them. Loved the small sizes!
  4. Yes, it does... used it last December!
  5. Thank you, that's exactly what I was looking for!!
  6. Has anyone ever done one of the land tours in Europe before going on a Baltic cruise? We're looking at one that goes from Budapest to Vienna to Berlin, etc. and wondered how they work. Take a bus between cities. Any info you can give me would be wonderful!
  7. That sounds good... we're in C218 and C222 which are right next to each other so hopefully no firewall! 🙂
  8. Hi, We're going on the Grand Princess in December and have two balcony cabins booked. Is it possible to open the door out on the balcony between the cabins so we can have access to both rooms? Thanks!
  9. We used the HOHO bus in Vancouver last month (July 2019) and enjoyed it. We were just there visiting as a port stop on the Maasdam and my only comment was that it was pretty crowded as lots of fellow cruise passengers evidently wanted to use it too. My suggestion would be to try and get on it at a different stop than Canada Place.
  10. I loved the Fisherman's Tour... you get to see a lot of wildlife, although I suppose that can vary from trip to trip. But you'll for sure see lots of eagles and crabs and that had an octopus they caught. It was fun for me and my mom. I agree that just staying in town and walking around is a great option. There is Creek Street, of course, but there is also a cool museum fairly near the docks too. I think it's a National Park museum and I remember seeing an interesting film about the area when we were there as well as some cool exhibits.
  11. Those towns are just more authentically 'Alaska' than Juneau and Ketchikan where a couple of ships can more than double the size of the town for the day. Those towns can remind you of a Caribbean island with the Diamond stores, etc. Sitka is a very walkable town and there are a couple of good museums and a raptor center that you can walk or take a shuttle to. There is a bear rescue place there too, but I haven't been to it yet. Homer has two main areas - the Spit and the main town area. It is surrounded by beautiful mountains and the bay on a sunny day is gorgeous. There are lots of activities there, but we've done it several times now and mostly just walk around the spit area. Kodiak has a very cool museum and a Russian church that is interesting. There is also a cool fort from WWII that you can go to and see the museum in a bunker. Honestly, we've done 7 day and 14 day cruises many times and we're going on a 21 day one this summer and it's mostly for the beauty of the area. That trumps all the towns you'll see. They all have pluses and some drawbacks, but it's the beauty that keeps us coming back.
  12. I enjoy Hubbard glacier the most of all the 'glacier day' places you can go to. My favorite ports are the less crowded ones of Sitka, Kodiak, and Homer which you can usually only go to on a longer cruise. But worth it.
  13. I second the HOHO bus idea. If you can dock at the new (newish??) pier near old Montreal there is a stop pretty close to that. Of course, we wandered around that area for awhile looking for it, but it was really close. Lots to see and discover in that old Montreal area... beautiful old buildings and churches, etc.
  14. Thanks for the video! It's making me excited for our upcoming cruise on the Maasdam in June. 🙂
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