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  1. As far as cruiselines go, I would cruise Azamara over HAL, smaller ships, better service, more inclusions for the price, etc. Of course prices can vary dramatically depending on itinerary. Both normally have great itineraries, and this is the case here.






    Personally , I prefer the HAL itinerary as it has Australia,  NZ and numerous Island countries but internationals would most likely want a more comprehensive Australian and NZ cruise so Azamara is better for international.

  2. 1 hour ago, Sparky74 said:

    Some people just like to have everything prepaid and not have a bill at the end of the cruise. 
    Some people use prepaid OBC as a way of saving for their holidays. I guess you can’t be tempted to spend your holiday savings on something else if you’ve used it to buy OBC. 

    There may be many reasons to buy OBC but I think the main one is to prevent bill shock.

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