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  1. I think Jacqui listed our RCI transAtlantic last December as a courtesy to a fellow HAL fankid. I booked onboard for a 14-day B2B in January 2021: the Saints and the ABCs. Real good deal, but what I didn't take into consideration was how much air (for five people) to SJU was going to set us back. We can forfeit the deposit -- I know what was I thinking booking so far out with a NRD??? -- and still come out almost $2000 ahead. Despite also having two Princess bookings on the calendar, and just getting off the Zuiderdam, I was missing having a Holland America booked. So I got searching and found that the Nieuw Statendam has an even better itinerary (a B2B also sold as one cruise) at about the same time! It's 21 days altogether! Booked it today! It happens to fall just right to call it a celebration of our 30th wedding anniversary on NYE and a slightly early 60th birthday present for my brother. N Statendam - 6-Jan-21 - 21-day Southern Caribbean Wayfarer/Seafarer crystalspin - with dr'spin & my mom, plus DBro & SIL in connecting cabin
  2. HAL Koningsdam Jan 2-12 2020 r/t FLL https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/find-a-cruise/C0S10A/K010.html HTH
  3. Amount for same person AS A THIRD PERSON IN THE ROOM for Princess Platinum is $99 (note, for less medical coverage). Amount pp for first and second persons in a room same cruise is $313 (as these people are younger, pretty sure GeoBlue will do better).
  4. GeoBlue is an arm of BlueCross/BlueShield, so it's got some reputation behind it. We also started an annual policy last December which we'll be renewing as long as we travel, I hope forever.
  5. We were on the Zuiderdam on King's Day and I don't think I saw more than a couple people other than ourselves wearing orange. Like the number that would randomly be wearing any color on any day. Considering we travel carry-on only I will not be bringing specialty garments that won't be worn any other time.
  6. Just a warning -- Satellite service including internet is going to be VERY VERY BAD the farther you get from the equator. Try to have a backup for your work if they do not hear from you. Public wifi (at a pub) in Ushuaia was so bad we couldn't even use it.
  7. Thanks, you and @Lido deck main-- I stand corrected. I have certainly drunk my share of Lido coffee as too lazy to run around to the Exploration Cafe. Got spoiled on Zuiderdam with the SBP and many sea days -- the EC is now part of the Crows Nest and we would move there after a late breakfast, have one or two lattes, and segue into boat drinks without moving (except to better seats)! That's fun to think of serving your own cruise ship coffee at home. Helps with the home-sick-for-HAL!
  8. They can't do that in the UK, different rules. OP: sounds like the trip of a lifetime BUT, I would suggest you comb the other brands before you put your 300 Sterling down. I put a non-refundable deposit on a 2-cabin, 5-person, back-to-back (10xUS$100) because I was wrongly convinced it was the only route that went to all three of the Dutch Antilles (the ABC islands). Of course it was not AND it was R/T from a very expensive port for us to fly into. So I will save $3600 by forfeiting the $1000 and a lesson well earned! Holland America has some very interesting Northern Atlantic itineraries...
  9. We have done totems in Ketchikan x3, train in Skagway x2, and whales in Juneau x2. The only reason all are not x3 is that last cruise did not go to Skagway and first cruise we did whales in Seward not Juneau. If you can afford to do small plane trip in Ketchikan, go for it, but the totems, particularly Totem Bight where you walk in OLD FOREST, are not to be looked down on.
  10. Lucky, apparently. I'm going to be one unhappy girl if 12-bottle Gold is not offered on our 28-day Pacific. And that's taking 12 bottles on at home port!
  11. 80-year-old woman, 2-wk cruise, ~$200 from GeoBlue. JFYI
  12. If you book with a refundable deposit AND there is still at least one unbooked cabin in the same category, if the price drops BEFORE FINAL PAYMENT, you can re-fare and claim the savings. That is if you book direct with HAL or a PCC. If you book through a travel agent, they may impose a fee for changes.
  13. I believe as per Crew News recent photos, that only the Signature (alcoholic) Beverage Package is less purchased pre-sailing.
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