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  1. I'm 99% sure he gets the Quench package, because the fine print if you were BUYING the SBP is that you would have to buy him the Quench against the possibility of you buying sodas and slipping them to him.
  2. Kaz, They do, but DNK if available for Australians for pre-buying. Look for Gifts&Indulgences, then Beverages as a large square link. If you don't have the ability to buy pre-sailing, then certainly the first day on board! For us in US, the Signature Beverage Package is US$44.95 pppd precruise and $49.95pppd on board. Elite BP is US$49.95 pre {a new lower price) and I believe 59.95 on board. The higher price per drink of $15 allows a bigger choice of wine, and higher end scotch, tequila, etc.
  3. August 2018 we saw no mosquitoes or other biting bugs but did have some drizzly rain in Sitka and Girdwood. Temps were comfortable. No bugs in 2016 in Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway. Don't remember the temps, but not extreme either way. June in 09 in Denali, the mosquitoes were armor-plated and quite thick! But we didn't have a problem other places (Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, Seward, Palmer, Fairbanks). But our experiences are random pushpins on the corkboard -- AKStafford is advice from the horse's (or moose's?) mouth!
  4. I took two tops on my (land) trip to Europe last October -- our bags were curated to be as light as FinnAir limits for carryon! -- one of the tops (long sleeve, and it was sold as a man's) would not slide over my hips, and the short-sleeve one was skin tight and rolled up at the waist all day so it wasn't worn but the once. Yes, they had been worn. But they apparently shrank in the dresser drawer! I tried the teeshirt on when packing for the (air-hop) trip we leave on tomorrow, and it still is NO GO. Fortunately I have obtained a new black teeshirt and will give the skinny one to my sister!
  5. P.S. One thing about 8473 is that it has staterooms above and below it, while 9475 is under the Sunset Pool deck, which I'm sure is cleaned and put to order daily (or rather nightly) with chairs and loungers being dragged around over your head. That would make my decision right there, but then I'm not concerned about privacy on a balcony, because what am I going to be doing after all?
  6. Here are two video of 8473, and one of 9475. I didn't watch them! But maybe there will be some insight for you in your decision!
  7. We did a similar cruise (probably with the same name) in 2014 on the Zaandam. In the opposite direction: this was our itinerary, looks like one more port in Chile (Puerto Chacabuco), and different order to Punta Arenas and Ushuaia. Valparaiso (Santiago), Chile VA At Sea Puerto Montt, Chile Puerto Chacabuco, Chile Chilean Fjords CO Canal Sarmiento CO Strait of Magellan CO Punta Arenas, Chile Cockburn Channel CO Beagle Channel CO Glacier Alley CO Ushuaia, Argentina Scenic Cruising Cape Horn CO Stanley/Falkland Is/Islas Malvinas At Sea At Sea Montevideo, Uruguay Buenos Aires, Argentina ON Buenos Aires, Argentina We enjoyed the cruise very much, at the time is was our longest HAL cruise (with another 2-wk cruise on NCL that was not as enjoyable). We encountered Drake Lake going around the Horn, but I see you are cutting through the Strait of Magellan so missing part of that. ETA: subsequently we have found the Vista class ships to be our favorite. Lucky you!
  8. On the Eurodam, the VT's have been marketed as Spa Verandahs. If yours was, then it includes the USE OF a yoga mat... That you don't get to keep. If they have dropped the Spa terminology, then it probably won't. Anyway, the balcony is EVEN SMALLER than on the Vista ships. However, this video from 2018 shows FURNITURE on the balcony! Photos on cruisedeckplans.com from 2014 did NOT have any furniture; although the residents had moved the desk/side chair out there. Anyway, happy that there was a video to share with you, that should give you a good idea (and if there is balcony furniture, all the better!).
  9. Well, I looked at all the mini-suite photos on cruisedeckplans.com and none show the sleeper made up. (Reminder to self, upload photo!) BUT they all show a small 2-cushion loveseat so I'll assume a fold-out uncomfortable bed and do what I can to make it better. I guess that's better in that at least she gets the end table to serve as a nightstand...
  10. Welcome to the land of Dam Ships! I think you've made a good choice by your descriptions.
  11. If a Vista ship (Noordam, Oosterdam, Zuiderdam, Westerdam), those are also called Juliet balconies -- just room enough to stand and call out "Romeo, Romeo" -- actually I think they have chairs. Very tight chairs. We have stayed in an Ob.deck interior on Zuiderdam and have them booked on Oosterdam and Zuiderdam again. Love the location. I would take a Observation deck balcony in a minute, but that's just me -- I like the big window, not spending time on the veranda. It appears that HAL sometimes takes them out of the market to hand-off to Verandah (and Inside) guarantees -- on a number of cruises I have looked into by running dummy bookings. The room selection will show a price for Observation Deck, but when clicked NEXT, the screen comes up blank white.
  12. Does it fold out like most common ones for houses, or flip seat so the sleeper lays arm-to-arm? Degree of uncomfortable-ness? My mom had a flip-seat on the Zaandam and it was pretty comfortable...
  13. Thanks to the OP for asking, I went ahead and bought the Klymit. Someone will get use from it at sometime!
  14. If you want to stick with nice mainstream (not luxury) line ships, I have never had a poor room or poor service on Holland America. Our one cruise on Royal Caribbean was also very nice. Our one cruise on Norwegian was not nice! Yet NCL has its fans the same as all lines. One thing all the HAL ships have is the front bar (now combined with the coffee bar), called the Crows Nest (now sometimes called the EXC or Exploration Cafe). Food is subjective, but HAL has not disappointed us (in the Main Dining Room). HAL is dropping or downscaling Production Shows in the main theatre, but does have a Blues/Jazz lounge and most days a performance of classical, as well as Dual (not Dueling) pianos. You do not say what year/month/or sailing port! Or I would look and see what ships were scheduled there. Oh, and -- Welcome to Cruise Critic!
  15. In case she blows out one? "Blew out my flip-flop, Stepped on a pop top..."
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