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  1. Gertrude Stein said: "In the United States there is more space where nobody is than where anybody is. That is what makes America what it is."
  2. Yikes, now I need to look and confirm that my Repel is the real thing (deet). Note that although the August Alaska trip was mosquito-less, our first Alaska trip (all the way to Denali and beyond) in June, more than made up for the last one. It wasn't that they were so big, but there were many and they were armor-plated -- you would slap one, and lift your hand, and it would fly away!
  3. I got some Repel spray in a tube about the size of a Sharpie marker at REI, for the legendary Alaska mosquitoes. Turned out never saw a single one! That was an August cruise, but we did go inland at Anchorage -- just got lucky I guess. But we do have some Repel left over for our upcoming land-based trip to South America and probably enough for our South Pacific cruise. (I had bought several of the spray tubes for extended family in Alaska.)
  4. Princess's sister company HAL has a divided trash-bin in the stateroom, like 1" for paper is separated from 5-6" general trash. It may be burned, though, but at least it's separated.
  5. Many people have written that they were able to upgrade for the difference in the value. I have not done it but the procedure I've read is to go to a bartender (not a server) and if turned down, go to another bar and keep trying. Also -- do not use the SBP at all until the change is made.
  6. I think you will not hear people walking, and you're on the good side of the Queen's Lounge (away from the stage! and little if any under the Lounge at all, mostly hallway and service rooms). Of course I don't know what's in those rooms. But I think you're in a much better place than we were on the Nieuw Amsterdam, which was port side right under the stage! The walls moved!
  7. There are two Insides with a window on the Vista ships' Observation deck (10021 and 10024 on Zuiderdam&Oosterdam and probably the other two in the class). I hesitated to mention them bc we enjoyed the Zuiderdam last spring and have the Oosterdam booked for next spring! So I would hate for those cabins to become too well known! There is NO view, but there is outside lighting.
  8. Turns out, wheeled wine "bags" start not that much more than the plain insulated one. https://www.amazon.com/ALLCAMP-OUTDOOR-GEAR-Trolley-Removable/dp/B07H4DFBCS/ THere are also ones (much more expensive) that are so sturdy, with form-fit compartments, you can actually check wine as baggage on a plane. For the true connoisseur.
  9. Carried 6 bottles on board in a canvas divided sack from some store or other. Stores that have a buy-six-get-a-discount will sometimes have them for free, even, or you can find them on eBay. Have also seen four-section ones (two bags for eight bottles?). Of course do not plan to take them on a plane in this! I've been thinking of getting one like this: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GFDPYFM Not so much for the insulation, but the padding. ETA: the cloth ones pack home in no space to speak of, but the insulated one, not so much...
  10. I don't have a price, but unlimited pressing IS available, per this photo of the laundry slip: https://www.rogerjett-photography.com/here/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/HAL-Laundry-Bag-Price.pdf ETA: It's at the bottom, next to unlimited laundry and laundry by the bag.
  11. On 5/15/2019 at 8:31 AM, fatcat04 said: A regular martini looks to be $8.75. Here is the best site around for all bar menus on HAL. This site is a great resource. http://www.rogerjett-photography.com/specialty-2/hal-regular-and-specialty-restaurants/hal-beverage-menus At the bottom of that page is the link to the Beverage Package representative inclusions. Some may vary by ship or sailing, but you can get the idea. Mixed drinks are priced by the liquor that's in them, in general.
  12. SBP covers drinks in the MDR (and buffet for that matter). Watch out for the collectable cordial glasses offered for after-dinner liqueurs, though -- they WILL incur an additional charge in my experience. As will the ones proffered at sailaway on the Lido decks!
  13. I have one like this: I put his clothes on one side and mine on the other when planning-to-pack, then use the ironing board as a folding surface when time to make it work. The "X" folds to almost nothing and stores behind a door. It can also do duty as extra hanging space for guests.
  14. For years, dr'spin was always after me to go on cruises (I was not enthusiastic and only agreed to those that were "the only way to see" an area). Now I have the cruising bug, with land STAYS at one or both end of a cruise. Two TAs last year, two cruises booked for next year, and one Jan2021. Suddenly he is all about "I don't *only* want to cruise!" and coming up with escorted land trips to intersperse with the cruises. Just back from 10 days on the ground in Europe; I found it exhausting! He's about to retire and the percentages between sea and land are yet to be known.
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