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  1. Thanks for pointing this out! On Mozart suite fridges are stocked with half size bottles of white wine (a very good local one). So that made it easy to finish up!
  2. Nice request, ijkh! I can also report they are able with a little notice to make you a nice gf cake, and it's at a minimum a chocolate or vanilla one. There is a pastry chef onboard. I have also had the pleasure of gf accommodations for the food pairings in the Vintage Room.
  3. Yes - and if it is just a preference then it is okay to wait until you are onboard. If you are celiac or have intolerance or any other special diet restrictions then I recommend you have it put on your account with specifics, as then you are good for future bookings. This is done for low salt, kosher, and other special dietary requirements and they are well prepared to take care of you for all of these requests. While onboard the ship one headwaiter will be taking care of all your needs at the main dining room, including preordering next day's meals. FYI for gluten free you will h
  4. I like this technique with brats but do it all in a covered skillet (not sous vide). I did however get inspired to buy an air fryer equivalent in the form of a largish Cuisinart chef convection oven. As the current temp outside is 98F here in the Twin Cities it seems to me a great fast alternative with the speed convection. So once the cicadademic winds down, Mr Kenz, perhaps you can give more advice on air frying! I'm now good at reheating and pizza, but getting good at other techniques seems elusive...
  5. Since you mentioned asparagus, and because I had just booked an April 2022 Rhine cruise on Mahler, it seems I should check timing of asparagus season in the Netherlands. Apparently they're originators of white asparagus and the season is similar to ours. So I am hoping it will be a nice mild winter there, so I can get some fresh white asparagus for my post-cruise Easter weekend in Amsterdam!
  6. I am hoping to visit this research group (Bimini Shark Lab) if they are open for tours by the time I get there in October! https://www.facebook.com/109182269194511/posts/3919679598144740/
  7. In 2018 on Symphony we stopped at Bimini and I took a Crystal snorkeling shore excursion, which became very disappointing due to big choppy wave action that made it hard to swim. I take weather issues in stride but someone must have complained because at least 1/2 the excursion charge was refunded due to the unsuitable sea conditions where we went (it was by the big iron shipwreck site). So you are right to be wary of weather impacts!
  8. Perhaps those of you wondering about fitting in can take a look at the video masterpieces on Crystal travels done by our "Crystal Cruiser guys". https://youtube.com/channel/UC1dXBMOtOpQ_OUfy8pzoO2w I recommend starting with 2012 and going chronologically through to the latest which was 2019 to Alaska. Be prepared for great fun!
  9. I love the diversity on Crystal, in terms of passengers, staff at the spa and shops, crew and officers, and ports! Some of my favorite passengers are from "lands down under" although it is not likely they can be onboard in 2021. Yes all the entertainment and food and drink are all so creative and fresh. You will find almost everyone is just happy to be there and have a good time.
  10. A $500 credit could pay for two seats at a Vintage Room dinner!
  11. I am really hopeful about the newly reported developments around dogs sniffing out Covid as a really accurate noninvasive test! Training seems to go well and as I experienced the dogs in New Zealand and in Peru (where I got caught with lunch leftovers in luggage) there is nothing like being greeted by a tail wagging well behaved dog after a long flight. Perhaps this will work out for the embarkations later this year.
  12. In my area people still wear masks indoors, and have no problem with it. I am still getting used to not needing it outdoors! My state is doing very well in getting vaccinations for people, and has lifted the mandate, however my city still has a mask mandate (and has communicated that it's so those not yet vaccinated can be protected). It is a basic courtesy to respect other people so I do it without a thought. It is like wearing a seat belt, just make it a habit and it is not a hardship. Even us older folks can do this and it isn't that hard. I purchased cancellation insurance for
  13. My Zoom/Skype addled brain is trying to imagine how this would work and I am seeing iPad video chatting with the waiters and sommeliers. Or else using H&H automat services. Flashing back to a trip to NYC in the seventies when my dad took me to a Horn and Hardart for a nostalgic experience (he used to eat there when a bachelor).
  14. On one trip on Serenity, my very kind regular stateroom housekeeper helped me set up a standing order for a bowl of popcorn to be left each evening.
  15. Best to you Roy and good wishes for success with your surgery. Stay well!
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